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I am an avid collector and have been for years. This is an awesome game as it reflects the excitement and drama of the Star Trek universe, while being totally customizable and different every time you play. If you haven't played before but enjoy Star Trek and card games, find a friend who has a collection! In no time you will be having tons of fun. :)
I like STCCG because I can jump into the science fiction world and control the destiny of the entire Federation. It is like I am the entire Starfleet Command! Also, the stories and plots that evolve are both entertaining and competitive. Because of the flexibility, I can have Picard and Spock dig up the Betazoid Gift Box on Quo'NoS after a battle between the Borg and the USS Bozeman. All in all, great fun!!
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~Second Edition Released!!
The full release of Star Trek CCG Second Edition was Wednesday, December 18 throughout the United States. This was only a few days after the release of Star Trek Nemesis, the newest Star Trek movie featuring the TNG crew and also pictured on many cards in this newest set. All 415 card images can be viewed on Decipher's Second Edition Cardlist page.

~Spoiler List Unveiled for Second Edition!
Text information for all 415 cards of the Second Edition set is available in a PDF Spoiler List on Decipher's web site.

~Demo Decks and Rules
Lists of the demo decks used at the latest STCCG convention are now available, with text and stats for some cards. A Federation and Klingon deck were both available. The text/descriptions of more cards are being revealed every day! Check back often. You can also read the rules (page one and two) for these demo decks. Note that even the noted difference for full play will likely be changed for the final version.

~Broken Links Cards
Decipher has recently announced that it will be coming out with a small, limited set of cards to complete "broken links" from the collection of cards already printed, referred to as First Edition. While there are no lists of cards or how they will be distributed, players have speculated on possibilities. Cards likely to be included are ones that have been referred to in printed cards but that have not been released. They will be printed to fit into the First Edition environment, and will help to satisfy the needs of collectors who want to have a complete set of cards. Release of these cards will most likely be after the premiere of Second Edition.

==My Cards==
I have been collecting Star Trek cards since 1996, so I have quite a few stored away. (In fact, my records say that I have over 1500 cards.) Of the original set I have tried for all the Federation and Romulan ships and personnel, so that I can trade Klingon with my friends. Obviously, a Romulan collection is easier to complete and is also sometimes easier to play. (Their higher strength comes in handy in a fight.) I am very close to completing these sets.

Excited about the first expansion, I endevored to get every last card. Before the next set came out, I succeeded; I am proud to own all of the Alternate Universe cards, with the Future Enterprise the prize of the collection. Just a note: I got this card from the very first Alternate Universe pack I bought. And what is even MORE coincidental is that the first pack of First Contact I bought produced the USS Enterprise-E!!

I also have all of the cards for the Q Continuum expansion, fulfilling that quest in the summer of 1997. Some of those missions are hard to find! :o)

I then took a long-term break, as college life does not allow spending spare money as casually as this hobbie tends to required. But First Contact amazed me and made me want to play all the more! From trading over the internet/through the mail, my collection of Borg cards grew and now I have a respectable Borg deck, Borg Queen and all. At this time I am only a dozen or so cards short of having every First Contact card (although some are foils).

During my college years, I slowly formed decks around every affiliation except for the Ferengi or the Mirror Universe. My Dominion deck was a gift to my good friend who also plays STCCG. I even have a weak Kazon/Diviian deck and a measly Hirogen deck, just because I have the cards. Understandably, these are not played very often.

I'd have to say that the orginal three affiliations are my favorite to play, mostly because of their familiar strengths and the availability of personnel. It is fun, however, to have a variety of decks to play now and then!

=My Decks=
Here are decks that I have constructed and used in games before. Feel free to use them as guidelines for your own decks, and also please let me know of any suggestions.
Diplomacy/Empathy Federation Captains Deck -- My favorite, as it has many mains, lots of cool ships, and it's good against the Borg :)
First Contact Borg Deck -- My first Borg deck, utilizing FC Borg cards. While it doesn't have the highest odds of winning a game, it is great at wrecking havoc on my opponents. ;)
New Borg Deck -- This is my upgraded Borg deck, with Transwarp Hub, Vinculums, Nanoprobes, and other goodies. It will be complete when it included the Voyager version of the Borg Queen persona. :)
Bajoran/Federation Colony Deck -- Adventurous theme of gamma quadrant exloration and colonization, avoiding the opponent whenever possible.
Klingon Battle Deck -- An inexpensive but effective deck, a good match against my Bajoran colonists.
Romulan Rogue Borg Deck -- A theme that I enjoyed putting together. Also consists of ways to pester the opponent.
Romulan Homeworld Deck -- Cards from more expansions, with a neutral zone and homeworld theme.(I will upload eventually--sorry!)
Cardassian Nor Deck -- While it could benefit from more Cardassian personnel (the rest of which are mostly rare), this deck still works okay because the Nor allows versitality and works wonders when processing ore.
Federation Colony Deck -- Mostly commons and uncommons, this deck focuses on missions and points, while providing heavy ships to deter battle.(I will upload eventually--sorry!)
Generations Klingon Deck -- This is a modification of the other Klingon deck, with many cards added from The Motion Pictures, as well as dilemmas from other expansions.
Kazon/Vidiian Deck -- This is my attempt to put together a playable deck with the cards I've gotten that can only be used in the Delta Quadrant. While the Kazon and Vidiians each have their weaknesses, together their strengths combine to make a battle-ready team. Specifically, the Kazon's boarding pod and the Vidiian's Harvester each are effective against the unexpectant opponent. Getting to that opponent legally is the big problem....(Will upload soon!)
Dominion Deck -- I built this for my friend, but haven't seen its effectiveness against any of my decks--yet. It could use upgrades with newer cards. (Will upload soon!)

If you have any suggestions, please e~mail me at honestal23@yahoo.com.

=Deck Designs=
If you want hints and tips on how to build a good deck, or a theme to go by, visit these deck designs and my First Contact Page for proven examples. Following are others' which I enjoy.
Admiral Q's Decks This is a good resource for some deck building strategies, with various affiliations.
Mott's "Useless" Decks A few decks with very good, lengthy descriptions. Unfortunately, designed before First Contact was released.
(Sorry, but my older links were broken, and I couldn't find the pages. Stay tuned for new sites, or submit your own!

==Collection Holes...==

For the current list of rares that I am willing to trade for other STCCG cards, go to my Trade Page. I also have a list of cards I am currently looking for. Right now I am trying to finish up my First Contact set--I am really close. I also want to get that last Romulan ship from the premier set. Other than that my wants aren't that important at this time. (Until Second Edition, of course.;>)

=Card Highlight=

I tried to start card highlights once before, but only got through two. With the release of Second Edition, I will start writing them with my comments from play testing.

=Quiz Challenge=
Okay, here is the challenge: Can you form an away team of seven different personnel having the same affiliation symbol that will be able to survive these dilemmas and solve Diplomacy Mission?

1)Borg Servo (FC)
2)Alien Abduction (WB)
3)Portal Guard (WB)
4)El Adrel Creature (WB)
5)Malfunctioning Door (AU)
-Diplomacy Mission: Empathy + Diplomacy

I'm not necessarily looking for an invincible team, but one that has the least probability of being stopped. It is only a combo of five dilemmas. Let's say that the score of the team is the total integrity of unstopped personnel minus total strength of unstopped personnel. What's the best away team that you can form?? E~mail yours to honestal23@yahoo.com and we can compare! :)

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