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The Dead Pool: Dirty Harry 5 (1988)

(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)
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Dirty Harry goes after yet another schizoid in San Francisco blowing people up with remote-control toy cars and using butcher knives on people at KGO-TV, and the basic plot is that everybody in the media is hoping Dirty Harry gets blown away so that (a) the ratings can go up, and (b) he can't be mayor of Carmel anymore. Fortunately, Dirty Harry Callahan looks even MORE deadly now that he has those lines on his neck and his face skin is cracking and, when he squints, it looks like his head is about to explode. This time they give him a CHINESE partner, which means, of course, Insult Fu. Clint is still the only man alive who can take a word like "Chinese-American" and say it in a way that sounds like "worthless scum wimp brain-dead reetard." But then they hit Dirty Harry with the final straw--they tell him they want him to work in the public relations department.
Nineteen dead bodies.
Two exploding cars.
Two bullet-riddled cars.
Two motor vehicle chases, including one with a radio-controlled exploding toy car that's the best San Francisco car chase since "Bullitt."
Harry single-handedly destroys three cars and four Mafia goons.
Harry single-handedly busts a TV mini-cam.
Harry single-handedly destroys a Chinese restaurant full of robbers.
Average San Francisco citizen pours gasoline on himself and lights a match to be on TV.
Gratuitous Empty-V video.
Kung Fu.
Heroin Fu.
Fortune cookie Fu.
Harpoon Fu.
Forty-four Magnum Fu.
With Evan Kim as Harry's partner ("Harry, did you know that celebrities always die in threes?"),
Liam Neeson of Darkman as a drive-in movie director making a flick called "Hotel Satan,"
David Hunt as the psycho killer who thinks he's a drive-in movie director ("Those are my nightmares, not his!"). 4 stars. Joe Bob says check it out

Sudden Impact: Dirty Harry 4 (1983)

Dirty Harry keeps finding bodies with their balls blown off, and it BOTHERS him. There's a gazebo-mangler out there, but Clint Eastwood is all tied up, dealing with a bimbo judge who tells him he "conducted an illegal search" so she's going to set free some goon jerkolas. So Harry goes to a diner for coffee, and while he's there he blows away four black guys in the middle of a robbery, and then he feels a whole lot better--until the police commissioner calls him in and says "You're a dinosaur, Callahan. Don't you know who I am?" And Harry says "Yeah--you're a legend in your own mind." (Best one-liner of this third sequel in the "Dirty Harry" series.) It's .44 Magnum Automag time (that's a .44 that shoots FOREVER), because Harry is sick and tired of "a society where teachers are being thrown out of fourth-floor windows because they don't give A's." When he gets in trouble for an endless car chase ending with a bunch of hitmen drowning in San Francisco Bay, he gets reassigned to the missing-testicles case in the little town of San Paulo. But first he has to steal a van from a nursing home so he can chase a bank robber through the streets and knock him off his motorcycle. Then somebody gives Harry a bulldog named Meathead. Then Harry goes into a bar looking for information, and this sleaze lesbo starts to get familiar and so he has to deck her with a right cross. Then Meathead saves Harry's life. Then Harry goes around San Paulo making friends with great opening lines like, "Tell me, how's your slut sister?" And then Harry gets to say "Go ahead, make my day" TWICE more, before his .44 Automag denouement.
Five breasts.
Two pints blood.
Three motor vehicle chases, with one explosion.
Testicles roll.
Twenty-one dead bodies.
Some Kung Fu.
Better than The Enforcer (Dirty Harry 3).
Sondra Locke as the bimbo gazebo killer,
Paul Drake as Mick the Spic. 4 stars. Joe Bob says check it out

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