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SYATP: Couch

Did you go to the "couch"? If you went to the "couch", you must of had took the "test" on "are you going to heaven?" The "couch" can be an example of how we can be meeting with the Heavenly Father 1:1-just talking him face to face anytime in prayer! Tell your friends about this website, so they can take this "test" and have them e-mail us if they have any questions or prayer requests to be added here "anonymously"

Below are 16 prayer requests that some of the youth wrote down after stopping over at the "couch":

-"Please Pray for my brothers to torn a way from Orvas and live with Crist"-from Osakis, MN
-"to help stay on honor roll" related website)-from Minneapolis: St. Louis Park, MN
-"Parkers Prairie"-from Henning, MN
-"for all the abused"-from Morris, MN
-"Hope you stay in good health"-from Cyrus, MN
-"Bad dream"-from Moorhead, MN
-"My Grandma becouse She is in the hositable becouse she is sick"-from Sandstone, MN
-"Shanna"-from Milrong (sp?), MN
-"My cold"-from Alexandria, MN
-"For my mom"-from Sandstone, MN
-"Keep me safe"-from Mards (sp?), MN
-"To send Gods love and Help my family get along"-from Pelican Rapdis, MN
-"safeness for the troops"-from Morris, MN
-"To become closer to God"-from Alexandria, MN
-"for my family"-from Miltona, MN
-"that everyone will relize the joy!"-from Osakis, MN

..more from other future e-mail responses from this continuous "follow-up" the youth in the future. Please stop in at this website for future prayer requests.
*ADULTS! please feel free to personally e-mail these youth on whatever the Lord lays in your heart concerning these prayer requests, and I'll forward it to them personally.

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