Mela's Ronin Warriors Fic Series

This series, referred to as "The Darkness Cycle", consists of two main parts: The "Daughters of Darkness" trilogy and the finale, "Darkness: Mother Night". It was the first really serious attempt at a fanfic series I ever did, so just keep that in mind.

Taking place after the television series, this series focuses on Cye's relationship with a strange young woman he meets and the strange events that occur after their meeting. What transpires will alter Cye's relationships with his friends and the very course of the guys' lives, whether they like it or not.

NOTICE!! This series is no longer, in any way, related to Sailor Knights. Therefore, the epilogues are mute; I am leaving them up simply because (1) I like how Ayame's turned out, and (2) someone's writing their own sequel to it at Theria's that uses the epilogues as a springboard.

Renovation--it starts with a baby step... and never really progresses beyond that. >SIGH<

Where to?

Ayame (1/4)
Ayame (2/4)
Ayame (3/4)
Ayame (4/4)
Shina (1/4)
Shina (2/4)
Shina (3/4)
Shina (4/4)
Mia? (1/4)
Mia? (2/4)
Mia? (3/4)
Mia? (4/4)
The Darkness (1/3)
Darkness (2/3)
Darkness (3/3)
Epilogues to the Darkness
Ayame's Epilogue
Run Away!