L’Histoire d’Amour

Chapter 4

The following week I got sick and was running a fever at work, so I stayed home for a couple of days. Mike and Davy came by to visit me after shooting a video for the song "She." I was sitting up on my bed with an icepack on my head watching the news when they came in. They looked really shocked because they never saw me so weak. Mike took my hand and said, "Dave and I came over here right after our shoot to check on ya. How are you feelin’?"

"Oh, much better than yesterday. Thanks."

"Can I get you some water, juice or something?" Davy had just sat down on the edge of my bed.

I said, "I am kinda thirsty for some juice, but I’ll manage. Let me get it." I really wanted to move around a bit instead of staying in bed all day, but they wouldn’t hear of it. So Davy put his hand on my stomach and Mike had his hand on my shoulder. Both of them were physically keeping me from getting up and were shaking their heads in disapproval.

Mike said, "Oh no you don’t, Shotgun. You’re not getting up this time. I’ll get the juice."

While Mike went into the kitchen, I looked at Davy and he said, "You overdid it again, didn’t you?"

"All right, Davy. I admit it. I should’ve put the pencil down like you told me to J ." We both laughed a little bit and then I started up again with my finger pointed at him. "But if you’re here to say ‘I told you so’…"

He cut me off by shushing me, took my hand and said, "You get your rest now. But the next time I catch you overdoing it, I’m going to have to carry you out of the room and discipline you!"

"Ooh…is that so?"

He put his finger on the tip of my nose and said, "You just try it…"

We always teased each other, so I continued with this and asked, "Is that a threat?!" and made like I was going to bite his finger.

By this time Mike came in and said, "All right…what’s going on here?!"

Davy said to me, "Call it what you wish, I’m staying true to my word."

We smiled and winked at each other. Then as I drank the orange juice that Mike got for me, he and Davy told me how things were at the set for the day.

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