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Top 10 Reasons My Land Rover Discovery SUCKS
  1. Engine Won't Start when it rains or snows
  2. Land Rover can not fix it
  3. High ground clearance provides excellent vantage point to Wait for Tow Truck
  4. Dealer broke the windshield, refused to pay. See Carousel Automobiles: where you go in circles 
  5. In most cities, you are at the mercy of the sole dealer for parts, tyres, spare keys, you name it
  6. Front Bumper Fell Off
  7. Roof Racks Destroyed in Parking Garage
  8. 10 miles per gallon (see my actual mpg) - Burns Premium Fuel
  9. Poor Resale Value - $10,000 depreciation per year
  10. Land Rover termed "Antichrist" in movie The Gods Must be Crazy

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Independent Reviews

Personal Observations
Seriously, there are a number of features to recommend the Discover. I even owned one (a year of frustration, anger, and boredom, waiting for roadside assistance and monthly repairs). Besides the shortcomings noted in the literature (sluggish acceleration, one of the lowest fuel-economies, pronounced lean when cornering, long stopping distance, defective trim, cheap parts, hard to clean), I've noted the following:

Good things from England

One of the world's richest languages (see works of William Shakespeare). Pubs, with their hand crafted beers and ales , songs, darts, and good fellowship. Morris dancing, mumming, and other ritual forms. British Comedy including Monty Python, Red Dwarf, Black Adder, and Douglas Adams and his Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy. The Trifle a fancy desert of sponge cake, custard, fruit, jam, whipped cream...

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An automotive service nightmare
To replace a defective rear view mirror (don't ask, only Land Rover could produce a defective mirror!), these tailless anthropoids who fancy themselves automotive mechanics used a "screwdriver to pry the old mirror off the windshield." Of course they broke the glass but here's the creative part: since a 3rd party installed the glass and "used the wrong adhesive" it's not their fault. Never mind that you're supposed to use a heat gun rather than a screwdriver!

Carousel is the only Land Rover dealer within 300 miles. I suppose, given this virtual monopoly position, they see little reason for improvement. When I asked why an oil change costs $41, they explain that when they have the car up on the lift, they "look at it." Apparently, their highly trained mechanics can spot problems that ordinary mechanics (the kind that charge $20 for an oil change) might over look. Presumably these are the same mechanics that used a screwdriver to remove a mirror?

Car won't start? No problem! they have an opening available in 3 or 4 weeks. How's that? Need to go somewhere? That's why they maintain a large fleet of Audi rentals! Is this a service department, or a car rental agency? They often required several days to fix a problem. Once I, left it with them for a full week and they they still could not fix it. My Disco was in their service department on six separate occasions for the same defective door lock before they were actually able to fix it. What's the probability they could accurately diagnose chronic engine malfunctions? Virtually nil.