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Mohawk Valley Shortwave Listeners' Club


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Welcome to the Mohawk Valley Short Wave Listeners' Club. We are a radio liste-
ners' club based in Oneida and Herkimer Counties in Central New York. We maintain this web site to provide interesting links about the short wave hobby. We sponser an annual November DX camp in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. If interested in the DX Camp or for any comments or suggestions on our site, click the e-mail link below.

Within the Vast network of Links on this site you will find topics covering some of the following:

Photo of DX Cammp 2000 held in November
Review of 6th Mexican SWL Conference in Oaxaca, Mexico
Photos from the Mexican Conference
Radio Marti in Turmoil
Links to SWL Home Pages and SWL & DX Clubs Around the World
Clandestine Radio Page
Indexes to International Broadcasters by Region
Page on Links to Mexican Radio and Clubs
Other Mohawk Valley Links
Oneida Indian Nation
Mohawk Valley Media
What in the World? Mystery Links
Articles on Stations, DXing, and Radio Personalities

Photo of DX Camp 2000
Report on the 6th Annual Mexican SWL Conference by Jeff White
Report on Conference in SPANISH by Ivan Lopez Alegria
Mohawk Valley Media
Radio Marti in Turmoil over Elian Gonzales Coverage (External Link)
Other SWL and DX Clubs
SWL Home Pages
DX Programs and Best Resources Links
Index to other Articles of Interest
Mohawk Valley Regional and Utica Greens Links
Miscellaneous Favorite (non radio) Links
Radio Canada International
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Voice of America Home Page
Links to Mexican Shortwave Stations
Index to Latin America Radio
European Broadcasters
Index to African Broadcasters
Index to Asian & Pacific Broadcasters
MVSWLC Clandestine Radio Page