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The time has come for change or the politics of the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. A fresh new voice that can best articulate innovative ideas to address the problems of the district is needed; that fresh new voice is Frank Taylor. Frank Taylor has the courage, convictions, and character necessary to serve the 5th Congressional District as a U.S. Respresentative. Whatever the issue- education, crime, or taxes- Frank Taylor speaks for the rank and file citizens. His experience as a science teacher at Anthony Middles School has taught him to support parents and teachers, who can best reach children, instead of government bureaucracy and the liberal leadership of teacher unions. Frank Taylor takes the same "no excuse no nonsense" approach to crime and criminals, that he used, with education and his students, Frank Taylor strongly advocates law and code, both in the community and in the school, Law enforcement officials, neighborhoods, and school, throughout the district will have a representative in Frank Taylor who will lassie faire approach to addression crime and ... Ionic, in the community and at our schools. The law abiding, morally conscious citizens of the 5th Congressional District have gone underrepresented and unheard for far too long. The time has come for the silent majority to speak by electing Frank Taylor as the next Minnesota Representative.

  • Minneapolis homeowner
  • Happily married to wife, Barbara - 3 children Minnesota Science Teachers Association Equity Director
  • President of the Minnesota Republican Labor Federation
  • President Minnesota Suburban NAACP
  • Doctorate candidate in education policy and administration, University of Minnesota
  • M.Ed. in teacher diagnostician, LaVerne University
  • Secondary science teacher, Anthony Middle School
  • Republican labor endorsed
  • Member of Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church