I Shall Believe

Part 3

Rated PG for mild language

Note: Sick Sad World is not a real show, it's from Daira

"Sara what's wrong"? Davy asked. "My father kicked me out of his family." Sara answered back, "Why would he do a thing like that?" Davy asked. "He say's he doesn't want anything to do with me marrying a older man." Sara answered.

"Oh Sara I'm so sorry." Davy said putting his arm around her.

"So am I" Sara said, "I just wish there was something I could do." She said again. Sara sighed and got up "Were are you going?" Davy asked. "To call Rinnie." She said as she walked inside. "Oh Davy could you feed your son?" Sara asked as she dialed the number to Rinnie's house. "Yes" Davy answered.

"Hello?" Rinnie said

"Hey girl." Sara said trying to make her voice sound cheerful

"Sara what's wrong?" Rinnie asked

"Okay you got me, it's my father we had a fight, about Davy and I getting married." Sara answered, "And to make matters worse he's kicked me out of his family, he says he doesn't want anything to do with me getting married to an older man." She said again.

"Oh Sara I'm so sorry to hear that." Rinnie said

"Yeah so am I he's now gone and made my life a living hell." Sara said in a mad tone

"He seems to be good at that." Rinnie answered

"Yeah you're tellin me." Sara said in the same tone. "And I'm going back to talk to him tomorrow

"Good luck." Rinnie said

"Thanks I'll need it." Sara answered

"Well if make you fell any better there's a new Sick Sad World on tonight." Rinnie said in a cheerful voice

"Cool." Sara said in a much happier voice, "Well I guess I'll let you go sunshine." She said again

"Okay see you later bye." Rinnie said hanging up the phone.

"Well that's that." Sara said to herself as she turned on the TV

TV: "Is your toll collector wearing pants a skirt or nothing but a smile? Cold breeze on the interstate next! On Sick Sad World"

Sara burst out laughing she felt better but not much she was going to have to face her father the next day.

~* End of chapter 3 ~*

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