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Iron Range Historical Society

Established in 1973

Previous Home of the Iron Range Historical Society in the
old Gilbert Village Hall on Broadway in Gilbert, MN
Now Moved to McKinley, MN (See Below)

Back to Gilbert, MN

Membership Information

New Official IRHS website

The Iron Range Historical Society, is now located at 5454 Grand Avenue in McKinley, Minnesota 55741, and has five types of memberships:

  • Student, at $5 paid yearly (up to age 18);
  • Annual, at $15 paid yearly;
  • Couples, at $20 paid yearly;
  • Business, paid yearly; and
  • Life Membership, at $125, paid once.
  • Memberships in the IRHS entitle members to free research, invitations to the annual dinner meeting and the election of officers, and the opportunity to be board members.

    Members and non-members pay for copies of information at $2.00 each, and $3.00 for postage and handling. Non-members also pay for research time.

    Members will receive our quarterly publication, "Where History Comes Alive" formerly titled "Range Reminiscing", in March, June, September, and December. These issues contain articles of historical value and updates of our Society's progress during each quarter.

    To become a member, please send your name, mailing address and dues payment to:

  • Iron Range Historical Society
  • 5454 Grand Avenue
  • McKinley, Minnesota 55741
  • For further information, call (218) 749-3150

    Also see: Iron Range Historical Society Memberships


    Saturday, October 8, 2022   1:00 - 3:00 PM
    at the Mesabi Station - Eveleth
    111 Station 44 Road
    Eveleth, MN

    Presentation by Mary Palcich Keyes,
    Historian and Columnist for the
    Mesabi Tribune
    Topic: Doctor Archibald Graham
    Doc Graham was a legend in Chisholm and became famous beyond Chisholm from the movie Field of Dreams.

    Titles of Back Issues of the Range History, Range Reminiscing, and Where History Comes Alive Publications:

    Volume#NumberSeq#Principal Article Title or Subject Author's Name Pub. DateNote
    Vol. 1No. 1 1.Merritt, A Ghost Town Lamppa, Marvin Mar., 1976
    Vol. 1No. 2 2.Birth of the Bus Industry Dicklich, Ron Jun., 1976
    Vol. 1No. 3 3.Pioneer Days Lamppa, Barbara E. Sep., 1976*
    Vol. 1No. 4 4.Harvesting the Ice Crop Laukkonen, Albert & Violet Dec., 1976
    Vol. 2No. 1 5.Gold!! Miller, Dana Mar., 1977
    Vol. 2No. 2 6.Vermilion Gold Miller, Dana Jun., 1977
    Vol. 2No. 3 7.A Gamble at the Grant Lamppa, Marvin Sep., 1977
    Vol. 2No. 4 8.The Finnish Temperence Movement Karni, Dr. Michael Dec., 1977
    Vol. 3No. 1 9.The Moving of North Hibbing DeMillo, Lorraine Mar., 1978
    Vol. 3No. 2 10.Women on the Range Lamppa, Barbara E. Jun., 1978
    Vol. 3No. 3 11.Americanization Classes Rukavina, Catherine Sep., 1978
    Vol. 3No. 4 12.Ethnic Radicalism/1916 Mesabi Strike Ollilla, Douglas Jr. Dec., 1978*
    Vol. 4No. 1 13.Skiing Lager, Dr. Harold E. Mar., 1979
    Vol. 4No. 2 14.Northern Timber Krenz, Duane Jun., 1979*
    Vol. 4No. 3 15.Three Ghost Locations on the Mesabi Lamppa, Marvin Sep., 1979*
    Vol. 4No. 4 16.The Pioneering Butlers Bolf, Peter Dec., 1979
    Vol. 5No. 1 17.The Longyear Lake Landfill Bridge Rukavina, Catherine Spring, 1980
    Vol. 5No. 2 18.J. Victor Maryland, Pioneer Businessman Weckman, Violet Maryland Summer, 1980
    Vol. 5No. 3 19.Exploratory Diamond Drilling on the Mesabi 1890 to 1910 Perry, David Fall, 1980
    Vol. 5No. 4 20.Elizabeth Gurley Flynn & the Mesabi Strike of 1916 Karni, Michael Winter, 1980
    Vol. 6No. 1 21.N. B. Shank, Early Day Logger Greene, Ken Spring, 1981
    Vol. 6No. 2 22.A Pair of Moccasins Lager, Harold E. Summer, 1981
    Vol. 6No. 3 23.Merritt - Once a Metropolis Larson, Joan Fall, 1981
    Vol. 6No. 4 24.Mesaba Railway Company Simons, Barbara Winter, 1981
    Vol. 7No. 1 25.A Hundred Years Ago Simons, Barbara Spring, 1982
    Vol. 7No. 2 26.Who Was Who in Iron Range History Simons, Barbara Summer, 1982
    Vol. 8No. 1 27.Pioneer Missionary Remembers the Range Alanen, Arnold Spring, 1983
    Vol. 8No. 2 28.Saga of a Supermarket Potocnik, Bill Summer, 1983
    Vol. 8No. 3 29.Ashawiwisitagon Lamppa, Marvin Winter, 1983
    Vol. 8No. 4 30.Changing Attitudes of Iron Range Women Rukavina, Catherine & Joan Larson Spring, 1984
    Vol. 9No. 1 31.The Mesabi Iron Company Taconite Pioneer Wright, Donald C. Jun., 1984
    Vol. 9No. 2 32.Tall Pines Brandt, Barbara J. Aug., 1984
    Vol. 9No. 3 33.Life on the Edge - Franklin Halunen, Rodney L. Oct., 1984
    Vol. 9No. 4 34.IRHS: Gallery of History Dec., 1984*
    Vol. 10No. 1 35.Spruce Hill - Squatter Land Mattson, Rosemary Postudensek Aug., 1985*
    Vol. 10No. 2 36.The History of the Soudan Mine Yapel, Mark Nov., 1985
    Vol. 11No. 1 37.Nostalgia - Gheen, Willow Valley Area Holmer, Reinhold Jun., 1986
    Vol. 11No. 2 38.History of Embarrass Township Lamppa, Richard V. Dec., 1986
    Vol. 12No. 1 39.Laurel Sherman Remembers Sherman, Laurel D. May, 1987
    Vol. 12No. 2 40.Midwifery and the Immigrant Cultures of the Iron Range Hepokoski, Carol Oct., 1987
    Vol. 12No. 3 41.The Virginia Oliver Shops Parden, John "Jack" Dec., 1987
    Vol. 13No. 1 42.Harvest Time: Nett Lake--Capitol of the Knollman, Maurice Mar., 1988
    Vol. 13No. 2 43.Biwabik, Minnesota: A Pioneer Mining Community Jun., 1988
    Vol. 13No. 3 44.History of the Technological Development of the Linde JPM-1 Jet Piercing Machine Sep., 1988
    Vol. 13No. 4 45.Vermilion Trail Dec., 1988
    Vol. 14No. 1 46.Law Enforcement Cook, Ryan Oct., 1989
    Vol. 14No. 2 47.A Legend in Law Enforcement Servaty, Debbie Oct., 1989
    Vol. 14No. 3 48.Ely's Polarnaut: Will Steger Dec., 1989
    Vol. 15No. 1 49.Trans-Antarctica Jun., 1990
    Vol. 15No. 2 50.100 Years and Growing...Mt. Iron Ostman, Velma Dec., 1990*
    Vol. 16No. 1 51.Ely Fire Department Jul., 1991
    Vol. 16No. 2 52.1907 Strike Aug., 1991
    Vol. 16No. 3 53.Fayal Underground Mine Sep., 1991
    Vol. 16No. 4 54.Adams-Spruce Mine Oct., 1991
    Vol. 17No. 1 55.Palo Band Jan., 1992
    Vol. 17No. 2 56.1936 Forest Fires Jun., 1992
    Vol. 18No. 1 57.Old Mesaba School May, 1993
    Vol. 18No. 2 58.Elba-Elcor Jun., 1993*
    Vol. 19No. 1 59.Vermilion Range Aug., 1994
    Vol. 19No. 2 60.Gilbert Bailey Block Oct., 1994*
    Vol. 19No. 3 61.Gilbert Aids Poor Dec., 1994*
    Vol. 20No. 1 62.Easter Styles Mar., 1995
    Vol. 20No. 2 63.Fourth of July Jun., 1995
    Vol. 20No. 3 64.Cyclone Sep., 1995
    Vol. 20No. 4 65.Biwabik Iron Ore Newspaper Dec., 1995
    Vol. 21No. 1 66.Jokers Gulbranson, Garfield Mar., 1996
    Vol. 21No. 2 67.Churn Drills Jun., 1996
    Vol. 21No. 3 68.World War II Flyer Hero Gulbranson, Garfield Sep., 1996*
    Vol. 21No. 4 69.Early Recollections of the Mesabi I McInnis, Neil Dec., 1996*
    Vol. 22No. 1 70.Early Recollections of the Mesabi II McInnis, Neil Mar., 1997*
    Vol. 22No. 2 71.Early Recollections of the Mesabi III McInnis, Neil Jun., 1997*
    Vol. 22No. 3 72.1906 Fayal Finnish Band / D & I R Railroad Sep., 1997*
    Vol. 22No. 4 73."Iron Country" Documentary Kellner, Juli Dec., 1997*
    Vol. 23No. 1 74.Virginia Fire Department Mar., 1998
    Vol. 23No. 2 75.Sparta Dance Pavilion Jun., 1998
    Vol. 23No. 3 76.My Story / The Rouchleau Mine of Virginia Takala, Elvera Lundstrom Sep., 1998*
    Vol. 23No. 4 77.50, 60, 70, 80, & 90 Years Ago / Winter Fun Photos Dec., 1998*
    Vol. 24No. 1 78.A Diamond Driller Reminisces Wicklund, Albin Mar., 1999*
    Vol. 24No. 2 79.Homesteading in Palo Byrd, Mae S. Jun., 1999*
    Vol. 24No. 3 80.Elcor: An Iron Range Ghost Town / The Elcor Smokestack Glavan, Gregory S. Sep., 1999*
    Vol. 24No. 4 81.Eveleth: The City on the Hill (Ch.6: Doctor Blane) Peterson, Henry C. Dec., 1999*
    Vol. 25No. 1 82.Ely Area: Robinson Lake Section Gang & Captain Trezona Deane, E. G. Mar., 2000*
    Vol. 25No. 2 83.Joe Hogan's Incident at the Biwabik Mine The Eveleth Mining News Jun., 2000*
    Vol. 25No. 3 84.Iron Junction + Merritt: Mesabi Range Ghost Town Halunen, Rod Sep., 2000*
    Vol. 25No. 4 85.Southern Slavs on the Iron Ranges Grebenc, Anthony Dec., 2000*
    Vol. 26No. 1 86.Sam Keller, 65-Year Blacksmith in Sparta and Gilbert The Gilbert Herald Mar., 2001*
    Vol. 26No. 2 87.The Fourth of July; Remembering Our Heritage Mary Lou Nemanic, M.A., Ph.D. Jun., 2001*
    Vol. 26No. 3 88.Marshal William O'Hara, Biwabik Marshal and Chief of Police Biwabik Iron Ore, Biwabik Times
    Duluth and St. Louis County by Walter Van Brunt
    Sep., 2001*
    Vol. 26No. 4 89.NE Minnesota: Nation of the Bear from The American Geography Jedidiah Morse Dec., 2001*
    Vol. 27No. 1 90.Pettit Underground Miner Matti Hallila Pelto Translated by Vienna C. Saari Maki Mar., 2002*
    Vol. 27No. 2 91.The Iron Range: Melting Pot of Minnesota [The Pioneer Mine] Excerpts from a 2/18/17 Ely Miner Article Jun., 2002*
    Vol. 27No. 3 92.The Home Front in WW1 Excerpts from The Eveleth News, 1917-18 Sep., 2002*
    Vol. 27No. 4 93.St. Louis County Schools / Linden Grove School Days Walter Van Brunt / Marian Dirks Dec., 2002*
    Vol. 28No. 1 94.Life in the Early Logging Camps IRHS & UM College of Education Mar., 2003*
    Vol. 28No. 2 95.Early Tower Lee Brownell Jun., 2003*
    Vol. 28No. 3 96.A Walk to Eveleth to Find a Job Arthur Moscatelli Sep., 2003*
    Vol. 28No. 4 97.The Latvala Legacy Marian Dirks Dec., 2003*
    Vol. 29No. 1 98.The Aho Homestead in Embarrass / The Aho Farm: The Way It Is Now Wayne Gudmundson / Tiffany Anderson Mar., 2004*
    Vol. 29No. 2 99.Iron Range Schoolmarm [in Eveleth, MN] Polly Bullard Jun., 2004*
    Vol. 29No. 3 100.Past Recalled by Samuel H. Owens Samuel H. Owens (1858´┐Ż1941) Sep., 2004*
    Vol. 29No. 4 101.Americanizaton / Woman Who Stirs the Melting Pot: Martha O'Connor Ely Winton Historical Society / Queen City Sun, November 6, 1922 Dec., 2004*
    Vol. 30No. 1 102.Moose Vs. Machine / Moose Vs. Log Hauler 70th Anniversary of Ely booklet, 1958 / Tower Weekly News, February 10, 1905 Mar., 2005*
    Vol. 30No. 2 103.Range Pioneer's Life / Embarrass River View Mary Lyon Burns, The Eveleth News, 1/21/1915Jun., 2005*
    Vol. 30No. 3 104.The Story of Oliver PickettThe Eveleth Mining News, 12/02/1904Sep., 2005*
    Vol. 30No. 4 105.Winters in EvelethTiffany Anderson and George A. RasulaDec., 2005*
    Vol. 31No. 1 106.Impressions of Another Time (Early Chisholm & Keewatin)Mr. Bushman and othersMar., 2006*
    Vol. 31No. 2 107.Underground MulesJohn Harris Hearding, Eveleth News Clarion, Eveleth Mining News, Duluth News TribuneJun., 2006*
    Vol. 31No. 3 108.Eveleth City Hall 1906-2006: Celebrating the Walls and Bricks of HistoryTiffany AndersonSep., 2006*
    Vol. 31No. 4 109.George Stuntz, AdventurerKathleen Bergan and David StuntzDec., 2006*
    Vol. 32No. 1 110.Cooley, MinnesotaAlan Stone, Loren Lambert, and Vergal BuescherMar., 2007*
    Vol. 32No. 2 111.Education in a New Country [Aurora, Minnesota]Tony GrebencJun., 2007*
    Vol. 32No. 3 112.Iron Range Food and FarmingDavid HansonSep., 2007*
    Vol. 32No. 4 113.John H. HeardingCover Photo Donated by Hope BulgerDec., 2007*
    Vol. 33No. 1 114.Gilbert Celebrates It's 100th AnniversaryIron Range Historical Society PhotographMar., 2008*
    Vol. 33No. 2 115.Captain Oliver KnoxMary Lou Pearson, National Parks ServiceJun., 2008*
    Vol. 33No. 3 116.Early Mail DeliveriesMultiple SourcesSep., 2008*
    Vol. 33No. 4 117.Captain Binney's Narrow EscapeCollection of Jan & Joe BinneyDec., 2008*
    Vol. 34No. 1 118.Can Henry Ford Come Back Again?The Eveleth Clarion, 1927Mar., 2009*
    Vol. 34No. 2 119.The Milford Mine TragedyThe Crosby Courier et. al.Jun., 2009*
    Vol. 34No. 3 120.It's a Small World: From Gilbert, Minnesota to Auburn, AlabamaKen RingerSep., 2009*
    Vol. 34No. 4 121.The St. Louis County Poor HouseOscar WidstrandDec., 2009*
    Vol. 35No. 1 122.Tales of the Old Country and Activities of the ImmigrantsTony GrebencMar., 2010*
    Vol. 35No. 2 123.Eveleth's Contribution to the Greatest Show on EarthLisa MortensenJun., 2010*
    Vol. 35No. 3 124.A Cabin in the WoodsKen GreeneSep., 2010*
    Vol. 35No. 4 125.Armistice Day, 1940John KrauseDec., 2010*
    Vol. 36No. 1 126.Minnesota's First State Capitol Is DestroyedThe St. Paul Pioneer Press & Duluth Weekly TribuneMar., 2011*
    Vol. 36No. 2 127.Last of the Mine MulesWalter HavighurstJun., 2011*
    Vol. 36No. 3 128.Coming to America and Early Days in a Mining Town [Cover Photo: Labor Day in Gilbert, September 7, 1914Arthur MoscatelliSep., 2011*
    Vol. 36No. 4 129.When the Horse Was King [Cover Photo: 6th Annual Cherry Fair and Rodeo, August, 1977Lee BrownellDec., 2011*
    Vol. 37No. 1 130.The Lumber Camp [Cover Photo: N. B. Shank Co. Camp No. 3 near Biwabik, Minnesota, 1915Kenneth GreeneMar., 2012*
    Vol. 37No. 2 131.Immigrant AmericanizationAnthony GrebencJun., 2012*
    Vol. 37No. 3 132.Early Eveleth Boarding House DaysLouise GruskaSep., 2012*
    Vol. 37No. 4 133.A Close Call at the Pioneer MineJoan Stajer HolmesDec., 2012*
    Vol. 38No. 1 134.Recollections of Clinton TownshipEdwin TakalaMar., 2013*
    Vol. 38No. 2 135.A Life Well Spent - William F. and Ida HaenkeKaren Haenke GuimontJun., 2013*
    Vol. 38No. 3 136.We Visit the Good Old DaysLee BrownellSep., 2013*
    Vol. 38No. 4 137.Iron Brew: A Century of American Ore and SteelStewart H. HolbrookDec., 2013*
    Vol. 39No. 1 138.Iron Brew II: A Century of American Ore and SteelStewart H. HolbrookMar., 2014*
    Vol. 39No. 2 139.Iron Brew III: A Century of American Ore and SteelStewart H. HolbrookJun., 2014*
    Vol. 39No. 3 140.Iron Brew IV: A Century of American Ore and Steel: ConclusionStewart H. HolbrookSep., 2014*
    Vol. 39No. 4 141.Albert Faille, Trapper and Gold ProspectorTauno MakiDec., 2014*
    Vol. 40No. 1 142.Master Surveyor George StuntzDuluth News TribuneMar., 2015*
    Vol. 40No. 2 143.Master Surveyor George Stuntz, Part 2Duluth News TribuneJun., 2015*
    Vol. 40No. 3 144.Minnesota IE. M. LehnertSep., 2015*
    Vol. 40No. 4 145.Minnesota II / Early Days in the Ely AreaE. M. Lehnert / Lee BrownellDec., 2015*
    Vol. 41No. 1 146.Arthur Niemi's MemoirsArthur & Adrian NiemiMar., 2016*
    Vol. 41No. 2 147.The Life of a Miner on the Mesabi Iron RangeArthur MoscatelliJun., 2016*
    Vol. 41No. 3 148.Have You Heard of Pengilly?Pengilly Community Centennial PublicationSep., 2016*
    Vol. 41No. 4 149.The Deserted VillageJohn KrauseDec., 2016*
    Vol. 42No. 1 150.The Old School in BiwabikRobert JuusolaMar., 2017*
    Vol. 42No. 2 151.Do You Remember Way Back?William Ryder, Jr.Jun., 2017*
    Vol. 42No. 3 152.Memories of Sparta Location / Village of Sparta / Sanborn MapsMarian Dirks / Steven JarvelaSep., 2017*
    Vol. 42No. 4 153.George Perham, Eveleth Mining News EditorGeorge PerhamDec., 2017*
    Vol. 43No. 1 154.Yeggmen Rob the Biwabik BankGeorgina (Bergan) ShumwayMar., 2018*
    Vol. 43No. 2 155.'Doc' Strathern Likes the RangeJohn KrauseJun., 2018*
    Vol. 43No. 3 156.My Mother's Boarding HouseArthur MoscatelliSep., 2018*
    Vol. 43No. 4 157.Life in a Small Mining Town: AuroraFrank C. ModetzDec., 2018*
    Vol. 44No. 1 158.Ruth Hautala's Fire StoryJanet EichholzMar., 2019*
    Vol. 44No. 2 159.Little Minnesota in WW IIJill JohnsonJun., 2019*
    Vol. 44No. 3 160.Little Minnesota in WW II, Part IIJill JohnsonSep., 2019*
    Vol. 44No. 4 161.Pikku Joulu - Little ChristmasEloise Jean ReigstadDec., 2019*
    Quarterly Newsletter Title Changed to "Where History Comes Alive"
    Vol. 45No. 1 162.Iron Range Pioneers, Part 1: Captain Charles TrezonaMichelle LammiMar., 2020*
    Vol. 45No. 2 163.A New Sky Pilot on an Old TrailFred EastmanJun., 2020*
    Vol. 45No. 3 164.History of One Room Schools in the Melrude AreaAda E. LundgrenSep., 2020*
    Vol. 45No. 4 165.The Biwabik Hospital & the Bray FamilyRobert B. Bray, MDDec., 2020*
    Vol. 46No. 1 166.Iron Range Pioneers, Part II: Anton I. Lopp, GrocerMichelle LammiMar., 2021*
    Vol. 46No. 2 167.Early Memories of My LifeMary Lou Stupca BrownJun., 2021*
    Vol. 46No. 3 168.A Concise History of Buhl / Village of BuhlThe Daily Virginian / Michele LammiSep., 2021*
    Vol. 46No. 4 169.The History of SnowshoesDavid BraatenDec., 2021*
    Vol. 47No. 1 170.Iron Range Pioneers, Part III: Charles G. Shipman, M.D.Michelle LammiMar., 2022*
    Vol. 47No. 2 171.Solitude, Creative Ability Suffice for Violin MakerClarence IvonenJun., 2022*
    Vol. 47No. 3 172.Copper & Nickel in Northeastern MinnesotaMichele LammiSep., 2022*
    Vol. 47No. 4 173.History of Pioneer DaysHerman Thompson, 2022*
    Vol. 48No. 1 174.Pioneer DaysBarbara E. LamppaMar., 2023*

    Titles of Other Publications Available Through IRHS:

    Principal Article Title or Subject Author's Name Source Name Pub. DateNote
    Taconite - New Life for Minnesota's Iron RangeEmployees of Erie Mining Co. Erie Mining Co.June, 2021$45.00
    IRHS 2019 Slavic Music Two Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2019$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2017 The History of Eveleth to 1947 Iron Range Historical Society Margaret More June 30, 2017$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2016 Historic Slavic Music Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2016$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2015 Iron Range Ghost Locations Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2015$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2014 Iron Range Ghost Towns Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2014$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2013 Iron Range Firsts Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2013$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2012 Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2012$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2011 Commercial and Emergency Vehicles Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2011$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2010 Mining Machines Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2010$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2009 Iron Range Beauty Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2009$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS 2008 Gilbert Centennial Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2008$12.00 + $3 postage
    IRHS Food and Farming Book Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2007$7.95 + $3 postage
    IRHS Logging and Lumbering Book Iron Range Historical Society Iron Range Historical Society June 30, 2006$7.95 + $3 postage
    Minnesota News Gazette: A Chronological Compendium of Remarkable and Curious Events in the History of the North Star StateTony Greinervarious sources2006$13.95 (800-647-7827)
    Annual Books of Aurora Newspapers Aurora Newspapers Some Years
    Annual Books of Biwabik Newspapers Biwabik Newspapers 1900 - 1901
    Annual Books of Eveleth Newspapers Eveleth Newspapers 1902 - 1978
    Annual Books of Virginia Newspapers Virginia Newspapers Some Years
    Annual Books of the Gilbert Herald Newspaper Gilbert Herald 1923 - 1978
    History of Slovenes: Activity In Minnesota, Part 1 Gregorich, Joseph Gilbert Herald Aug. 4, 1949*
    History of Slovenes: Activity In Minnesota, Part 2 Gregorich, Joseph Gilbert Herald Aug. 11, 1949*
    History of Slovenes: Activity In Minnesota, Part 3 Gregorich, Joseph Gilbert Herald Aug. 18, 1949*
    History of Slovenes: Activity In Minnesota, Part 4 Gregorich, Joseph Gilbert Herald Sep. 8, 1949*
    History of Slovenes: Activity In Minnesota, Part 5 Gregorich, Joseph Gilbert Herald Sep. 15, 1949*
    They Chose Minnesota: A Survey of The State's Ethnic GroupsHolmquist, June Drenning [Editor] Minnesota Historical Society Press1981*
    Those Were the Days, My Friend: The History of Gilbert and SpartaBordeau, Sanford P, James L. & Kathie I. Krause [Editors]Gilbert Herald 1983*

    * in Note column indicates item also available in Seattle, WA through webmaster.

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