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It doesn't matter WEATHER, you like it or not!

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from the WKEN RainRover1 Weather Center   

..... Yah Sure, You Betcha You Could Be from New Uffda If...

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DLH 55802 Cook 55723 Hib 55746 Glenwood 56334 New Caney 77357
Duluth 55802 CurFcst   Cook 55723  Fcst   Hibbing 55746  Fcst  Glenwood  56334  Fcst  MPX  BP  CurFcst 

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Explore Minnesota!
Paul Bunyan, Babe the Blue Ox, lakes the size  of Vermont, and fish as big as a VW bug.  
So who needs Texas?

New Uffda, Minnesota!
Where the winters are cold, and the women are colder; the men are tough enough to fry bacon without a shirt on; the kids are strong as bulls (and the boys are almost as smart while the girls are nearly as cute) walking 20 miles each way to school in the dense fog, through three feet of snow - uphill both ways with no shoes, just thinking ahead to the two big festivals of each year - Opening of Snipe Hunting Season and of course the Microwave Lutefisk Festival.

A Norwegian colony since 1004 A.D.

Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes, 10,000 Garage Sales,
 10,000 Wood Ticks, 10,000 Dandelions, 
 10,000 Jumper Cables, 10,000 Hotdishes,
10,000 pot-bellied grouches who believe 
pork is not just a verb anymore
& about
10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000˛ mosquitoes!

Move over "Max" - Rover's takin' over!
The Bigger Badder Radar is here!


T h e   Z I L L I O N   W A T T

Million? Schmillion!
RainRover1 is
the ZILLION WATT radar!

Got Ground Clutter?


No one else has it, and 
no one else will, by golly!

"The most powerful fat-free Non-Government Radar in the State!"

   Tell Your Legislators to Support   
The Conceal & Carry Lutefisk Law!

"The right of the People 
to keep and bear Lutefisk
shall not be infringed."

Stand Up For America! 
Our God-Given Constitutional 
Rights Are In Jeopardy!

When Lutefisk Is Outlawed,
Only Outlaws Will Have Lutefisk!

Join and Support The NLA Today!  
"They'll take away my Lutefisk when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!"
See next month's edition of Guns & Liquor Magazine for more information 
on how to join.  All new members get a free case of microwave Lutefisk! 

The opinions expressed are those of the National Lutefisk Association 
and do not reflect the opinions of WKEN, it's management or sponsors. 





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