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    Here is a Scottish UFO story which is not well known. Although Bonnybridge is well known as Scotlands UFO capital (and has been claimed to be Britains UFO capital) the Muchalls UFO phenomena predate Bonnybridge by some twenty or more years. This Web site contains information on personal sightings starting from the 70s. What makes the Muchalls cases different from others is that it was experienced almost every night of the week for many years with two main witnesses. In fact as late as 1991 phenomena were observed and filmed in this area.

    I was inspired to give this information on the Web for two reasons. First there is so much UFO information out there at the moment both on television and the Web and many strong 'believers' that have turned the subject into almost a religion! Secondly there is the strong skeptical camp which says that all UFOs are imaginary or ordinary phenomena viewed in bad light or unusual angles. I will take the stance in between - neither a believer or a non-believer. I will just present the facts. You should find it interesting.There are now Youtube videos available of later years phenomena. See


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