Part 2: Looks like we made it

Author's Note: I have no idea if the Monkees played a concert in New York City in 1966 but this is just a story.

2:00 in the morning NY

September 20, 1966

"I can believe were here," Sarah said quietly to Rinnie as they walked into their hotel room closing the door behind them. They got ready for and fell fast asleep.

Somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00, Sarah was awoken by some people taking in the hallway. She quietly got out of bed and put her robe on. She was going to give who ever it was a piece of her mind for waking her up so early. Sarah walked over to the door throwing it open. She was about to open her mouth when she saw who the people were. THE MONKEES WERE STAYING IN THE SAME HOTEL AS SHE WAS! Sarah stood there for a minute, listening to them talk to their manager.

Somewhere in between the talk, Davy spotted Sarah standing there. He looked at her for awhile before speaking. "Did we wake you up, Luv?" he asked.

"Yes," Sarah said not wanting to lie to Davy Jones.

"I'm sorry" Davy said. Sarah smiled and than she realized she was standing outside in her robe and bare feet and her hair was a mess.

Sarah spoke again as the Monkees walked away. "See you guys tonight at your concert!" she yelled after them. As she stepped back in the room, an evil grin spread across her face as she looked a Rinnie who was still sound asleep, her red hair peeking out form under the blanket. She is ever going to believe who I just met Sarah thought.

~* End of Part 2 ~*

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