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Selected Anti-FAQ

"Much Truth Be Hidden in Jest"

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  1. Should I buy a Series Rover or a Defender/Disco/RR?
  2. How do I stop the drips on my leaky transfer case?


  3. How do I get my wife/husband to agree to purchasing a Land Rover?


  4. What is the best source for parts for a Land Rover?


  5. How many Land Rover Owners does it take to change a lightbulb?


  6. Which is the best Land Rover to own?


  7. How do I tell if I got one of the export Land Rovers with the zinc crankshafts?


  8. Are Land Rover Owners generally patient people?


  9. What about the Anti-Lock Brake System factory installed in Series Land Rovers?


  10. Why are Land Rover tailights full of water?

    Copyright held by origional authors, FAQ Copyright, Dixon Kenner, 1995, 1996.
    Last modified 29 October 1996.
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