L’Histoire d’Amour

Chapter 6

In 1967, things began to intensify—The Monkees’ success with their TV show and hit records…and especially with Davy and I—but I didn’t see it coming.

After the fellas had just got through taping "Case of the Missing Monkee", a birthday party was thrown for one of the crewmembers that evening. Gene was a nice guy. He had just turned 26 and received a lot of really nice gifts. At one point during the party, I was talking to Liz and Peter. Then Davy came behind me and asked me to dance with him. I took his hand and he led me to the middle of the "dance floor" where the others were. He held me in his arms with his hands clasped together. He looked very deeply into my eyes—just like the day we first met—quite hypnotic. Then I got shy on the inside and looked away, biting my lip as I watched other people for a few seconds. I looked back at him and started thinking…Why did I always defend myself when I’d say to Liz, "Oh p-shaw…(Davy & I) We’re just good friends! Platonic, that’s all…"? It was a mental tug-of-war.

Then I snapped out of that state, laughed and mentioned to Davy how great this birthday party was for Gene. He agreed and then he lightly brushed his nose against the left side of my neck. I was giggling a little bit since that tickled, and I asked him what he was doing. He asked, "What’s that fragrance you’re wearing?"

I said, "It’s called ‘Desire’."

"Smells good…" he said. I thanked him and then we wound up talking about other things.

Then David said to me, "Do you mind if I share something personal with you?"

I said, "No…not at all. What’s up?"

"(sigh) Well, <smacks his lips> there’s this young lady that I’ve known for quite some time that I’m really interested in…"

"Uh huh…"

"…and I want to ask her out."

"Really? What’s she like?" (I honestly thought he was talking about somebody else!)

"Ah…she’s very beautiful, intelligent, honest, sincere, and has a great sense of humor…to name a few."

"Hmmm…sounds like she has some redeeming qualities! Do I know her?"

"<laughing a little bit> Yes, you know her very well."

"Whoever it is, she’ll be very fortunate to have you as her boyfriend…"

"(Do you) think so?"

"I know so…is she here tonight?"

"Yes, she is…and I’ll give you three guesses."

"Okay…<looking around the room> Is it Maryanne?"



"<pausing…then said sarcastically> Sunny!"

"<laughed> No, Alicia! You know better than that."

"I know better, but she really has a thing for you—kind of obvious, huh?"

"Yeah, well it’s too bad that it’s one-sided because I’m truly in love with somebody else…"

"Well, well, WELL! Now I’m really interested in finding out who this girl is…but you only let me have three guesses."

"You’ll find out soon enough. By the way, I want your personal opinion on how I should approach her and let her know how attracted I am to her."

"Hmmm…you’re really attracted to her, aren’t you?"

"…In every way…"

"Well, personally I think you should do it when the timing’s right—and you’ll know when that is. (By this time, we stopped slow dancing.) Then just look her in the eyes…(that’s what he did with me)…and let your heart guide you…(he took his hand and gently stroked my cheek)…in expressing to her…(he came closer, looking very deep into my eyes again)…how you feel…"

My heart began to beat really fast when he said to me, "I love you…" and he kissed me! My eyes were still open for a few seconds because I honestly didn’t realize he was talking about me all that time! Then I accepted the whole thing in my heart, closed my eyes, and enjoyed his warm, soft lips touching mine. I reciprocated and welcomed his tongue as he brought me closer.

Then I…backed away, looking down at the floor for a few seconds and back at Davy again. I was still in shock, and needless to say, Davy looked at me as if to ask Why did you stop? We had something good going on here…Believe it or not, I was asking myself that same question: Why did I stop? Then I asked Davy, "So you were talking about me all this time?" Stroking my hair, he nodded and said, "Yes. Are you surprised?"

"Very much so! You really caught me off guard, Jones…"

"<teasingly> Well Alicia, if you don’t know me by now…J "

"<laughing> Gosh, Davy…I don’t know what to say…" I honestly didn’t!

Then he got serious and said, "Say you’ll be mine."

I bit my lip, put my hand on his chest, looked at it and then into his eyes again. I said, "I will."

He smiled, touching my lip and we kissed again. In the midst, I put my hand on his cheek and this time, I initiated the tongue-action by entering mine into his mouth. He really liked that so much that he scooped his hand around my neck to bring us closer together and used his tongue to tickle mine underneath! Of course, I giggled while he was doing that since it was ticklish at first, but then it felt really good. At one point, we said, "Mmm" in unison and laughed…and we began to sway.

Then Liz and Peter came toward us, smiling; Peter tapped Davy on the shoulder to get his attention, but Davy gave him a "Shoo!"-wave during our kiss. So it was Liz’s turn to try and get my attention. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Uh, Alicia—I noticed that your car lights are on. If you give me your keys, I’ll take care of it for you." Of course, that was "made-up", but Peter and Liz were trying to see what would get our attention. I heard what Liz was saying, but when I was in Davy’s arms…kissing, nothing around me mattered. However, I did manage to reach into my purse, felt around for the keys and gave them to her while Davy and I were still kissing J . Liz looked at Peter, shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, looks like nothing worked…which proves more than ever that you can’t stop love."

And Peter responded while placing his hands on her face, "You’re so right, dear." Then they began to kiss, and it got good to both of them…needless to say.

Davy then took the tip of his tongue and, very lightly, licked the left-hand side of my upper lip and entered my mouth again. We said, "Mmm…" a few times and then we heard some "smacking" from Liz and Peter! It wasn’t loud or anything, but that got our attention. We stopped and looked at both of them. Davy said to me, "Must’ve been contagious…" as I stroked his sideburns with my thumbs. And I laughed in agreement saying, "Yeah, must’ve been…"

Later that evening, Davy and I arrived at my place. The stars were shining like lightning bugs that night and the breeze was a little cool. We held hands as we walked on the porch and we hugged each other for a while. While we did that, we confessed our love for one another. We also acknowledged to each other how grateful we were for the close friendship we have (the "foundation"). Then we kissed—If you had seen us, it looked like we were chewing our favorite piece of gum…s l o w l y…enjoying the flavor J ! Then as our lips parted, we looked at each other and I lightly brushed his lower lip with my thumb. He asked me if I was cold, and I said, "Just a little bit." So he took his jacket off and put it around me. The cool breeze started to pick up, so I clung to the jacket. Then Davy said to me, "I want to make this official…" He reached into his pant pocket, pulled out a small jewelry box and continued, "This is for you," as he gave it to me.

I said, "Davy, you didn’t have to do this, you know. You’ve already given me your heart. That’s official enough for me…"

He said, "I wanted to…" as I opened the box. It was a beautiful heart necklace!

"It’s beautiful, Davy! Thank you!" I exclaimed. He smiled, taking pleasure that I liked it and helped me put the necklace on.

Weeks went by and things all around were pretty much the same but felt different at the same time—if you know what I mean. Take the relationship between Davy and I, for instance. We were really close friends all this time, but our being boyfriend and girlfriend really added a whole new dimension and we felt very secure.

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