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Caucasian: Armenian

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Today (Saturday, June 16th of 2007), I decided to write about this unique nation in Eastern Europe. I was watching Jason Davis' "On the Road" (watch it at times). It was on this country...

Sunday, June 10, 2007: Saving Armenia

" We know him as the generous benefactor of the carousel in Saint Paul. Now, see how Twin Cities businessman Gerry Cafesjian is inspiring other Minnesotans to help him save his struggling homeland, the former Soviet country of Armenia. Join Jason Davis "On the Road" to Armenia to see how their goodwill is making a remarkable difference to everything from the country's medical care to the media."

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  • Info Please

  • "After the Turkish defeat in World War I, the independent Republic of Armenia was established on May 28, 1918, but survived only until Nov. 29, 1920, when it was annexed by the Soviet army. On March 12, 1922, the Soviets joined Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to form the Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Republic, which became part of the USSR. In 1936, after a reorganization, Armenia became a separate constituent republic of the USSR. Armenia declared its independence from the collapsing Soviet Union on Sept. 23, 1991."
  • Wikipedia

  • " former republic of the Soviet Union, Armenia is a unitary, multiparty, democratic nation-state with an ancient and historic cultural heritage. Historically the first nation to adopt Christianity as its state religion, Armenia is constitutionally a secular state today, although the Christian faith plays a major role in its history and in the identification of the Armenian people."

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