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Hogg - Prentiss Family Documents


James Hogg(1)


Robert Hogg(2)


Age 66 in 1795 would make Robert's year of birth 1729 rather than 1732.

James 1790

James Hogg(3) family as of 1790 census

Daniel, Margaret, James

Daniel Warren, Margaret Prentiss(4) Warren, in Ohio, part 1

Daniel & Margaret part 2, James Prentiss and children

Daniel & Margaret(4) part 2, their children,
Moses Warren and sons
James(3) Prentiss and sons

Margaret & the wolves

Margaret and the wolves

Cyrus Prentiss

Cyrus Prentiss(4), Margaret's brother

Warren & Prentiss boys, part 1

Moses Warren, 1816, '17, '26, '30, '32, '33, '40, '41, '54, '58, '60
Daniel Warren, 1816, '17, '27
James Prentiss(4), 1816, '17
Robert Prentiss(4), 1816, '18, '22, '23
John Prentiss(4), 1823, '24
Samuel M. Prentiss(4), 1833
Luther R. Prentiss(4), 1833, '34, '36, '40, '45, '46, '47, '54, '55, '70

Warren & Prentiss boys, part 2

Moses Warren & Robert Prentiss

John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Moses Warren and Robert Prentiss(4)

Brothers(4) Robert & James Prentiss, War of 1812

Robert(4) Prentiss, James(4) Prentiss, War of 1812

John and Polly

John(3) Hogg Prentiss and Polly Brown.

John and Luther

Brothers(4) John (Jr.) and Luther R. Prentiss

Luther and Abigail

Luther R. Prentiss(4) 1837 marriage to Abigail McKinney

Elizabeth(4) Prentiss

Marriage of Elizabeth(4) Prentiss to Samuel Statts, 1843

Samuel(4) M. Prentiss

Marriage of Samuel M.(4) Prentiss to Anna W. Warren, 1820

Lewis B.(4) Prentiss

Lewis B.(4) Prentiss marriage to Maria Amanda Reed, 1843

Abner Rev. War

Sergeant Abner Hogg(3) Revolutionary War Pension information

Abner, Robert William

Brothers(3) Abner, Robert and William Hogg, 1790 census

Abner age 75

Abner Hogg(3) giving Revolutionary War testimony at age 78.

Abner and parents

Abner Hogg(3) died at age 97 and was buried near his parents.

Joseph(2) Hogg and James(3) Hogg

Joseph(2) Hogg and son James(3) Hogg in 1790, First U.S. Census

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