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I (Sal) remember the "good ole" days playing a pick-up game of football in my backyard (adjacent to a city ballfield park). I wasn't good compared to my peers, but I loved playing it! I've watched and played the game more as I got older, which I wish I could just go back and play.

Now, I just watch it on t.v.; however, I sometimes rather play then watch! I encourage you all to just pick-up a football and play a pick-up game with anybody you can get a hold of. It's good to keep that childhood in yourself as you get older!

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UMAC Champions- Minnesota Morris

"the final play of the 2006 UMAC championship, Minnesota Morris beats Rockford 27-20 in OT"

  • Cougar Football, UMM-Morris, Minnesota football team
  • High School

    {Chokio-Alberta-Herman-Norcross 9 Man Football 2005 Season}

    I took a friend of mine, who is an int'l student (Herman) from the Ivory Coast to his first ever "American" football game. It was a 9-man football game between Chokio-Alberta (CA) and Hancock. What made this game special was CA's Homecoming 2005 gamme, which Herman had the chance to see the excitement of the game (cheerleaders, rowdy mascots, and cheering fans)

    Pastor Erdahl explaining the basics of football 101

    Herman watching with intensity!

    Herman with Cory posing together before leaving after 3 quarters, which CA was winning 21-6!

    -CAHN 24 vs. Hancock 0 at the Fargodome-Fargo, ND on Friday, November 4th of 2005

    Cory, Tony, and Brett mingle after the game

    Spartans get past dangerous Hancock in playoffs Brian Williams 11/09/2005 Morris Sun Tribune

    There was no comeback magic for the Hancock Owls in their game against the CAHN Spartans Friday in Fargo.
    The Owls are a team that can never be considered down for the count, what with an explosive passing attack that lends itself to comebacks. This was shown most vividly in the team’s previous game against Wheaton. The Owls came back against Wheaton but could not summon the same kind of form against a most determined CAHN Spartan team. The Spartans won the Section 3 nine-man championship on a strength of a 24-0 win over the Owls. It was the Spartans’ ninth win of the season against one loss. Now the Spartans are focused on playing in state. The state quarter-finals present themselves on Saturday. An afternoon starting time is set for the CAHN vs. Lanesboro game to be played in Lanesboro. Fans have fingers crossed that the pleasant fall weather of late will last through another week. The kickoff time is 1:30 p.m. Saturday in Lanesboro, home of the Burros. The Friday game between CAHN and Hancock started slow for both squads. Coach Dave Hofland’s Spartans showed offensive punch early, driving all the way down inside the Owl ten yard line. But an untimely penalty snuffed out that scoring opportunity. There were no more scoring threats by either team in the first quarter. The Spartans began their first possession of the second quarter back at their own twelve yard line. From there they went to work, marching in a 14-play, 88-yard drive that ended with Jerod Lennox blasting over the end zone stripe from the one yard line. Key yardage along the way included a 23-yard pass on third down from quarterback John Haupert to Andy Schuster. Jerod Lennox broke loose for a 14-yard scamper, and Haupert took off on a fourth down scramble that ate up 14 yards. Halftime arrived with the score 6-0. The Owls were going to strive for a second half resurgence like what they enjoyed at Wheaton the previous Saturday, when they surged from a 0-18 halftime deficit to win. But there would be no repeat of that on this day. The Owls managed to reach the red zone early in the second half, but could manage no points from this opportunity. Then the CAHN offense went back to work again, churning out yardage. The Spartans went to work beginning at the eleven yard line, marching with the help of Shane Fickes picking up 15 yards on the third play, serving to get the Spartans out of a hole. CAHN then turned to the passing game, as Haupert connected with Schuster on a beautiful 77-yard counter touchdown pass. Now the score is 12-0. Then the CAHN defense had its turn in the spotlight, forcing a punt, and the offense got a fresh opportunity to assert itself. Assert itself it did, as Brett Lennox took a handoff over right guard and zig-zagged his way to a 73-yard score. The big 81-yard drive included a key third down scamper of twelve yards by the signal-caller, Haupert. The third quarter ended with CAHN in position to take command, up by an 18-0 score. Although the pass-oriented attack of Hancock can never be assumed to be out of contention. . . The Spartans created breathing room on the scoreboard with a drive of 52 yards that required twelve plays. The drive ended with Haupert passing to Schuster from the five. Brett Lennox was a ballcarrying workhorse in this CAHN scoring possession. Brett bulled forward for gains of eleven, 13, eleven and eleven yards. Coach Hofland turned to his JV athletes to play out this game, giving them the memorable opportunity of competing on the Fargodome turf. The Owls suffered dropped passes under the roof in Fargo. Coach Adam Steege reported that “we had our chances against a tough Spartan defense, but we were unable to capitalize when we needed a first down. When we got in the red zone, we turned the ball over and had one touchdown called back on a penalty.” Steege saw this game as being dictated by the defense. CAHN was buoyed by two particularly big plays in the third quarter, and these served to “really take the wind out of our sails,” the coach recalled. Standout Owl receiver Nate Holleman played through the pain of a separated shoulder, experienced in the Wheaton game. Nate saw just limited action on defense at Fargo. Although the final game was marked by frustration for Hancock, their fans can file away a ton a special memories from the fall just completed. The highlight was probably that Wheaton game, where the Owls surged to escape a 0-18 halftime deficit, playing on the road. “We had a great year,” Steege said. “Nobody expected us here.” Coaches Steege, Matt Hone and Cory Bedel join in saying “thanks to all the fans, parents and athletes.” The final score may look one-sided from Friday, but the Owls were very much in this game into the third quarter. Coach Hofland said of his CAHN team that “the defense played great all day, as they held an explosive Owl offense to 99 yards passing and 53 yards rushing.” Brett Lennox was at the fore defensively for his CAHN squad with six solo tackles, one assist, a quarterback sack and an interception. Luke Claassen contributed two solos, three assists, a fumble recovery and a pair of quarterback sacks. Mitch Daly came through with two solos, five assists and a sack of the quarterback. Coach Hofland had much praise for his team’s offensive line. The line led the ‘O’ unit to “an exceptional day,” Hofland noted, as the Spartans amassed 302 yards on the ground and 173 through the air for a total of 475 yards. Those blocks in the CAHN line were dealt out by Mitch Daly, Andy Schuster, Luke Claassen, Dan Schmidt, Craig Stenger and Corey Quackenbush. Brett Lennox was at the fore of the CAHN running attack with his 170 yards on 19 carries of the football, including a TD. Jerod Lennox charged forward for 73 yards on 13 carries of the ball, including a score. Shane Fickes added his own dimension to the running attack with 45 yards gained on eight carries. Passing the football, Haupert hooked up with receivers ten times in 21 attempts for 173 yards. Andy Schuster was a key receiver with 122 yards on receptions (six receptions in all) plus a pair of scores. Shane Fickes had two catches good for 35 yards. Brett Lennox hauled in two passes for 16 yards. “This was a big win for the Spartans, and we’re hoping to build on it when we play the Burros on Saturday,” Hofland said. “We’re looking forward to a big day and hope there will be a huge following to cheer us on.”
    Owls - 0 -0 -0 -0 =
    CAHN - 0 - 6 - 12 - 6=4

    Quarterback Darren Schaefer completed seven passes in 21 attempts for 134 yards. He was picked off twice.
    Casey Gramm was on the catching end of three passes for 72 yards gaind. Nate Holleman, playing at less than 100 percent physically, hauled in three passes for 26 yards. And Mackenze Grunig caught one pass for 36 yards gained.
    Casey Gramm received eight handoffs and churned forward for 45 yards. Tanner Gramm charged forward once for four yards gained, and Corey Ascheman had two carries for three yards.
    Mackenze Grunig put his toe to the football for one kickoff, for 44 yards. In kick returns it was Casey Gramm with four, with 61 return yards (an average of 15.25). Tanner Gramm had one return which covered 21 yards.
    Mackenze Grunig punted the football four times for 144 yards, an average of 36 yards. And in punt returns, Casey Gramm had two with 45 return yards (an average of 22.5 yards).
    Passing yardage totaled 134 yards. The rushing phase produced 63 yards. Total offensive yards: 197.
    Solo As’t Rating Mack Grunig 4 6 13 Jake Nohl 9 4 13 Casey Gramm 2 9 11 Mitch Grunig 8 2 10 Nick Giese 3 5 8 Nathan Hacker 2 6 8 Ben Hacker 4 3 7 Nick Mooney 2 4 7 Tanner Gramm 3 2 5 Nate Holleman - 3 5 Corey Ascheman - 2 2 Darren Schaefer 1 - 1 Nathan Dahlman - 1 1 Andrew Evink - 1 1
    “Dr. Thunder” winner: Mackenze Grunig.
    Sacks: Mackenze Grunig, Nick Mooney.
    Deflected passes: Mackenze Grunig, Nate Holleman 2.
    Interceptions: Mack Grunig.

    Playoffs Report: Saturday, November 12th 2005
    The hard-hitting CAHN and Lanesboro teams met in southeastern Minnesota, a location requiring a significant time and travel commitment of the CAHN faithful.
    Alas, CAHN fans had relatively few opportunities to cheer in the manner that is their habit. CAHN was dealt a humbling 40-7 loss by the Burros.

    Pheasant Country Sports
    Max Preps

    First Win at "Big Cat" Stadium

    With the threat of lightning and just some rain, the Morris Area High School tigers got the first win at this new stadium on Friday, September 15th of 2006..

    Tim and Tony (tutor and student at the Morris Literacy Project-ESL Classes)hide under the cold (after the rain) at Big Cat Stadium

    The popular Viking mascot-"Ragnar" (read more about him down below) was at Big Cat Stadium prior to the high school game as a fundraiser. I took my friend Mel to the game on September/October 2006.
    "As a junior in high school, Joe started experimenting with marijuana. The summer of his senior year in 1981, Joe turned 19. Since he was of drinking age and still in high school, this was a perfect combination for disaster. As Joe became dependent on alcohol, he began to have numerous encounters with the law. During his weekend alcohol binges, he met the "love of his life", Laurie Baxter. She also had a severe drinking problem, mixed with various drugs. Soon after high school graduation in 1981, Laurie and Joe went their separate ways. In 1986 Joe reunited with Laurie and noticed a drastic change in her lifestyle. She told him how difficult her life had become with drinking and drugs. She realized there were no other choices left for her but to make a total life change committed to God. At first he was disappointed in her change, but the stress of his family, business and a severe drinking problem eventually convinced him to give his life to the Lord also. In 1987 Joe married Laurie."



  • Tony Dungy


    "SOLD OUT TV - Reality sports and entertainment programming All access TV with Tony Dungy and the World Champion Indianapolis Colts ! "Roman Gabriel Sold Out on Super Sunday." "Fans are very curious about the real character behind today's athletes, "SOLD OUT" Out removes the masks and unique side of today�s sports reveals a unique world that fans rarely have the opportunity to see.� observes host Roman Gabriel III. Sold Out TV is all about lifestyle ! An all access ticket inside to athletes of faith and character ! For more exclusive video and information access SOLD OUT TV Official web site at"
    Tony Dungy - NFL Head Coach, famous christian from
    "Values: Tony Dungy is admittedly a devout Christian. At one point in his career he considered leaving football behind in order to focus on prison ministry. He is active in a number of community service organizations. He has been a public speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action. He also started a mentoring program called Mentors for Life. In Indianapolis he helped launch the Basket of Hope program and helps out with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis"
    Tony Dungy’s Christian Testimony Written on February 04th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony
    "Tony Dungy just won the Super Bowl. I just listened to his interview during the Lombardi Trophy presentation. Tony continued to tell the world that the Christian walk is more important than sports. I wish I had transcripts, but he said something to the effect that the NFL World Championship title is great, but more important is his daily walk with the Lord. What an awesome message it is being proclaimed from what is without doubt the world’s biggest stage. Update: Yes! I found the quote. Dungy says, “I’m proud to represent African-American coaches, to be the first to win this. It means a lot to our country. But Lovie Smith and I not only are the first two African-American coaches (in the Super Bowl), but are Christians showing you can do it the right way.” See also: Super Bowl coaches Dungy, Smith Known for Christian Testimony."
    Coach Tony Dungy - Indianapolis Colts

    "Coach Dungy's testimony at a prayer breakfast related to the Superbowl"

    Super Bowl coaches Dungy, Smith known for Christian testimony Jan 22, 2007 By Art Stricklin Baptist Press
    " MIAMI (BP)--Super Bowl XLI will feature two teams making their first super game appearance in two-plus decades, two Midwestern teams separated by only a couple hundred miles, but most importantly two coaches who are strong believers in Jesus Christ.
    Head coaches Tony Dungy of Indianapolis and close friend and fellow Christian Lovie Smith of Chicago gave credit to God following their respective teams' victories in the conference championships Jan. 21.
    “The Lord set this up in a way that no one would believe it,” Dungy said following the Colts' win over New England. “The Lord tested us a lot this year, but He set this up to get all the glory.”
    The news that two witnesses for their personal faith in Jesus Christ would have a two-week international spotlight for their beliefs thrilled Christian leader William Pugh, executive director of sports ministry Athletes in Action, a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ.
    “We are so excited to see the Bears and Colts in the Super Bowl,” Pugh, a close friend of both head coaches, said. “We could not have picked two better coaches to represent all that is good about sports.”
    AIA organizes and runs the annual Super Bowl breakfast the day before the game. Last year, Dungy was the keynote speaker just weeks after his son’s tragic death, giving an inspirational message about God’s love in the best and worst of times.
    Smith is in his first tenure as a head coach and hasn’t had the public opportunities to share his faith like Dungy, but he has told the Chicago media he believes in Christ, listens to Christian music when driving his car and does not smoke, drink or curse.
    “I’m so happy for Lovie who does things the right way, without cursing and shows things can be done differently,” Dungy said of Smith. “We give God all the credit.”
    Dungy has served as the cover spokesman for a special Super Bowl witnessing video and tract. Several of his players, including star tight end Dallas Clark, put out a special faith-based DVD titled "Power to Win" about their faith in Christ and their need to honor Him in all that they do."


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    Adrian Peterson
    *If anyone is willing to give me a ticket to the Vikings vs. Bears game on New Year's Day, please contact me... -details (140) (115) ($100)
    Cheappricedtickets-detail (95)
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  • Minnesota All-American Ben Hamilton By David Smale Center Stage - gains attention for award he didn't receive (FCA Article)


  • Everett's injury 'catastrophic' Doctor: Paralysis likely for Bills TE after spinal surgery Posted: Monday September 10, 2007 12:08PM; Updated: Monday September 10, 2007 10:24PM (

  • " ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -- Kevin Everett sustained a "catastrophic" and life-threatening spinal-cord injury while trying to make a tackle during the Buffalo Bills' season opener and is unlikely to walk again, the surgeon who operated on him said Monday.
    "A best-case scenario is full recovery, but not likely," orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino said. "I believe there will be some permanent neurologic deficit.""


    1991 Fleer Emmitt Smith #237, $1.25-$2.50 from beckett $ $


  • Lovie Smith, of Chicago Bears

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  • Facing the Giants

  • "trailer for the Christian movie "Facing the Giants" from Provident Films."
    *saw this during our monthly Special Touch Ministries event today (Saturday, November 3rd of 2007)
    want to laugh? See this (theatre
  • Provident Films

  • Related Sites:
    "The film stars actual students from a high school in rural Georgia and features a cameo by real life University of Georgia football coach, Mark Richt, as himself."
    "Alex Kendrick teamed with his brother Stephen to write Facing the Giants. It is their second movie, the first being Flywheel. The cast is comprised of volunteers from Sherwood Baptist Church, located in Albany, Georgia, as well as others from the surrounding area. The Kendricks hired five film professionals to fill the technical positions on the motion picture: Director of Photography Bob Scott, Pro Sound Mixer Rob Whitehurst, Gaffer Keith Slade, Assistant Director David Nixon, and 1st AC Chip Byrd. Over 500 church members and community volunteers helped to keep production costs down by supplementing the professional crew. Retired senior adult men were operating the clapper and security while homeschooled teens helped carry equipment. A highlight of the closing credits is all the Sunday school classes listed who operated as the caterers for the set.
    The Kendrick brothers' goal was to produce a family friendly movie that could be affordably shot in Albany, would be fun to watch, impactful to viewers, and glorifying to God. "I believe there is a huge culture of people who love movies, but leave theaters disappointed by films with profanity, immorality, and messages that trample their family’s values and faith," said Stephen Kendrick. "Facing the Giants is the type of movie we’ve been longing to see in the theater and own on DVD."[4]"

  • Gridiron Gang, from Sony Pictures

  • *I just watched this movie earlier tonight (Tuesday, February 6th 2007) and it turned out better than I expected. When this movie first came out, I wasn't too thrilled about seeing it because there were so many other football movies being show in theatres during (Fall of 06' when NFL season was just starting) this time. Plus, I thought "the Rock" (Dwayne Johnson, from Wikipedia) wasn't going to do well acting. Well, after watching this movie, I was actually more impressed with "the Rock". He is actually a better actor than I thought. I feel he hasn't really gotten the chance to show his potential with other previous roles. I heard "the Rock" actually played football before his "stardom". He got an injury that prevented him playing in the NFL, which sidelined him to pursue another career (e.g. professional wresting and now Hollywood!). That is probably the reason for him doing well in this recent movie because he is doing what he has done well-football!
    I thought it was cool too with a little scene of "Xhibit" (from VH1's "Pimp my Ride") challenging a football coach if he was "Christian". If he was a "Christian", shouldn't they have mercy, etc... This football coach became impress and said to "Xhibit" that this from the book of Luke.

    Related Sites:
    Sean Porter true story, from chasing the frog
    "Did the real Malcolm Moore like his job at Camp Kilpatrick? The real Malcolm Moore considers his days as a coach at Camp Kilpatrick the best job he's ever had. "I could save somebody else's life," Moore says. "I was thrilled as hell when I made my first professional football team. I played with Steve Young, Ronnie Lott and Marcus Allen, but there's nothing like making a difference in a kid's life." Malcolm Moore is currently a deputy probation officer in Antelope Valley, California. -LA Daily"
    "Born in Hayward, California, Johnson first gained mainstream fame as a standout in the then-World Wrestling Federation. He was originally known in the promotion as Rocky Maivia, in homage to his father, Rocky Johnson, and his maternal grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia. [2] His mother Ata Maivia was a Samoan of royal lineage of Samoa."
    Facing the Giants Review by Josh Hurst | posted 09/29/06 (Christianity Today)
    "One must also acknowledge that the film—made on a $100,000 budget by a Baptist church in Albany, Georgia—has its heart in the right place; there are good lessons here about honoring God in everything that we do, the importance of respect and leadership, and the power of prayer. Those are all things viewers could benefit from hearing. Whether they ever will hear them, though, is another matter—when a film is as unintentionally corny as this one, it's anyone's guess as to how many viewers can stomach all the schmaltz for the positive message at the end."


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  • Super Bowl coaches Dungy, Smith known for Christian testimony, from Bpnews (Jan 07')

  • " The news that two witnesses for their personal faith in Jesus Christ would have a two-week international spotlight for their beliefs thrilled Christian leader William Pugh, executive director of sports ministry Athletes in Action, a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ."


  • Pastor Barry Roberts of Evangelical Temple Church in Palestine, Texas
    *shared his testimony how an angelic figure touched his shoulder during the scene of his automobile accident in 1973. He lost his arm, but was healed from a more severe accident. Pastor Roberts shared this during an interview with James Robinson's Life Today on TBN on Tuesday, November 22nd of 2005

  • Deion Sanders' Testimony-Newsletter, from timberwolf homeschool resources
  • Shawn Harper, motivational NFL speaker
  • Steve Fitzbah, former Denver Bronco shares on "Reality Check": substance substance abuse
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  • Assist News: 12/27/04
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    "If people are prepared; equipped; and strengthened by the SECRETS OF SUCCESS learned by people who have come before, they can conquer everything that comes their way - making their dreams come true!!....."
    *With God's help!

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