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Sharon Vincent, better known to Saturday night TNT viewers as "Rusty the Mail Girl," is a model and actress, originally from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, who is famous in Hong Kong as "the tall and optimistic lady of elegance" (it loses something in the translation). For several years she has been the spokesmodel for a popular line of Asian skin-care products, which she hopes will soon be available in the States.

Not until recently did the producers of Joe Bob's Hollywood Saturday Night learn that Vincent was also a Captain and pilot in the U.S. Air Force who flew dangerous missions during the Gulf War. Asked why she didn't pursue a career in aviation, she said, "I was just not that interested in it. My first love was musical theater. I just wanted to do something that was connected to show business."

Vincent has appeared in a number of stage productions, including Barnum, Death of a Salesman, Paint Your Wagon and the Beaver Dam Light Opera's adaptation of Gogol's The Nose. Currently, Vincent is appearing at the Riverside Dinner Theatre in a one woman show, Conversations With Ethel Merman.

Protective of her personal life, Vincent admits to being "almost married" in 1995 and says she's seeing "no one special" at present. She lives in a suburb of Houston with her two dogs, but is considering a move to either Los Angeles or New York to pursue her acting career in earnest.

She stands 5-foot-10, weighs 116 pounds, and is a near perfect 35-23-35. She's also a natural redhead. For the viewers who want to know what she's looking for in a man, she has this advice: "Make me laugh. Be honest. Wash your ears."

"Miss Summer Day"
Summer Day walks dogs for a variety of celebrities, including Kim Verona and Mary Lou Retton. The job's flexible hours leave her free to pursue an acting career. Day came to Hollywood in 1994 after winning the Miss Siskiyou competition in her hometown of Yreka, California, for the second consecutive year. Day made her film debut in The Howling VII (1995), which she followed with a variety of commercials. In 1996 Day was cast as a lead in the television pilot Morning Sickness, a high school drama that was perceived as too mature for its audience and was not picked up as a series. During the past few years, Day has had parts in several telefilms, including Small Fish, Big Sea, The Freaky Life of Fuzzy Wilkins, and the After School Special, I'll Eat Tomorrow. Currently, Day is a spokesmodel for Lady Zeus Gyms of California

Joe Bob's agent, Leon Stickman
An agent who once handled Soupy Sales and who counts Anson Williams and Bobby Nakamura among his clients, Leon Stickman may be the key that opens Hollywood's doors to Joe Bob Briggs. In The Business for over 30 years, Stickman has booked big hitters on the Borscht Belt, the prestigious State Fair Circuit and lounges throughout the West. In addition to film parts, Stickman regularly gets his clients into such high-profile commercials as Lee's Bars, Stools and Dinettes; House of Flatware; and DentureGuard. Stickman, who's professionalism requires that he play his cards close to his vest, won't say what he has planned for his newest talent, Joe Bob, except that "it's big" and may involve a stint in Tunica, Mississippi. Leon looks a lot like actor Jack Riley (Mr. Carlin on the Bob Newhart Show, 1972-78), though he doesn't see the resemblance himself.

Kim Verona
She's still's the pictures that got small
Currently Joe Bob's -- er -- landlady, Kim Verona was once a fixture of the large and small screen. Verona's rise to fame began in `50s print ads as the Zack Tooth Polish girl. She next scored a role in the off-Broadway production of "The Bernadettes of Broadway" where, according to Verona, she was discovered by Fritz Lang, who hoped to cast her in the noir classic While the City Sleeps. Unfortunately, Verona lost the role to Ida Lupino of Devil's Rain fame, but soon made her film debut in the now forgotten classic Tempestuous Fate (1961) by the prolific but largely ignored filmmaker Alan Smithee. That film set Verona up for numerous femme fatale roles, including Smithee's Lust with a Lonesome Lady (1962), the controversial I Was a Moll for the IRS (1964) and the cult favorite, My Brother, My Plastic Surgeon (1965). In 1966, Verona met and married Los Angeles developer Robert Naugide. That same year she landed a role in the soap opera Point Doom as the seductive and heartless Lexy DuPree. By the time Verona and Naughide ended their unhappy marriage in 1972, Verona was left with a house in the Hollywood Hills, a popular part in one of television's favorite soap operas and regular appearances on Love American Style. Verona continued to work regularly in television until her retirement in 1988. Currently, Verona lives with her dog, Muffin, in the house that Naugide built. In addition to her small housekeeping staff, Verona employs a dog walker, Summer Day, and a general errand boy, Joe Bob Briggs.

Rusty's Mail Bag

Hello Rusty, I just wanted to ask you, Is Joe Bob always not nice? Or is he just putting on a big act? He always seems so Damn crude
Dear Jean,
Joe Bob may not always be nice, but at least he's always funny.
I think it's all about getting a laugh on his show.
Deep down inside, I'll bet he's a big soft Teddy Bear!
A damn crude Teddy Bear, yes, but a Teddy Bear just the same.
Thanks for watching,
HI Rusty,
You are awesome.. At first I took you for a Nikki Cox rip off but you're totally cool. You are the best dressed mail girl by far!! I like when you wear pink and black. I used to think that pink was stupid but you pull it off well and I think I am gonna call Steven Tyler and go sing a song about you and the color pink! You Rule. I'd like you to star in my monster vision bay-bee.You'd be my daphani and i could be your fred. You'd be a bad surfer mermaid with a blood lust for my sea monster! Or we could run from snipes. Or laugh at trolls. EAT CALAMARI and then find out what it was..
aka bob the spob
Dear Cambot AKA Bob,
Wow! You must be great fun on a date! Thanks for your sweet letter, I'll be sure to send you a special smile the next time I wear pink. Meanwhile, stay away from those Scooby snacks!
hey I just wanted to know if u or joe bob likes or collects pez. I do and I have 95 pez.
I don't know about Joe Bob, but I have had a few Pez dispensers in my life. My favorite, I think was Darth Vader, but I also owned a Woody Woodpecker and I think a couple of Disney princesses. I never had as many as 95, though. In fact, I never really even collected them, I was only in it for the fun of clicking out the candy. Still, you ought to hang on to them because they have turned into quite the collectors item! Who knows, maybe one day you'll be a Pez millionaire. Stranger things have happened, I mean, they gave Joe Bob Briggs his own show, so anything is possible!
Pez forever!
Rusty can you tell me why Joe Bob has that Big pimple on his nose?
Please Help!
Kelsey, you're watching the show WAY to closely, girl. Hey, despite what you may have heard, the man is only human. Give him a break already. You don't want to stress him out anyway, because that just makes it worse! That's also how make-up artists lose work. So move your chair a few feet back from the TV and watch the show through a piece of cheesecloth. That way we'll always look nice!
Thanks for your letter,
Love, Rusty
Love the show and Joe Bob is my hero. However, when asking my son to watch with me he informed me that Joe Bob was reading cue cards and didn't really know all that neat stuff. Oh well, guess that's what Dennis Miller does too, so Joe Bob's in good company.
Have fun and take care. Bye
Pat Burton
Dear Pat,
Okay, he may have a prompt or two because there is so much information in each film. Plus, sometimes several shows are filmed in one day, so it is quite a lot to remember. But, you have my word as a postal employee, Joe Bob does indeed know all that "neat stuff" and then some! He writes material himself and has a wealth of knowledge about not only Monster movies, but the whole showbiz world! Trust me, no one could stump him on movie or Hollywood trivia, so your Hero has not fallen, and you can assure your son that Joe Bob is still the king of "neat stuff."
The man may be a chauvinistic redneck, but lets face it he's a smart one!

Note: the previous TNT MonsterVision Mail Girl was Honey. Click here for her bio & pin-up photos

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