[5939 Rice Creek Parkway]

5939 Rice Creek Parkway
Shoreview, MN 55126
Hwy 35W & County Road J

The Hill Speakers
#4415 District 6

Area 22 - Frontier Division
The Hill Speakers is Open to all interested persons [O]
Meeting Time: Second & Fourth Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.
5939 Rice Creek Parkway (Hwy 35W & County Road J)
Shoreview, MN 55126
in Customer Conference Room - Siemens building
Club contact (763) 562-1670


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Hill Speakers Progress Report

Click here for Status from 9/29/1999 to 6/28/2000

As of 3/21/2001 Status Working on Done By date
1. Black, Jesse ATM-B2 ATM-B3 6/10 January 19, 2001
2. Borg, James
CTM 2/10 June 30, 2002
4. Chen, Julie
CTM 3/10 June 30, 2002
5. Cryer, Joanne
CTM 3/10 June 30, 2001
6. Flannagan, John
CTM 5/10 December 30, 2001
7. Grano, Jon CTM ATM-B 3+?/10 December 30, 2001
9. Hall, Janet ATM-B CL 1/2 December 30, 2001
10. Mou, Haisheng CTMATM-B 6/10 December 30, 2001
11. Tran, Anh DTM CTM5 8/10 December 30, 2000
12. Zheng, Holly
CTM 3/10 June, 2002

08/29/2001 Meet with FairIsaac Club
08/15/2001 Jim Peterson "Officer Training Session"
08/08/2001 John Flannagan "Hand Jive"
08/01/2001 Meet with FairIsaac Club
07/25/2001 Meet with FairIsaac Club
07/18/2001 Meet with FairIsaac Club
07/11/2001 Anh Tran "Swim Lessons"
06/27/2001 Duanne Rivard "Canoe for Two"
06/27/2001 Haisheng Mou "Drink & Drive Story"
06/27/2001 Jesse Black " "
06/20/2001 Haisheng Mou "Chinese Fa-lun-gong"
06/13/2001 James Borg "Remodel Your Kitchen's Tips"
06/06/2001 Jon Grano "Baseball"
06/06/2001 Jesse Black "Progress of Archaeology"
05/30/2001 Jon Grano "Tobi"
05/30/2001 Holly Zheng "One Bad Day"
05/30/2001 Jesse Black "
05/30/2001 Julie Chen "My Favorite Movie"
05/30/2001 Anh Tran "Hill Speakers Club Status"
05/23/2001 Holly Zheng "The Joy of Working"
05/23/2001 Ted Clark "The Lazy Fox"
05/16/2001 Haisheng Mou "All about Tibet"
05/16/2001 Anh Tran "My Husband's Hobbies"
05/09/2001 Ted Clark "The Captain's Chair"
05/09/2001 Jesse Black " "
05/09/2001 Julie Chen "My Father"
05/02/2001 Steven Tonder "Dance Warm"
04/25/2001 Julie Chen "All about Julie"
04/25/2001 Holly Zheng "All about Holly"
04/18/2001 Chandrani Atapattu "Life goes on"
04/18/2001 James Borg "All about Jim"
04/11/2001 Joanne Cryer "Interior Decorator for Amateur"
04/11/2001 Jesse Black "Spring Frontier Division Contest"
04/04/2001 Anh Tran "My Teen Ager Son"
04/04/2001 Haisheng Mou "The Three Jokes"
03/28/2001 Ted Clark "Story Telling"
03/21/2001 Anh Tran "The Joy of Being a Parent"
03/21/2001 John Flannagan "The Disabled in Community"
03/21/2001 Haisheng Mou "Fishing"
03/14/2001 Anh Tran "Why Toastmasters?"
03/14/2001 Jesse Black "Hands"
03/07/2001 Orapat Sivatanpisit "How to Sharpen Your Listening Skill"
02/28/2001 Haisheng Mou " "
02/21/2001 John Flannagan "Growing Smarter not Older"
02/14/2001 Chandrani Atapattu "My experience as a foreign student
in the Soviet Union"
02/14/2001 Steve Hachtman "Charitable Giving: why, when, & who"
02/07/2001 Ted Volk "More Wars than I can Fight Alone"
02/07/2001 Jesse Black "The Importance of Tools"
01/31/2001 Ted Clark "Canoe Expeditioning"
01/24/2001 Haisheng Mou "A Prayer from India"
01/24/2001 Anh Tran "The Meaning of Lunar New Year"
01/17/2001 Haisheng Mou "A Simple Acupunture"
01/10/2001 Susan Lein "Educating Susan"
01/03/2001 Ted Clark "Why Buy from Ted?"
01/03/2001 Jon Grano "Exercise For Life"
12/20/2000 Ted Volk "Modern Leisure Travel Bargaining"
12/13/2000 Haisheng Mou "My 4-Years"
12/06/2000 Anh Tran "Why Toastmasters"
11/29/2000 Haisheng Mou "God Bless the New President"
11/15/2000 Ted Clark "The Horn"
11/08/2000 Anh Tran "Put Your Club on the Internet"
11/01/2000 Haisheng Mou "A Visit to Bel Air School"
10/25/2000 Joanne Cryer "United Way"
10/18/2000 Steve Hachtman "My friend Charlie"
10/18/2000 Anh Tran "My Favorite Book"
10/11/2000 Haisheng Mou "My Childhood"
9/27/2000 Steve Hachtman "Data Science's Products"
9/27/2000 Anh Tran "How To Gather & Analyze Performance Data"
9/20/2000 Ted Volk "A Candidate Proud of His Age"
9/13/2000 Ted Clark "The Statue of Liberty"
9/13/2000 Jesse Black "Humor at Church"
9/13/2000 Danh Truong "Culture Shock"
9/13/2000 Haisheng Mou "My Driving Story Involving Fishing"
9/06/2000 Anh Tran "Chinese Lunar Calendar"
8/30/2000 Jesse Black "Recreation in Minnesota"
8/23/2000 Ted Clark "The Fundamentals of Engineering"
8/23/2000 Haisheng Mou "How I Got My Driver License"
8/16/2000 Anh Tran "2000 Humorous Speech Contest Kickoff"
8/02/2000 Jesse Black "Impromptu Speech"
7/26/2000 Haisheng Mou "The Mountains of China"
7/19/2000 Ted Volk "How Many Emails does it take to keep the Faith"
7/12/2000 Anh Tran "Play With Numbers"
7/12/2000 Haisheng Mou "How to Get Safe Water"

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