Part 19. Crash!

26-7-67 Thurs

Dear Sophie,

Ok, I did something today and I donít know if it was good or bad. Over the past few months that Iíve been here Iíve been playing round on Mickyís drums, and Iíve gotten pretty good. Anyway, I was fooling around on them today and I started playing out a song that I was familiar with. Itís called Crash! and itís by the Propellerheads. I was playing the riffs, and sort of singing. I say sort of because itís an instrumental. I didnít know that the others were around. They thought it was a cool song and joined in. Now they want me to play it tomorrow night. Itís not exactly like the original, but still itís similar. Now I canít help but wonder that if they become famous and release it will the Propellerheads still do it in the nineties? Oh Soph, what have I done?

The guys are pretty amazed that I can play drums, especially Mick. Peter says I have talent and now heís going to teach me piano. I already know a bit because I used to have lessons. I wonder how much I will learn with Peter teaching me?


27-7-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

Today I had my first piano lesson with Peter. It was basically me showing him what I could play. He wanted to see what my skills were. I was a bit rusty at first because I hadnít played in a while, but as I got going the full picture of my skills were shown. (which isnít a very big picture, compared to Peter) He said I had definite potential, and he wasnít just saying that cos heís my boyfriend.

We also practised Crash! again. I have to tell you Soph I have a weird feeling about this. I swear I didnít know they were there, listening. If I did I wouldnít have played it, or sung the instruments. Anyway, Mike decided that Crash! should be last. I have no problem with that. Iím glad, because usually by the time the last song is up people arenít paying too much attention to the song.

Well Soph, Iíve gotta go now because weíre getting ready to go, but Iíll talk to you ASAP. Ciao!


28-7-67 Sat

Dear Sophie,

It didnít go all that good actually. Yay! I donít think these people are ready for that kind of music. Itís way ahead of itís time. They just sort of listened, looking confused. We got a few claps. Because Crash! didnít go so well the guys decided to play Daydream Believer to get the crowd going again and to finish on a good note.

Anyway, Peter and I are getting a lot closer. Itís coming soon. I can feel it.

Today itís my sisterís birthday. Happy Birthday Georgie. Youíre 13 at last. A teenager. But is it really? Youíre not even born yet. Will you be born at all? Well, at least I remembered. Itís kind of depressing actually. Thereís no way I can get in contact with her. God, I miss her.

"Whatís wrong Eb?" Peter asked

"Itís Georgieís birthday."


"My sister."

"Oh. How old?"


"Big age.

"Yeah. I miss her Pete."

"I know." He put his arm around me and I leant on him. We stayed like that for a while, not saying anything.

Heís so good to me like that. He understands my Ďsituationí (where Iím from). I think he always will.

Love Ebony


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