L’Histoire d’Amour

Chapter 3

About a month or so later, the guys had just finished their off-stage interviews after the show with Bob. Liz and I were talking about something and Davy was coming up behind me. Liz knew about this, but he put his finger over his lips, "telling" her not to let me know. But I could tell something was up because Liz began to smile, and before I could ask her what was going on, Davy put his hands over my eyes and asked me (in a whisper) what my plans were for the rest of the evening. Once I realized it was him, I whispered, "It all depends on who’s behind me," teasingly. By this time, Peter came up behind Liz and put his arms around her. Both of them bade us farewell as Peter escorted her outside the studio. Then I turned around and asked Davy, "So… what do you have in mind?"

"Well, I thought maybe I’d keep you in suspense…"

"C’mon, you can tell me."

He shook his head and said, "Nope…sorry. Can’t tell ya."

Of course, by this time I really wanted to know, so I asked him again. He shook his head again! Then I folded my arms, pat my foot and gave him a look with a raised eyebrow as if to say All right…what’s going on here? Spit it out! Then he opened his mouth, making like he was going to say something, but then he looked past me as if he were trying to recognize somebody. I guess he knew that I was going to fall for it by my turning around to see who it was (which I did) because he picked me up and carried me over his shoulder. It turned out that he took me out to dinner and we went dancing!

We had a great time. Davy was always full of surprises. We’ve gone to see several movies and plays—we even went to a carnival one time. He played this one game where he knocked all the soda bottles with some balls, and won a teddy bear for me J . Of course, we were just "buddies" during this time—no serious relationship, other than just being good friends.

On many occasions when Liz and I would talk, she would always ask if Davy had asked me to be his girlfriend. And I’d always say, "Why do you keep asking me that?!"

"Because he’s sweet on you! And besides, y’all would make a groovy couple!"

"Oh p-shaw, Liz! We’re just good friends. Platonic, that’s all…"

That following evening, Davy and I went horseback riding together in the sunset. I told him that I was a little scared because I had never ridden one before. But once he comforted me and helped me get on the horse with him, it wasn’t so bad after all. He instructed me on how to hold the reins as he put his arms around me. We laughed and talked about a lot of things, and in the process, we got to know each other better. He shared with me his love for horses, how he used to work in the stables in England, and the times he had considered being a jockey. I told him how much fun I was having riding on a horse for the first time. We learned a lot of interesting things about each other and began to notice how much we had in common—one of them being that we both had three older sisters!

At one point during our conversation, as I was pointing out the beauty of the sunset to Davy, he had his eyes closed and smelled my hair! He said, "Mmm…smells nice…"

"Huh?" (At first, I thought he was referring to the sunset.)

He continued, "Your hair…it smells really nice. (Then he opened his eyes.) Oh yeah…the sunset is beautiful."

"Are you going to let your hair grow some more?" I asked Davy. His hair was already shoulder-length.

"I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I will. I don’t want to go through the same thing with me dad again…" Then he explained to me the time he visited his father after his sister picked him up from the airport…the same story he later told Bob in an interview after one of the shows. Davy told me first J !


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