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 Reaching Out 
The purpose for this web site, is to give praise, honor and glory to my wonderful Lord and Savior, and to share with all who come here, the poetry, which He has given to me through His precious Holy Spirit, that we all might know what He feels in His heart for us.

His love for us is so tremendous that He is willing to use a broken, clay pot, such as myself, as His vessel, through which He can pour out the overwhelming love which He feels for each and every one of us.

He wants to let us know that he is the answer to every need that we have. He wants to mend every heart that is broken, heal every physical disease, take every pain and all of the suffering from us, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.

His body was bruised, beaten and broken for all of the afflictions which we suffer from. His precious hands and feet were nailed to that wooden cross, from which He hung and His own blood was poured out so freely for the remission of our sins and transgressions!

Yes, and for the vilest of sinners as well, because of this unfathomable love that He feels for every human being! He hung there in agony and finally died there while being spit upon, mocked, scorned and rejected by those very ones for whom he shed His precious lifes blood.

This was not His final hour! When He gave up the ghost and died that day, he went to the very pits of hell to wrestle the keys to the kingdom from satan and was victorious over satan! He arose physically from the grave on the third day just as He said that He would. He now sits on a throne in heaven on the right hand of His Father and He is still interceding for each of us, with His Father.

There is no one, who has ever lived on the face of this earth who has suffered the pain, rejection and the horror that our Jesus suffered and yet He did this for us and He still suffers every pain, every heartache and every hurt that we suffer. He understands every longing, every need and every desire that we have, to be more than what we are, because of the marvelous and everlasting love that he feels for us. He weeps for every tear that we shed and has saved all of our tears in his bottle.

His nailscarred hands are stretched out to us at all times, pleading for us to reach out to him for forgiveness, for comfort, for joy, for His peace which passes all understanding and for His living water which he wants to pour out upon us, which will bring healing and health to us, body, soul and spirit.

He is faithful and just and His mercy and grace will endure forever and are there waiting for us to reach out and claim them. His love and compassion for us is endless! All we need do, is to accept him into our hearts and all of these boundless riches will be ours.

In return, all we have to give to him is our poor, sinful, wretched selves. He will take our brokeness, our wretchedness and our sinfulness and mold and shape us into His likeness! How could any one of us possibly pass up an offer such as this? A gift so precious and so wonderful; to be made into the likeness of one such as He, our precious Lord and Savior, The very Son of God!
                       ~Helen Johnson~

He was wounded for our transgressions He was bruised     for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5                                                          


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