The Grudge (2004)

The scariest thing to come out of Japan since Pink Lady,
The Grudge tells the story of a young woman who travels to Japan with her underwear-sniffing boyfriend and soon finds herself in the clutches of an evil curse (as if having an underwear-sniffing boyfriend wasn't bad enough). Bill Pullman (Twister)co-stars, sort of, in that he speaks several lines of dialogue. In contrast to a high body count slasher film, The Grudge is infused with a suffocating sense of dread, very much like an average episode of "According to Jim." Kevin Murphy (Tom in MST3000 episodes) and Mike Nelson settle their own grudge in this not-to-be-missed RiffTrax.
Note: This Grudge works only with the theatrical release of the movie, not the Director's Cut which is even longer and more painful to watch

The Grudge
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Here's how it works. If you do not already own a copy of this fine film, simply click your choice of DVD or VHS video below:
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Now click here for the RiffTrax website and get Mike's commentary on MP3 (it only costs a couple of bucks). Then play the MP3 on your favorite computer or MP3 player while you enjoy the movie, for running commentary by Mike plus the voices of Tom and Crow T. Robot. To put Mike's voice directly on the movie DVD and sell it all together would have meant buying rights to the movie and who has that kind of money? Especially after Crow lost all the money from the guys' MST3000 years to some fellow in Nigeria who promised to wire millions of dollars to Mike as soon as he got the bank account number...

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