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MVSWLC Clandestine Page

Clandestine Stations and Related Links

Voice of Democratic Burma
Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts (A*C*E)
Kurdistan Democratic Party
Supporters National Council of Resistance of Iran
Worker's Communist Party of Iran
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Many of the links here previously were outdated, and so have been eliminated. If anyone knows of other such sites, feel free to let us know.

Clandestine Radio (and related propaganda and / or radical political programs) is an interesting facet of the shortwave hobby.Clandestine stations are stations that broadcast from a usually unknown location (though the site may be well suspected) with an overt political view being broadcast usually to another country. In the case of a civil war (such as El Salvador in the 1970s and 1980s) it may be from inside the country that is targeted. These stations are usually very difficult to hear except in their target area, due to their unofficial status, low power, and operating "on the move", frequently in a war-like situation. Most of these are broadcasting in languages obscure to the English speaker. They are a challange!

Other stations (such as Radio Marti) are more easily heard, using powerful transmitters in a country near by the target area. While these are not necessarily clandestine per se, they do broadcast an overt form of “propaganda” with a very specific target in mind. For that reason some people find them interesting.

This page also has links to radical organizations that in some cases support clandestine stations in the Middle East. While these sites may not be strictly radio related, they explain the philosophy of groups trying to change the existing political order.

There are also number and spy stations. These are a mystery, but the broadcasts heard usually include groups of three to five numbers repeated over and over. These are often in Spanish, but sometimes English, Russian, German, or Chinese. Unfortunately, there are no current resources on that included here.

Also, many American shortwave broadcasters lease program time to radical movements here in the U. S. (usually on the right of the political spectrum instead of the left like some of the other foreign listings). Some of these programs are quite controversial, and often accused of being militia oriented and/or in the U. S. While these broadcasts are not clandestine, in that the station location is well known, the programs often have a radical perspective not generally accepted by most people.

The MVSWLC does not endorse any information, organization, radio station or program that may be found on these links. They are only being presented as a source of information for those interested in clandestine radio and various radical political viewpoints on other radio stations.