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I have the right vision on the issues of education, crime and taxes to lead the 5th District to a more prosperous future.

CRIME: To reduce crime in our communities, we must begin the process of neighbors beginning to respect one another and work together to stop violence. Each community must work diligently and confidentially with our police forces to, reduce crime. Police must be seen in our communities as friends of the citizens instead of foes.

EDUCATION: To solve the educational problem (s) in our schools across the nation, we must look at the physical, psychological and mental abuse that teachers take every day. Once the abuse of teachers stops, we will see a greater respect for our educational system, our children enjoying and achieving in school, and families working together and taking pride in their children's educational achievements.

TAXES: I believe the people know best how to spend their money. We must have a tax cut now! Citizens need to enjoy mom of their hard-earned money for such things as education, housing, recreation for the family and other necessities.