By dobolina12

Part one: Run, Baby, Run

Author's Note: The chapter title is from a Sheryl Crow song "Run, Baby, Run"
Rated: PGish for language
This is a May- December type story

September 19, 1966

Sarah Morgan sat alone in her room listen to her Monkees album when she hard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Sweetie it's your mother. Your father wants you to turn down your music."

Sarah sighed and reached on her record player turning the sound down. At 15 she felt trapped in her own house sure she got to go out but not as often as she would like too. She never got along with her father. Every time she tried to talk to him about something she would always end up fighting with him. Last night she asked him if she could go to a Monkees concert in New York, he just said "No" never once thinking about it. Just than, Sarah got an idea: she could run away to the concert.

She reached for the phone and dialed her friend, Rinnie's, phone number.

"Hello"? Rinnie said

"Hi it's me Sarah"

"Oh hi what's up?"

"Not much do want to go to that Monkees concert in NY?" Sarah asked.

"Sure do your parent's know your going?"

"No I'm running away to the concert. I can't stay here any more, Rinnie; it's like a hellhole in this house. I can't stand another minute of it."

There was a pause on the other end than Rinnie spoke "Yes I will go with you. When is the concert again?"

"September 20," Sarah said "A friend of mine has tickets to the show and she can't go."

"When can you get them?" Rinnie asked.

"Right now I will go over now and get them."

"Sounds groovy," Rinnie said.

"Well, bye," Sarah said. She hag the phone and hurried down stairs and ran out of the house without saying a word.

When Sarah got to her friend’s house, she rang the doorbell the door opened. "Hi Sarah," she said, "come for those tickets?"

Sarah smiled and said, "How'd you guess?"

"ESP I guess," her friend said. She reached in her pocket and pulled out the tickets and handed them to Sarah.

"Thank you so much," Sarah said.

"Your welcome," her friend said. And with that Sarah put the tickets in her pocket and left.


Later that night…

After Sarah talked to Rinnie, she stared packing her things. She was never coming back to this house again. After she finished packing she went over to her desk and wrote a note to her parents:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm running away from home with my friend Rinnie. I'm so sorry but I can't say here any more and live this life. I love you both.

Love, Sarah

She took the note and her bags, went down stairs put the note and walked out of the house.

~* End of Chapter one ~*

Part 2/Storybook