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I (Sal) just watched the second half of the Sound of Music before going to bed at work last night (Sunday, September 18th of 2005). I've watched this musical movie umpteenth times. I used to watch this around Easter every year growing up, which I always look forward too. After watching this last night, I decided to re"search" the origins of his movie...

  • Von Trapp Family: History (Museum-Lodge in Vermont)
  • "...In Maria's words, "Now I had heard from my uncle that all of these bible stories were inventions and old legends, and that there wasn't a word of truth in them. But the way this man talked just swept me off my feet. I was completely overwhelmed by it..." When he finished his sermon and came down the pulpit stairs Maria grabbed his elbow and loudly asked, "Do you believe all this?" A meeting between the priest and Maria changed her beliefs and the course of her life.

    Though Maria was intensely devoted to her convent, she was taken away from the outdoor activities she once thrived on. Her doctor was concerned her health was failing due to a lack of fresh air and exercise. This was when the decision was made to send Maria to the home of retired naval captain Georg von Trapp. Her position was not governess to all the children, as the movie portrayed, but specifically to the captain's daughter who was bedridden with rheumatic fever. The rest is truly history. Maria never returned to the convent and married the Captain on November 26, 1927. This is the story that has been made immortalized by "The Sound of Music."

  • Sound of Music, from Fox Home
  • -Reel Classics
    - Rotunda d' Sias The Ländler: The Lyrics , from Sound of Music
    The Sound of Music, Unplugged (Part 1 of 2)

    "Narrated by travel writer Brett Harriman -- a former Sound of Music tour guide and founder of Harriman Travel Books -- this captivating two-part travelogue explores Sound of Music fact and fiction and the charmingly scenic sites that set the backdrop for arguably the most popular musical film of all time"
    Today Show (Sound of Music), from
    "My Favorite Movie with Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews SOM Tour in Salzburg
    -Music Videos:
    The Sound Of Music - You

    "Music Vid with clips from The Sound Of Music to the song You"
    -Theatre Performances:
    Do Re Mi (Full Version), from
    "Renaissance Performing Arts Association's Summer 2006 production of The Sound Of Music. I had such a wonderful time playing Liesl (the one standing behind Maria's chair in the begining) along side great people. I love you all..
    My Favorite Things - The Sound of Music

    "Here's a clip of me and the kids singing "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music".
    Sorry- for some reason the sound and the mouths aren't quite matching up"

    What's My Line The Sound of Music OBC, Original Broadway Cast. from

    Reccomended Resources


    Mission in Wien

    "We're a german-korean Missionary family, and we serve in Austria. In this Video we introduce ouself and have some austrian believers share why their Country is Mission Field. At the end there are some interviews taken on the street which show what people over here do believe and there are also some pictures of our open air Evangelism."


  • Regez Sisters, a female christian-evangelical accapella group

  • *saw article on the Twin Cities Pioneer Press on Dec. 26th 2006
    Singing sisters entertain at Dorothy Day
    "5 singing sisters, 1 cause As part of a world tour to share their Christian faith, the Regez Sisters from Austria brought some holiday cheer to a surprise concert Monday at the Dorothy Day Center."
    BY BRIAN BONNER Pioneer Press
    "Thanks to a chance encounter with a homeless man, five young Austrian sisters showed up at St. Paul's Dorothy Day Center on Christmas Day to spread cheer and perform an impromptu concert. Fred Woods, the downtown center's program director, said it's not unusual for the homeless to be entertained by singers during the holidays. "But this is special, all the way from Austria," Woods said. The Regez Sisters — Priscille, 26; Rebekka, 24; Corrine, 21; Daniela, 19; and Marion, 18 — brought their own "Sound of Music" to nearly 300 people who came for their noon-hour meal at the downtown shelter. The sisters are part of an evangelical Christian network that tours the world, taking the message of Jesus Christ to audiences a cappella and also with guitar and piano accompaniment. The five young women are from Linz, Austria. They met Richard Johnson, a Crystal police investigator and chaplain, on a mission in Israel three years ago. When Johnson heard their voices, he was impressed. He offered to host them if they came to Minnesota. "These girls sing a cappella in a way that will knock your socks off," Johnson said. "These girls could sell $100 tickets." Terry McCoy, one of the homeless in the audience, agreed. "They were real nice," McCoy said. "I loved it." Since Dec. 13, the sisters have been taking their upbeat energy to churches, elder care centers and prisons or jails in Minnesota. A few days ago, while traveling with Johnson in a van, the sisters saw a homeless man by the Lexington Parkway exit off Interstate 94. He was holding up a sign asking to work for food. The group stopped, started talking with him and learned that he stayed at the Dorothy Day Center. "He gave us the idea to come here and sing," Johnson said. "We were close and wanted to come and give a Christmas concert." When Johnson stopped by the shelter about 11:30 a.m. Monday and told Woods that five lovely Austrian sisters were ready to entertain, the Dorothy Day Center's program director didn't hesitate to invite them inside. The final Minnesota performance of the Regez Sisters will be Wednesday before juvenile inmates of the Hennepin County Home School in Minnetonka. Then it's off to Florida before starting a South American tour in January. Daniela Regez said the sisters have been singing with their parents, Rudi and Christine, since they were young. They started performing at concerts several years ago. Last September, they decided to start a world tour, performing wherever they lined up invitations and hosts. She said their aim is to share their faith, "not to get famous or get money by selling CDs." But for those who want to hear their music or buy their CDs, the sisters have a Web site with samples, schedules and contact information at It's in German and in English. Daniela Regez said the sisters don't like to identify with any specific branch of Christianity. "Jesus came for every person in the world," she said. "The world needs a savior." The faith that inspires their singing and their travel has been tested: They had a sixth sister, Stefanie, who was killed when a truck ran into the family's car in Austria in 1998. But they say their relationship with Christ and the chance to spread their message of peace and hope has helped them overcome their sibling's death. One of their best memories of Minnesota was their Christmas Eve show before female inmates at the Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis. Marion Regez said the emotional event brought audience and singers to tears. "It was so wow," she said. The sisters don't yet know who will organize all their South American appearances, nor do they know what they'll do after they stop touring in September. For now, they're just enjoying the stops along the way. Or, as their Web site says: "We love life and we love God, who gave it to us."
    Brian Bonner can be reached at or 651-228-2173.

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