L’Histoire d’Amour

Chapter 5

About a week and a half later on a Friday, Micky had a party at his place and it was a blast! But I got there kind of late, though. When I came in the door, Micky said, "Say everybody—guess who’s here!" Then everybody clapped and cheered me on, saying they were glad to see me up and about (after being ill for a while). I saw Davy’s face light up with joy, and as he was coming towards me, I noticed Sunny’s face full of jealousy and disgust, and she looked at the floor. I’ve always wondered why she was always short with me and made like she had someplace to go when I tried to show myself friendly to her—as well as everybody else.

Davy stood in front of me, holding my hands. He eyed me up and down and said with a smile, "You look smashing!"

I said, "I feel smashing!" and he gave me a big bear hug.

By this time, Sunny came up, put her hand on Davy’s back and said to me, "Alicia…what are you doing here? We didn’t expect you to come…" Davy turned around and gave her a look as if to say Hands off! You’ve got some nerve talking like that… And I was thinking to myself:

So now this is beginning to make perfect sense! She’s got a thing for Davy and she’s stiff ‘cause he won’t give her the time of day! Yet she gives me the shaft because Davy & I are close friends…a truth she can’t swallow! Hmmm…’We didn’t expect you to come…’ Yeah, right! What do you mean ‘We’?! This shit has got to go…

So I asked her with a raised eyebrow, "Is there a problem?"

"Well…no…I guess not," Sunny replied, trying not to cause more embarrassment to herself than she already did. "I thought you were still sick."

Then I said (with sarcasm), "Thanks for your concern…but you thought wrong. As you can see, I’m doing much better now. <Davy turned to me, put his hand on my waist and whispered in my ear, "Let’s go."> But Sunny, really—you don’t have to worry about me. Try and loosen up a bit…<Davy escorted me away from her a little bit>…time is too short."

"That’s for sure…" Davy muttered.

So as Davy and I walked away, we just laughed in disbelief. We couldn’t believe how silly Sunny was acting. She stood behind—still red hot—but we totally forgot about her. We just enjoyed ourselves at the party!

The hours rolled on and the majority of the people began to leave. But Liz & Peter, Micky, David, Mike, a couple of crewmembers and I stayed. There were no alcohol or drugs, but I tell ya—we were all wired! It was going on 1:45 in the morning and we were still laughing! From experience, I’ve found that if I were up longer than I should, then I would have a bad case of the giggles! Everybody was laughing with me (…and at me, I think, for the most part) because they didn’t know I was like that.

I finally calmed down and wiped my eyes since my stomach was sore from all that laughter. Then I got up to go into the kitchen, sliced some apples, put them in a bowl and got a can of whipped cream out of the refrigerator. When I came back to the living room where everybody was talking, I saw Davy sitting on the floor and leaning against Micky’s couch with his legs apart. He put his arms around me and I asked him, "Have you ever tried apples and whipped cream?" He shook his head and said no; then he watched me as I took an apple slice and put some whipped cream on it. Then I fed him a few slices.

On the last one he finished eating, he looked at me very seriously, licking his upper lip (to remove the whipped cream) and said, "Delicious." I noticed that he missed a spot.

So as I was getting it with my finger, I said to him, "Glad you liked it." Then he took my other hand (that I fed him with) and looked at me as he licked my thumb and forefinger, getting rid of the whipped cream that I had on my fingers. While he did this, my mind began to wander. I was thinking about Liz when she said that David was sweet on me…and how I would always defend myself by saying that he and I were just friends. Then for a brief moment, I started to fancy David while he was licking my fingers—it was quite arousing…

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