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 827 Marquette - 250 feet - 19 floors - 1930

The great thing about the Medical Arts is that it is not dominated by 1 or 2 giant HMO's.  Yeah, they're in there, but most of the building still consists of scores of small practices.  
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Interior               10




I see lots of really old people in the Medical Arts Building.  I suppose that is true for most health care facilities.  Still, I get the feeling that many of these old-timers have been making regular visits to this grand old edifice for over half a century.  It might even be the only reason some of them ever have to go downtown.  It must be a rather bewildering experience for them now.  Where is the weatherball?  What the heck happened to Donaldsons? Doesn't this city have any hotels anymore?

Up until about 25 tears ago, the Medical Arts was a prominent part of the skyline when viewed from the south and west.  Today, you don't notice it until you get within a couple of blocks.  Then, it grabs your attention and doesn't let go.  It is a beautiful thing, inside and out.