Punky n Lews ride "Critter"


Date: Wed Mar 21, 2001 8:02 pm
Subject: Update on Critter's mods

Hi Gang: Phil, with little help from me, has nearly completed all the mods on Critter. This week Critter got a new Wolfman Explorer tank bag, Progressive Larry Roesler fork springs, Acerbis Rally Pro handguards/spoilers, K&N air filter, fuel filter and stainless steel brake lines. Phil removed the shock and tomorrow I will take it to a shop in Gainesville, where they will replace the stock spring with my Progressive Larry Roesler. Phil repaired a broken starter switch and I added a 12v plug to my Gerbing heated vest. I have the Thermarest mattress folded in a backpack and attached to the front of Tim's aluminum tail box as a backrest. I received a trick little 4-LED eternaLight ($39 + $5 shipping) from Aerostich. This little gizmo is controlled by a computer chip to function 7 different ways. 3 Lithium AA batteries will operate it into the next century (slight exageration) and never need a bulb. It fits in my pocket and I will never be without it. It is dimmable for use in a tent as well. When I removed the air filter, I discovered it was a K&N, so Phil inherited it. Before Punky and I depart May 1, Critter will get new Mobil 1 15- 50w synthetic oil, K&P stainless lifetime oil filter, magnetic drain plug, valve clearance adjustment, platinum NGK spark plug and Dunlopad brake pads. The forks are now enjoying Mobil 1 synthetic ATF. Continental TKC-80 tires will be installed in Nashville, before riding the Trans America Trail to Moab. Before we leave, I will also practice changing tires. The one design flaw I cannot correct and complain about is the location of the spark plug. I have to remove 3 aluminum boxes, 2 side panels, the seat, the tank panniers, the tank bag, the sleeping bag and the gas tank in order to get at the spark plug. That sucks and is why I choose to use a platinum spark plug. If platinums last 100,000 miles in a car before needing a tuneup, that's enough for me. I transported 2 large pizzas in Tim's 55 litre aluminum tail box (some call it a pizza box) last night and had room to spare. Critter is living up to all my expectations so far. Punky loves riding and gets upset if he hears Critter start up without him. We are riding 600 miles, roundtrip, to Phil's cabin in Alabama in a few days. Life is good and we're ready to experience the Western Hemisphere. Adventure is around the corner. It won't be long now. VROOM VROOM VROOM!

Punky & Lew's Americas Motopaseo
Live Oak, Florida
A-14 "Critter"


A special thanks to Phil Roddenberry, and John Lyon for thier help in prepairing "Critter" for this incredible journey.



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