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Issues: Gluttony

Gluttony or Obesity is an increasing problem in our consumer nation of America!

Reccomended Resources


  • Giving God a Chance: An Interview with Dennis Jernigan, about obesity-homosexual, gifted musician, etc... by Carol Heffernan of Focus on The Family
  • A Lesson From John By Lenora W. Berning, M.D., magazine from Focus on the Family
  • Watch Cathy Take it Off, series of articles in CBN's Living the Life
  • Books

  • The Bible Cure for Weight Loss, from Dr. Don Colbert
  • Currently Battling

  • Joe Diaz, of his love extended ministries
  • Programs

  • Christian Weight Loss
  • Resources

  • Medical Minute: Weight Loss, calculate your body mass
  • Obesity-Jesus Christ Saves Ministry, links to many topics on this issues
  • Surgery?

    Gastric Bypass

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery: Last Resort, from CBN News

  • -Books
  • Be Slimmer-Jubilant Press

  • -Surgery Centers
  • Obesity Surgery Center, before and after photos

  • -Stories
  • Weightloss Journal, on-going personal journey
  • Stories

  • Obesity Surgery, story by Amanda Frank

  • *reccomended by a friend on 9/5/04


  • Body Revival-Victoria's Testimony, linked from West Wood Community Church (St. Cloud, MN)

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