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Count on These:

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles WOW!
The Gnarly Gnews The free, humorous bi-monthly math newsletter
Native American Geometry
The Abacus:LEGO build a real abacus from LEGO parts!
Lessons & Ideas for K'nex, Legos, Lego Mindstorms, & Capsela lots of links for LEGO, DUPLO, K'NEX etc. educational sites/activities!
RHL School Free Worksheets to print out!
Playground Physics from The American Physical Society - cool stuff!
10,000 Year Calendar Enter a century, year and month, get the calendar and see what the moon phase was too.
Mathematics Resources - An Incomplete Guide links and reviews of Math Books, Math Catalogs, Math on the Web, Math Clubs Math and Computer Contests, Math Programs
Dyscalculia International Consortium Looking into math related learning disabilities and what can be done to overcome them.
A Look at Math What is this "Math" stuff, anyway? - understanding place value
Teaching Your Child To Tell Time a gradual and thorough approach
Practice Clock Nice clock face and hands to print out and use for teaching telling time.
Crystallographic Polyhedra WOW! Very cool Geometry you can get a visual grip on!
ABCentralLoads of Math Links - mostly upper levels
Math Assault Free Software multimedia math arcade game for grade levels 2-7, covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, and geometry (also available in the grade 4-9 range) registration fee is reasonable
Mindforge Fractions Wonderful! Even kids who "hate" fractions will love this! You can download a demo here.
FunBrain! Lots of fun interactive games to hone your skills!
Fibonacci fun stuff with the math of the universe - history, puzzles, etc.
Ask Jeeves For Kids Easy, Fast, Safe place for kids to get answers on the net
ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
Math Math resources for teachers
Flash Cards For Kids
Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason Get a taste for mathematics
Kid's Place at Cuisenaire try your hand at some activities, puzzles, and games
Dueling Pinwheels Geometer's Sketchpad Activity
Geometry Online from the history of Geometry to online lessons and quizzes
Polyominoes Lots of fun mathematics
Pop Clock in this lesson students review & study Census Bureau data regarding trends in population, make predictions on future populations, compare their results
Virtual Abacus
The Learning Kingdom Online Learning System - reasonable monthly fee for enrollment
Gaggle learn the fun words for groups of things - math game at The Learning Kingdom
Eleven Times Fun to learn the multiples of 11 - math game at The Learning Kingdom
Blankety-Five Squared learn how to square numbers ending in five - math game at The Learning Kingdom
Math Forum "Best Math site on the net"
Ask Eric Mathematics Lesson Plans
Mathematically Correct's Standards of Learning
Recycled Math Manipulatives very reasonable cost manipulatives, tangrams, etc. for elementary to college level
Helping Your Child Learn Math
Internet Educational Workbook - Practice, Practice, Practice - Grades K-6
Valder Learning Systems - Arithmetic
Tarika Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmatic
Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics
Redwood Games see her 'Math' section
Ask Dr. Math, the Math Forum's question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers, featuring an archive searchable by level and topic, together with a FAQ.
Japanese Math Challenge - are your 12 year-olds up to it? Are you?
Empowering Girls in Science and Math
Key Curriculum Press - good workbooks, manipulatives, software, etc.

Recommended Software:

Solid Gold Gnarly Math I just tried this, and it looks great **and** it has a *five year money back guarrantee* - I'm ordering it!
Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite (FREE), or Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe (not very expensive) It is a real boon for math facts practice!

Math Blaster Pre-Algebra - (formerly Math Blaster Mystery), available from SmarterKids.com, Suggested ages 9-12(stretches both ways), targets 15 skills, three levels, built in calculator plus a neat sticker maker that works with Avery's "Kid Stickers". Great Fun! Good bridge from regular math to the algebra work. You know it's fun when the kids choose this over Saturday morning cartoons! (Or you know the quality(?) of the cartoons...8^}...)

Geometry Blaster - newest version is "Math Blaster Geometry" - Ages 10 and up - Covers an entire year of highschool geometry - Solid instruction with fun activities.

Mindforge Fractions Wonderful! Even kids who "hate" fractions will love this! You can download a demo of this award winner, but you will want to buy the full version. MooMoo will have your kids dividing up the cookies and PBJs with new zeal - and accuracy!
Brain Builder - Math Edition Over 500 million math puzzles in a fun multimedia game! - downloadable shareware

Sparkle Inc. Break the Wall - a fun math practice game for all grades - downloadable demo

Redwood Games Math Rescue - great fun and practice for early to middle grades - downloadable shareware version (plus others).

Cnet Download.com Math freeware More Free MATH downloads:

Cnet Download.com Math shareware and demos More MATH downloads (Shareware, some very reasonable to register):

Search BarnesandNoble.com for Math

Search BarnesandNoble.com for kids math

No matter what your problem, mathematics is probably part of the solution.

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