Battlefield Earth (2000)

In the year 3000 man is an endangered species,
enslaved, severely unshowered, beholden to a cruel alien race fond of dreadlocks and really impractical boots. Only one man can break the yoke of slavery and lead mankind to victory over their cruel tyranny. And that one man is television character actor Peter MacNicol. Wait slight error there. Salt of the earth, Peter MacNicol, but it's not him. Actually, the one man who can break the yoke of slavery and lead mankind to victory is Johnny Goodboy Tyler (Barry Pepper), if you can believe that.
Yes, Battlefield Earth, L. Ron Hubbard's epic tale of why you should become a Scientologist splashes* across the big screen in John Travolta's masterful** retelling.
Helping Mr. Travolta along in his masterful retelling are Mike, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. Yes, the MST3K gang is back together in full force to take on the most legendary cinematic blunder since whatever Joel Schumacher's last film was. 117 minutes, rated PG-13
* like vomit.
** here "masterful" is used in the sense of "revoltingly, irredeemably noxious"

Battlefield Earth
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Now click here for the RiffTrax website and get Mike's commentary on MP3 (it only costs a couple of bucks). Then play the MP3 on your favorite computer or MP3 player while you enjoy the movie, for running commentary by Mike plus the voices of Tom and Crow T. Robot. To put Mike's voice directly on the movie DVD and sell it all together would have meant buying rights to the movie and who has that kind of money? Especially after Crow lost all the money from the guys' MST3000 years to some fellow in Nigeria who promised to wire millions of dollars to Mike as soon as he got the bank account number...
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