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Welcome to Gilbert, Minnesota
Celebrating 116-years in 2024!

Thank you for visiting the new home on the web for Gilbert, Minnesota History.
There has been much recent progress, so please check it out!

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Gilbert History Now with most of the photos available!!! 1/29/02
Index to Names Mentioned in History Articles Now with Completely Functional Links!!! 9/16/02
Index to 1920 Census Sheets Now Completely Functional with 1,300 people!!! 1/29/02
            Last completed Sheet 35A on 2/14/02.
            Just completed Sheet 21A on 3/19/02.
Iron Range Historical Society Updated March 9, 2024
Official Website of the Iron Range Historical Society
Photo Album of Gilbert Centennial Parade, Street Dance & Car Show, July 3-4, 2008
        Now complete with 44 photos as of 8/10/08
Iron Trail Convention & Visitors Bureau
IronWorld in Chisholm, MN
Iron Range Research Center in Chisholm, MN
Lost Relatives of St. Louis County, Minnesota in Chisholm, MN

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