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Czech Republic


A missionary from the Czech Republic is visiting Motown-Morris this week, he in fact is raising support as funds have been down. He specifically does drama performances as a visual way to share the Gospel (see Czech Crew) That is the reason for doing this website, to help this guy out-a friend of a good friend-Mark.

Waylan at MCC's "International Supper: Thanksgiving Theme"

He went to the same school as Mark, which they've been keeping in touch!

This missionary is name Waylan. He was born and raised outside of Houstan, Texas. I told him that you must be fortunate to be born-raised in the "bible belt". Sadly, he told me that it's actually kind of drifting away from this geographic notary. There is a rise of Wiccan. In a good note, he has been married for 6 years and still serving the Lord in the Czech Republic.

He shared some neat experiences so far in the 6 years he's been there. I asked him what made him choose the Czech Republic? He told me that he and his "then" girlfriend planned a short-term missionary trip there 6 years ago. After this trip, God touched their hearts to stay longer. 6 years later, they are still serving the Lord there-Praise God-huh!

The time I was with him during last (11.18.03) nights' "International Supper"-Thanksgiving Theme, he shared how the effects of communism still is an hindrance for many people to the Gospel. For example, they are open to anything-Wiccan, Bhuddism, etc...

I asked him what do you missed about "America" while living in this country. Waylan's response was "Mexican Food". I asked him there is no Taco Bell? He told me that this fast food establishment would not even last there; however, there is a McDonalds-to no suprise!

Below is the ministry organization he works for, for more info; please contact me on how you could support him through prayer, financially, etc...

  • Christian Outreach International
  • 2007 "Lift-Off" Missions Trip

    Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 11:37:33 -0700 (PDT) From: "Mark and Anna Haugen"
    Subject: CZECH TEAM Update #9 (Re-entry)
    To: Hello prayer family! As a friend of mine sent along yesterday... Happy Inter-dependence Day!

    "We are back in the swing of things, or as much as can be expected after this amazing trip. Re-entry is so tough because it gets so hot so fast and you can easily burn up in it. Where we feel it the most is in juggling all the relationships and wanting to spend time with everyone yet having precious little of it. I saw this book today called "Saying No the Right Way" (or something like that). I need grace in this area. To be able to say "No" to the many things flying my way.
    To that end, pray that we would take the time to delegate the tasks that need to be handed off to the people the Lord is bringing forth to help us.
    Keep praying for (?) and all the others on our team. Pray that they be obedient to the Lord in these days. It is easy to fall back into old routines and bad habits and it is our desire to see our team be launched into the "new things" God wants for each of them.
    Pray for the 5th Annual Fallout Arts Festival coming up July 16-21st! LIFT-OFF will be helping with sound and lights and volunteering wherever they need our help. Pray for a great turnout and that the Spirit's presence would just be so strong on Peter & Jessica Wohler and their Source Ministries staff. (
    Thanks again y'all.

    Mark & Anna

    Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 04:03:56 -0700 (PDT) From: "Mark and Anna Haugen"
    Subject: CZECH TEAM Update #8 (We're Home!)

    " Hi There!
    We are back safely to MN. At least the 10 of us who flew back to Minneapolis. Now I am up at 2 AM due to the fact that it is 9 AM back in Czech! So funny
    This trip went so fast. How do I begin to process this one? It was Life-changing for sure on many levels for each one on our team... especially for Anna and I.
    Keep Praying for us during this transition home. And for every team member....
    I believe we will all have a tough time with re-entry. We did not get a chance to debrief so I am praying for grace for each one to know how to translate what happened into their daily lives.
    So I just want to say thanks for holding us up the entire 2 weeks and believe me, without your prayers and petitions we may have not survived.
    The Czech Nation needs the love of Jesus through his people coming in love to serve them... as a result Hundreds of lives were impacted by our presence there.
    Praise the Lord for all the glory and honor belong to Him!
    Finally, I thought I would send along some photos of our time in Czech... May they give you encouragement.
    Enjoy the pics.

    Bless you- Mark

    Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 22:40:38 -0700 (PDT) From: "Mark and Anna Haugen"
    Subject: CZECH TEAM Update #6

    Thank you for your prayers. God is really moving. Freakfest went well.
    We now arrived safely in Pardubice (home to our missionaries, Waylan and Laurie) Pray for our time with English students tomorrow and a time of encouragement with Pastor Frantisek
    Here are a few of the highlights from FreakFest.
    * Today, we had a very special Baptism service for A young man named Martin, and to our suprise, Waylan. Martin is a very new Christian who has been spending time with our team translating and he asked Waylan to baptize him. Then, when Waylan thought about it, he realized he needed to be baptized as well... today was beautiful day for it and the Spirit of God put an icing on the cake to the entire festival right there. Bless God!
    * When D-Know did his concert and the spirit of God came in power. He was lovingly received by the Czechs in a very special way.
    * DJ Barnabas got to pray and prophesy over a German young man while standing watching a concert. The man fell to his knees and began to weep uncontrollably as God ministered to him.
    * Sarah made friends with 2 Czech girls and gave one of them a ring that was very special to her.
    * When the prayer tent (which usually just has 2 people praying in it all the time, taking shifts) was spontaneously FILLED with people right during the time when I was doing warfare prayer for a girl on our team in one of the cabins.
    I personally, could really use a lot of prayer. I have been spending a lot of time praying.... I feel exhausted and need God's perspective. Pray for refreshing and a new day tomorrow (I'm going to sleep now) Love, Anna (and Mark)

    2005 Living Waters Ministries Mission Trip

    Mark&Anna's May Newsletter
    Pray for Mark Haugen and Becky Odegaard as they are going to be in the Czeck Republic May 20th-30th

    Reccomended Resources



    "The public is invited to attend the 14th annual Czech Heritage Festival in Bechyn (bek'n), (Renville County) Minnesota on Sunday, August 21st. The festival begins with a Polka Mass at 10:00am with music provided by Peter and Paul Wendinger Band. A traditional pork dinner will be served from 11:00 - 2:00. Ethnic food will be served throughout the day. Afternoon entertainment includes the Bechyn Area Youth Folk Dancers, Peter and Paul Wendinger Band and the Bruce Bradley Band. Other attractions include a Farmer's Market, Children's Games, bingo, Handcrafted Souvenirs, Kolache and Beer Garden. The event is sponsored by St. Mary's Preservation Committee. Proceeds will be used for the preservation of St. Mary's Church Building .

    Bechyn is located 10 miles northeast of Redwood Falls. The Festival will be held rain or shine. Admission is free. For more information call 320-826-2451."

    -from KSAX Hometown Happenings


  • Lift of Missions, spearheaded by Mark & Anna Haugen (Czech)

  • *saw the cool video from 2006-awesome! Please keep the team in prayer during the following dates...
    "Dates: June 17th-29th
    Purpose of the Trip:
    Encouraging the Czech church and people through prayer and service.
    June 17-18: Training/Commissioning in Eden Prairie, MN
    June 18: Travel to Prague
    June 20-24: Serve, Pray, and Minister at Freakfest
    June 24-27: English conversation classes with high school students in Pardubice
    June 27-28: Prayer walking and sightseeing in Prague
    June 29: Travel Home

    A Little Bit About the Trip
    Who will be on the team? The team will be led by Mark and Anna Haugen and a couple other Lift-Off volunteer staff. Participants need to be ages 16 and up. We are planning for a team of 20 people.
    What is Freakfest?
    Freakfest is an outdoor Christian music festival that is put on by a group of Christians called "JesusFreax". It is organized and run completely by Christian volunteers from the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. It is a small festival in its 3rd year. Last year, there were about 300 people in attendance. Our heart is to help serve in whatever way possible and to support the festival in prayer. Last year this involved setting up tents, doing security, and being a part of the prayer team.


  • Czech & Slovak Sokol Minnesota

  • Czeck and Slovak Events in U.S.A.


  • Lonely Planet, travel info
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