The Spell

Chapter 15

While Davy was out on his date, some of us went out to go get ice cream. Mike, Amy, Micky and I went. We got in the MonkeeMobile and found a banana on the driver's seat.

"That must be a little present from the Four Swines"

Mike said as he threw it at Micky.

"Hey! I don't want it!" Micky said as he threw it in the backseat.

"Why do they hate you guys so much?" I said as Mike started the car.

"Because we always beat them or win the contest we are in" Micky said as he saw the leader of the Four Swines in the rearview mirror.

Mike stopped the car and got out.

"What do you want?" he said as he slammed his door.

"Yeah what do you want?" Micky repeated as he got out of the car.

Amy and I got out and slammed our doors.

"Oh tough little ladies" the leader of the Four Swines said.

"Well what do you want?" Mike said getting impatient.

"Oh nothing," he answered.

"Just leave us alone" Amy said as she walked closer to him.

"NO" he said.

Amy walked up to me and whispered a plan in my ear.

"Okay" I said as we both walked up to the leader of the four swines.

"Please leave us alone" she said while making a puppy dog face.

We sat on the back of the car and crossed our legs and made our lips look pouty.

"Come on big boy" we said at the same time.

He just turned around and walked away. We drove downtown and got out of the car. Then I saw that screaming obsessive Monkees fan that had insulted me in the store. I grabbed Mike and Micky's hand. I walked up to her and stood there waiting to see her reaction. She just stood there for a moment.

"Hi" I said smiling a very fake smile.

"OHMYGOSH, It is Micky and Mike!" she screamed. "Bye" I said walking away.

We walked down the block to see a new store was opening. It had everything in it. It was all groovy stuff though. It was the very first day it had opened. So we walked in. There was almost nobody in there. I walked up to the manager.

"Why isn't there anybody here?" I asked.

"I don't know!" he snapped.

"Sorry" I said as I walked off.

I walked to the back of the store. I saw a whole bunch of cool stuff. Just then I saw the perfect thing for Davy's birthday. It was a lamp that had red fur as the lampshade.

"Hey guys look what I am going to get Davy," I said as I walked up to Mike and Micky.

They turned around and had the same lamp in their hands.

"Uh no" I said laughing.

"I think we are all getting Davy the same present," Mike said.

"That's okay I will put mine back and find a new present" I said setting the lamp down.

"Me too" Micky said.

So we walked together to the back of the store. I saw this green blow up chair. So I picked it up and turned around to show Micky. He had the same chair in his hands.

"OH MAN" I said with a sigh.

I put the chair down and then I saw the perfect thing. It was absolutely perfect for Davy. It was a strobe light. We could have great parties all the time now. We got our stuff and went up to the front to pay for our stuff. Then we realized Amy wasn't with us anymore. Just then she ran up with a big box. We all paid for our stuff and walked back to the car.

"What did you get?" I asked Amy.

"This" she said as she pulled out a beaded curtain.

"It's for Davy," she said as she put it back in the box.


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