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This webring was designed to showcase
Tennessee Walking & Spotted Saddle Horses.

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If you are looking for a beautiful, easy gaited Walking or Spotted Saddle Horse, then you have come to the right place! Hop aboard our webring and move from site to site by finding the webring navigation bar on each site and choosing next. We hope you enjoy the ride!
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What is a Webring?

WebRings are a great concept for promoting web sites. Conceived and developed to unite sites having similiar content. Sites are linked together to create a "ring". Anyone searching the web for a Tennessee Walking or Spotted Saddle Horse has only to find one participating site in the ring to be a mouse click away from finding any other participating site.

This webring was designed to showcase Tennessee Walking & Spotted Saddle Horses. If your site includes one or both of these breeds then you are welcome to submit it to the ring-keepers for approval.

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The TWH & SSH Ring's Ringmaster is Sherry Hartley.
Proud member of....
I'm a Y!WR
Ethical RingManager
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