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My Virtual See You At the Party 2005 Photo Album

Welcome to my online photo album.

Below are just some of the pictures from See You At the Party 2005, which Cory (youth-friend) happened to take all of the pictures (with my camera phone) of one of his favorite bands...

Angry Atom

Angry Atom's Lead Guitarist

Put in pictures from your last vacation.

Angry Atom's Drummer and John

Angry Atom's Lead Guitarist's 2nd Picture

John of Angry Atom

John's second picture

Angry Atom

Coulton and Cory

3...2...1...Happy New Year 2005 Countdown at Disovery Middle School's Gym

Special Features in 2005

This year, the reinforcement for evangelism (besides the "Couch") grew with the help of-Nick Hall ("young evangelist" who has the passion to share Christ's love) and ? (who is an apologetic Christian, who has a lot of knowledge on various topics to defend this faith).

Also, for sports enthusiasts, they had "Urban Dodgeball"! I had the chance to participate in this and thought this was probably the highlight of my experience at this year's event. I had the opportunity to play side-by-side with some youth from a "church plant" of my local church. Just building/mentoring relationships with these young folks is a "seed planter" in faith, which I shared at a recent (Saturday, January 15th of 2005) SYATP 05' Review/Party Meeting at Alexandria, MN.

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