The Spell

Chapter 14

While Davy, Amy and Jesse went to go pick up dinner the rest of us had a meeting.

"What are we going to do for Davy's birthday?" I asked as I grabbed a coke from the fridge.

"Well we could...." Mike said.

"OH OH I have the best idea let's have a costume party" I said.

"That's perfect," Peter said.

"I know," I said as I swept the hair off my face.

"That will be real groovy and hip baby," Mike said.

"What are you gonna dress up as?" I said to all of them.

"I dunno yet" Peter said as Davy walked in.

"Oh where's the food?" Micky said as he grabbed the plates.

"Right here" Amy said as she walked through the door with a bag full of food.

They were all carrying huge bags of food.

"Enough to feed an army" Jesse said as she set her bag down on the counter.

So we all ate sandwiches and salads and other stuff like that. After dinner we decided to eat desert on the beach. Amy, Jesse and I put on these long billowy dresses that we found in our closet. Then we all went outside. I stopped on the porch and grabbed this little bag.

"Hey guys wait up," I said as I ran down the stairs. The guys ran in the water but I stopped Amy and Jesse.

"Hey guys we are gonna have a costume party for Davy's birthday so be thinking of what you want to be" I said as I took my shoes off.

"Oh man no road trip, not to Disney Land?" Amy whined.

"No now shut up," I said.

Amy ran into the water. Jesse and I walked in the shallow water. Just then Peter and Micky came running up behind us when we were looking at the other houses.

They picked us up and ran into the water.

"AAAAHHH" I screamed.

Jesse and I were giggling so hard I thought I was going to die. They ran into the high water where Mike, Davy and Amy were.

"Hi guys" I said as we ran up.

"Hi, glad you decided to come in" Davy said.

"That's okay, do you know how many of these things I have?" he said as he put it back on his head.

"Man he must really like you or something he would go gone crazy if I had done that" Davy said.

"We're buddies right?" I said to Mike as I grabbed his arm.

"We're all buds," I said right before I went under the water.

When I got back up, nobody was there.

"Okay guys this isn't funny" I said looking around.

Then they all jumped up and scared me.

"God don't do that," I yelled.

We went up on shore and got out the deserts. We had cheesecake, cookies, and fudge. I pulled off that cold wet dress and put a towel around my shoulders. I grabbed that little bag that I had gotten off the porch and took out what was inside it. It was a ring that I had bought at the creepy little store. The ring was silver and was a like a lizard wrapped around your finger. It was the only like it. I put it on and threw the towel down. I ran into the water and Micky and Mike followed me. We got out to where it was about shoulder length deep.

"Hey have you guys thought about what you want to be for the party?" I said.

"You are really excited about this aren't you?" Mike said.

"Yes, I am. I love planing parties. I also love going to them," I said.

"I just like to go to them" Micky said as he pulled my arm.

"I think I want to be-" Mike said before Davy walked up and interrupted Mike.

"Ello guys" Davy said.

"Hey Davy, whatcha doin?" I said trying to cover up if he had heard anything.

"Oh, nothing just wanted to come swimming before it got too late" he said.

"Sounds neat" I said whistling.

"What is going on here?" he said

"Oh, nothing. Just talking about stuff. Just don't worry about it. You will find out soon enough." I said as I started to swim back to shore.

We played and messed around until about 2:00 in the morning. We didn't go to sleep until about 5:00 in the morning. We didn't have anything to do that day so it really didn't matter. We slept until about 3:00 at the earliest. We all got up and were still sleepy. I don't know how we did that but we did. I cooked spaghetti for dinner. After dinner Davy had a date, it was with a girl named Rose.

"Who is Rose?" I said as Davy was straightening his tie. "This girl I met at the club when we played," he said looking in the mirror.

"Is she pretty?" I asked.

"I think so, yes," he said as he heard a knock at the door.

"I'll get it, " I said as I ran to the door.

I opened the door and there stood Rose. She had red hair, green eyes and was short like Davy.

"DAVY" I yelled "Rose is here."

"Coming" he said running down the stairs.

He walked to the door and led her inside. "Rose this is Sydney" Davy said "Sydney this is Rose."

We shook hands. "Hi how are you doing?" I said.

I noticed that she looked a bit sad or shy or something like that but I didn't want to say anything to embarrass her.

"Bye Davy" I said.

"Bye" he said as he kissed me on the cheek.

He shut the door. I walked back inside.


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