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Celebrating Bryan's 25th Birthday (Saturday, August 1st of 2009)w/other fellow Pinoys-Pinays. Some h.s. friends came over to go on a pontoon boat earlier in Glenwood, Minnesota

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On a Saturday, December 23rd of 2006-I went to a "get-together" at the Zierke Farm 15 minutes south of Chokio. It's a pork-hog farm where many workers come from different parts of the world...

Johnann from Costa Rica
Latrice, who is also from Costa Rica, drinks and keeps warm by the bon-fire
Tony (from Bulgaria) is our "barbeque-chef" for the night and has been for many previous parties in this farm.

I found out that Brazilians really like to dance..."crazy-loco"!

We then had another "get-together" for New Year's Eve (December 31st of 2006). Tony again was the chef, which we at a lot of good meat again...

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