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Fierce Creatures (1997)

cheeta Not a sequel to "A Fish Called Wanda" (1988) but with the same cast, this dark comedy was known around the set as "Death Fish 2." A failing London zoo gets a new driector (John Cleese) who comes up with a zany idea for drumming up business: advertise all the animals as fierce man-eaters (including the zebras). Since they will have lots of predators and don't really need the smaller, cute furry animals anymore, sensitive Michael Palin is ordered to feed them to the predators to save on food expense. Kevin Kline plays a dual role of a fictional empire-building Australian businessman and his idiot son Vince (Jamie Lee Curtis plays Vince's well-endowed girlfriend).

The film was too dark on it's initial showing so a new director was brought in and the actors recalled to turn it into more of a Hogan's Heroes-type story, with everyone conspiring to keep the cute little animals alive while fooling Cleese into thinking they were following his orders to feed them to the lions & tigers.
Cast includes Cynthia Cleese; Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Rated PG-13, 93 minutes without commercials

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