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FOR MY COUSINS AND THEIR FAMILIES, here's the basic line of descent through seven generations:

1.   JAMES HOGG, born 1696 in Scotland. Emigrated to Ireland. Wife unknown.

2.   ROBERT HOGG, 1732-1795, son of James, born in Ireland. Emigrated to New Hampshire. Wife Margaret Gregg.

3.   JOHN HOGG PRENTISS, 1767-1842, son of Robert, born in New Hampshire, died in Vermont. Wife Mary (“Polly”) Brown.   Changed family surname from HOGG to PRENTISS Iin 1808.

4.   LEWIS B. PRENTISS, 1824-1875, son of John, born in Vermont, died in Ohio. Wife Maria Amanda Reed.

5.   CHARLES FILMORE PRENTISS, 1849-1922, son of Lewis B., born in Ohio, died in Minnesota. Wife Margaret Ann Peck.

6.   LEWIS GILSON PRENTISS, 1880-1962, son of Charles, Minnesota. Wife Pearl Hunn.

Children of Lewis G. and Pearl:

Marion Beatrice Prentiss, 1904

Vera Maude Prentiss, 1906

Tressie Myrtle Prentiss, 1909

Basil Lloyd Prentiss, 1913

Lola Ethel Prentiss, 1920

There are 3 pages on this site:

1. Full Genealogy Report presented below.

2. Basic Tree Outline

3. Supporting Documents

This account seeks to correct certain flaws found in other histories of this family that have been published on the internet. Because these errors occur so early in the lineage, they have the potential to confuse the entire family tree. Hopefully what is presented here will provide a solid foundation on which to build in researching your own lineage from this family.


Some accounts on the internet totally flaw this genealogy by mixing two (2) unrelated Hogg families at the outset of the lineage. If you encounter the names Alexander, Follansbee, Church, Dana, Pettingill, etc., please understand that they are in no way part of this lineage. THAT Hogg family William(1) was already in New Hampshire as early as 1724, whereas the descendants of the second Hogg family James(1) on this page did not arrive in New Hampshire until 1754, in the persons of Robert and Joseph Hogg from Ireland, sons of James Hogg of Scotland/Ireland. Adding to the confusion is the fact that Alexander(2) of William(1) was born in 1732, the same year as Robert(2) of James(1), with the difference being that Alexander was born in Londonderry, New Hampshire, whereas Robert was born in Ulster, Ireland and would not arrive in New Hampshire until 22 years later.

Writing in 1933, Historian and Genealogist Dr. Francis Lane Childs covers the older William Hogg family in detail and then concludes by writing:

"We now come to a family that is not related, unless distantly, to any of the preceding Hoggs."

He then proceeds with the second, unrelated, family of James(1) Hogg which is presented on this site.

In reading the detailed accounts of these two separate Hogg families living in the same general area of New Hampshire, it becomes apparent that one of the reasons for nearly all of the family presented here changing its surname to Prentiss in 1808 was for the purpose of separating itself, and from being mistakenly associated with the other family, and this was not without many good reasons for doing so. See The Name Change.


Some accounts on the internet show Daniel Warren being the father-in-law of James Hogg Prentiss which is precisely backwards. James Hogg Prentiss was the father-in-law of Daniel Warren, who married James' daughter Margaret Prentiss. This is well documented here by a number of accounts in documents from Early Ohio Settlers, Pioneer Women of America, etc.

To turn this fact around and then suggest that James Hogg Prentiss married Paulina or Julia C. Warren, has old James marrying one of his own granddaughters about six years before he died. Carrying the lineage forward from this flawed assumption results in a terrible mess.

The documents here will clearly show that Daniel Warren (the son of Moses Warren) married Margaret Prentiss (daughter of James Hogg Prentiss) in New Hampshire, then set out for "the wilderness" of Ohio, as Margaret tells it in one account provided at this site.


Some accounts on the internet posit that James(1) had a son "John" who was the father of Robert(2) Hogg in Ireland. My sources show that Robert(2) was the direct son of James(1). They show no "John" as an intermediary sire of Robert. If 1696 is reasonably close to James(1) year of birth, there would scarcely be room timewise for a John to exist between James and Robert, and would call for James to be a teenager when "John" was born, and for "John" to be a teenager when Robert was born. Old James(1) may well have had other children besides Joseph and Robert (including one named John), but sources I researched state that Joseph and Robert are the direct sons of James(1).

What is happening here, perhaps, is that once again the unrelated William(1) Hogg family is being mixed in with the family of James(1). There are early John Hogg's having sons named Robert, but they are in the wrong family.


My source for much of the lineage at this site is from an unpublished work, "Genealogy By Childs," written by historian and genealogist Dr. Francis Lane Childs (1884-1973). Dr. Childs was associated with Dartmouth College for over 50 years, from the Class of 1906 to his long tenure as Professor of English. Many of his various works and papers are currently at Dartmouth "housed in 11 boxes utilizing approximately 14 linear shelf feet." Photocopies of many of his papers can be purchased from the Henneker Historical Society in Henneker, New Hampshire, which happens to be his birth site.

Copies of supporting documents here are from various pages of books and papers including Scotch-Irish Settlers in America, 1500s-1800s Immigration Records; Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions; Gravestone Inscriptions in New Hampshire List of Towns and Cemeteries; Vital Records of Londonderry New Hampshire Deaths; Vital Records of Londonderry New Hampshire Marriages; Patten's History of Deering; The Military History of New Hampshire; Pension Rolls of the Revolutionary War; Early Settlers of Ohio; Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812; Pioneer Women of America; Pioneer Women of Warrensville, Cuyahoga County 1800-1850; First Census of the U.S. 1790 and succeeding years; General History of Cuyahoga County Ohio; The Townships of Cuyahoga County; Cuyahoga County Civil List; Cuyahoga County Ohio Tax Lists; Adjutant General's Report; and documents obtained through LDS


Generation No. 1

1.  JAMES1 HOGG was born 1696 in Scotland, and died in Ireland.  He married UNKNOWN.  

Notes for JAMES HOGG:
James was born in Scotland c. 1696, emigrated to Ireland, and lived and died in the north 
of Ireland. He had at least two sons: 1. Robert 2. Joseph There was no son John found as recorded in some Hogg Prentiss histories, and no intermediary
sire between Robert and Joseph and their father James. Robert and Joseph emigrated from Ireland
to Londonderry, New Hampshire in 1754. Children of JAMES HOGG and UNKNOWN are: 2. i. ROBERT2 HOGG, b. February 25, 1732*, Ulster Province, Ireland;
d. January 23, 1795, New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. 3. ii. JOSEPH HOGG, b. Abt. 1730, Ulster, Ireland. Generation No. 2 2. ROBERT2 HOGG (JAMES1) was born February 25, 1732* in Ulster Province, Ireland, and died
January 23, 1795 in New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He married MARGARET GREGG 1754
in New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, daughter of SAMUEL GREGG and MARY MOORE. She was
born Abt. 1733 in New Hampshire, and died September 01, 1786 in New Boston, Hillsborough, NH. Notes for ROBERT HOGG: Robert Hogg came to Londonderry, New Hampshire in 1754, but then settled in
New Boston prior to 1764, where he became a prominent citizen. In 1790 his family contained
three males over 16, one under 16, and three females. He married Margaret, daughter of Samuel
and Mary (Moore) Gregg of Londonderry. They had eleven children plus two others who died young. Note:  All of my sources but one indicate Robert was born in 1732. The Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions source, however, states he died January 23, 1795 at the age of
66 years. If this is true, he would have been born in 1729. Born in 1929? More About ROBERT HOGG: Burial: New Boston Cemetery, NH More About MARGARET GREGG: Burial: New Boston Cemetery, Hillsborough, New Hampshire Children of ROBERT HOGG and MARGARET GREGG are: 4. i. JAMES (HOGG)3 PRENTISS, b. Abt. 1757, New Hampshire; d. 1817, Warren Twp,
Warrensville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. ii. MARY (HOGG) PRENTISS. 5. iii. ABNER HOGG, b. February 15, 1759, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. October 16,
1856, New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. 6. iv. WILLIAM (HOGG) PRENTISS, b. New Hampshire. v. NANCY (HOGG) PRENTISS. 7. vi. JOHN (HOGG) PRENTISS, b. 1767, New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire;
d. 1842, Plainfield, Washington, Vermont. vii. MARGARET (HOGG) PRENTISS. viii. ROBERT (HOGG) HUNTLEY, m. ELEANOR CLOUGH. Notes for ROBERT (HOGG) HUNTLEY: Robert and Eleanor had 8 children. He moved to Acworth, NH before 1799, and before 1807 to
Marlow, NH where he was living when in that year he and his family changed their surnames to
Huntley. He is said to have died in Alstead, NH. ix. SARAH (HOGG) PRENTISS. 8. x. SAMUEL (HOGG) PRENTISS. xi. BETSEY (HOGG) PRENTISS.

3. JOSEPH2 HOGG (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1730 in Ulster, Ireland. Notes for JOSEPH HOGG: Joseph came to Londonderry in 1754 with his brother Robert. Joseph became a man of property
and prominence in Londonderry, holding town office occasionally. He served in the
Revolutionary War at Bunker Hill. In 1790 his family contained two males over 16, one under
16, three females and a negro slave. He probably died in Londonderry. Children of JOSEPH HOGG are: i. AGNES3 HOGG, b. Abt. 1758, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. September 13, 1849,
Henniker, New Hampshire; m. THOMAS STUART. Notes for AGNES HOGG: Agnes, born about 1758, married Thomas Stuart and lived in Henniker, where she died Sept. 13,
1849 at the age of 91. They had ten children. ii. THOMAS HOGG. iii. JAMES HOGG, b. March 17, 1766. Notes for JAMES HOGG: The 1790 census shows Joseph and James separately, James having one female in his household.
James would have been 24 at this time, and his father Joseph around 60 years of age. iv. WILLIAM HOGG, b. October 10, 1769. v. MARY HOGG. vi. SARAH HOGG, m. WILLIAM DICKEY. Notes for SARAH HOGG: "Sarah married Capt. Dickey of Hillsborough." vii. HUGH HOGG, b. 1783. Generation No. 3 4. JAMES (HOGG)3 PRENTISS (ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1757 in New Hampshire, and
died 1817 in Warren Twp, Warrensville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He married JENNET MORRISON
in Londonderry, NH. Notes for JAMES (HOGG) PRENTISS: James served in the Revolutionary War as a Sergeant in Captain Kidder's Company at West Point
in 1780. He may also have been the James Hogg who went from Londonderry on the Concord Alarm
on April 24, 1775, and who signed the Association Test there in 1776. He removed to
Francestown about 1780 where he was a prominent citizen, serving as Selectman in 1785, 1786,
1787, and 1788. His family in the 1790 census contained himself, two males under 16,
and three females. After 1793 he moved to Acworth, thence to Langdon, where he was living in 1808 when he, his
wife, and his children Betsey, Robert, James, Sally, Cyrus, Samuel M., and Margaret had their
names changed to Prentiss. He moved to Warren Township in what became Warrensville, Ohio
around 1810 and settled on land near his daughter Margaret Prentiss Warren and her husband
Warrensville, Ohio, while they were still living in New Hampshire.

There is also a fascinating account here about Margaret Prentiss Warren and 2 of her young
children pursued through the woods by wolves and barely escaping as Daniel came running out of
the log cabin to meet them in the dark. And that it was Margaret Prentiss Warren who named
the settlement Warrensville in Ohio. More About JAMES (HOGG) PRENTISS: Burial: 1817, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Children of JAMES PRENTISS and JENNET MORRISON are: i. BETSEY4 PRENTISS. Notes for BETSEY PRENTISS: Betsey died in 1813, this being the first adult death in Warren Township, Warrensville, Ohio. ii. ROBERT PRENTISS. (see War of 1812 document) iii. JAMES PRENTISS. (see War of 1812 document) iv. SALLY PRENTISS. v. CYRUS PRENTISS. Notes for CYRUS PRENTISS: Cyrus removed from Warrensville to Ravenna, where he became the first president of the
Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad. (See documents.) vi. SAMUEL M. PRENTISS. 9. vii. MARGARET PRENTISS, b. New Hampshire; d. October 1869, Warrensville, Ohio.

5. ABNER3 HOGG (ROBERT2, JAMES1) was born February 15, 1759 in Londonderry, New Hampshire,
and died October 16, 1856 in New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He married ROSANNAH
FERSON October 21, 1784 in New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Notes for ABNER HOGG: Abner saw much service in the War of the Revolution, including the building of Fort Independence
on Mount Independence (formerly called Rattlesnake Hill) in Vermont, across the lower arm of
Lake Champlain from Fort Ticonderoga in New York. He was there when General Benedict Arnold
took his flotilla up the lake. Abner remained a substantial citizen of New Boston all his life.
He and Rosannah had a baby they named Hannah in 1790 that died shortly afterward. They then
named their next daughter Hannah, who was born in 1792. At age 78, Abner gave testimony
supporting the blind widow of a soldier he had served with, seeking a pension, one Asa Burnham
who had gone with Gen. Arnold on the flotilla for a brief period. Abner died at age 97
and was buried near his parents, Robert and Margaret Gregg Hogg. Regarding the rest of the
family changing the surname to Prentiss, Abner, proud of his heritage, did not do so. He
stated, "I have always lived a Hogg and I shall die a Hogg." His son Robert later changed
his own name to Bentley. More About ABNER HOGG: Burial: 1856, New Boston Cemetery, Hillsborough, New Hampshire Children of ABNER HOGG and ROSANNAH FERSON are: i. SARAH F.4 HOGG, b. 1785; d. 1842; m. DAVID TEWKSBURY, New Boston, NH. ii. ROBERT HOGG BENTLEY, b. 1787; d. 1852; m. JOANNA LANGDELL. iii. HANNAH HOGG, b. 1792; m. STEPHEN BENNET. iv. JENNET F. HOGG, b. 1799; m. ASA ANDREWS, Johnson, Vermont. v. POLLY L. HOGG, b. 1802; m. SAMUEL ANDREWS, Johnson, Vermont. vi. REBECCA HOGG, b. 1806, New Boston, NH. d. 1807, New Boston, NH. 6. WILLIAM (HOGG)3 PRENTISS (ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born in New Hampshire.
He married ELIZA FERSON in New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Notes for WILLIAM (HOGG) PRENTISS: The first census of the United States in 1790 shows William's household having three females
in his family. He moved to Acworth, NH in 1799. In 1808, he and his wife and children all
changed their surnames to Prentiss. Notes for ELIZA FERSON: Eliza Ferson is quite possibly the sister of Abner Hogg's wife, Rosannah Ferson of New Boston. Children of WILLIAM PRENTISS and ELIZA FERSON are: i. MARGARET G.4 PRENTISS. ii. ANNA G. PRENTISS. iii. ROBERT PRENTISS. iv. WILLIAM (JR.) PRENTISS.

7. JOHN (HOGG)3 PRENTISS (ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born 1767 in New Boston, NH, and died
1842 in Plainfield, Washington, Vermont. He married MARY (POLLY) BROWN 1797 in Acworth, NH. Notes for JOHN (HOGG) PRENTISS: John was a patriot in the Revolutionary War and fought at the Battle of Bunker (Brede's) Hill.
John married "Polly" aka Mary Brown and had eight children. He moved to Acworth in 1799
where they lived until at least 1817. Later they moved to Moretown, Vermont, and then settled
in Plainfield, Vermont. In 1808, the parents and children changed their surnames to Prentiss. More About JOHN (HOGG) PRENTISS: Burial: Plainfield, Washington, Vermont Notes for MARY (POLLY) BROWN: Mary is often referred to as Polly. Genealogist Dr. Childs even recorded that John married
"Polly" Brown. It is possible that John married both a Polly Brown and a Mary Brown, but it
does not appear likely. Rather it appears that Polly was a nickname by which others referred
to Mary. In her many letters to her son Luther in Ohio, she invariably signs her name as his
mother, Mary. More About MARY (POLLY) BROWN: Burial: Plainfield, Washington, Vermont Children of JOHN PRENTISS and MARY BROWN are: i. ELIZABETH C. (HOGG)4 PRENTISS. ii. SARAH (HOGG) PRENTISS. iii. JOHN (HOGG, JR.) PRENTISS. Notes for JOHN (HOGG, JR.) PRENTISS: John, Jr. and his brother Luther moved from New Hampshire to Warrensville, Ohio in 1819.
John moved away from Warren Township in 1834, but Luther stayed on. iv. LUTHER R. (HOGG) PRENTISS, b. Abt. 1803, Acworth, New Hampshire; d. 1897,
Twinsburg, Ohio; m. ABIGAIL MCKINNEY, January 06, 1837, Warrensville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Notes for LUTHER R. (HOGG) PRENTISS: "In 1819 John and Luther R. Prentiss came from New Hampshire with a one-horse team, the journey
[to Warrensville, Ohio] occupying twenty-eight days. John settled on lot thirty-eight, but
in 1834 removed from the township. Luther R., when he began life for himself on lot sixty-
three, had nothing (aside from one outfit of wearing apparel,) but an extra pair of shoes and
a razor. He persevered, however, until he became the owner of seventy acres of land . . ."
(See document this site from Early Ohio Settlers.) On Jan. 6, 1837 Luther R. Prentiss married Abigail McKinney in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He had
6 children. At the time a later article was written on these pioneers, it noted that Luther
was still a resident living near the center of Warrensville, and that of the 6 children and
their families, three of the families were still living in Warrensville. (See documents.)

8. SAMUEL (HOGG)3 PRENTISS (ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) He married LYDIA CLARK. Notes for SAMUEL (HOGG) PRENTISS: Samuel moved to Acworth with his brothers in 1799. After 1808 he and his family moved to
Walpole. In 1808, he, his wife, and their children changed their names from Hogg to Prentiss. Children of SAMUEL PRENTISS and LYDIA CLARK are: i. POLLY C.4 PRENTISS. ii. SAMUEL (JR.) PRENTISS. iii. EPHRAIM C. PRENTISS. iv. MARGARET G. PRENTISS. v. THARON PRENTISS.

Generation No. 4 9. MARGARET4 PRENTISS (JAMES (HOGG)3, ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born in New Hampshire,
and died October 1869 in Warrensville, Ohio. She married DANIEL WARREN Bef. 1808 in New Hampshire,
son of MOSES WARREN. He was born in New Hampshire, and died 1862 in Warrensville, Ohio. Notes for MARGARET PRENTISS: Margaret Prentiss married Daniel Warren in New Hampshire. Daniel was the son of Moses Warren.
Margaret and Daniel came from New Hampshire to Painesville, Ohio in the fall of 1808. They were very poor
with few household effects. A barrel set on end with the end board of the wagon served as their table.
Margaret did all of the cooking and baking in a 5-quart iron kettle. In the fall of 1809 they removed to Newburg,
and soon after began building a cabin in Warren Township, less than 3 miles away. Warren built the cabin,
finishing it without the use of a nail. He moved Margaret and the children in on the 4th day of January, 1810,
in the following manner, as related by Daniel Warren himself: "I procured a horse on which Mrs. Warren with her babe, about three weeks old, rode; my two-year
old boy [Hiram] I carried on my back, and my neighbor Prentiss carried our few 'traps' in an ox-team;
and in this way we arrived safe, two and a half miles from any other house. Mrs. Warren remarked: 'WE
left New Hampshire to go into the wilderness, and I guess we have made it out now.' The first run of
sledding after this, our friends from Newburg and Cleveland (everybody was a friend in those days) came
out to the number of fifty to give us a house-warming, and although they crowded the cabin, a jollier lot never
graced a palace. Inasmuch as Mrs. Warren was the first woman in the township the company gave her
the privilege of naming it, and she proposed Warrensville, which was adopted by acclamation. . ."
Thus it was Margaret Prentiss Warren who named Warrensville, Ohio in Cuyahoga County. The infant child spoken of above died the following year, in 1811, thus being the first death in Warren
Township. Margaret's sister Betsey was the first ADULT death in the township. (See documents this site re the above account and others regarding this family, including Margaret's flight
to escape a pack of wolves.) Notes for DANIEL WARREN: Daniel Warren was the son of Moses Warren of New Hampshire. Daniel married Margaret Prentiss,
daughter of James Prentiss, in New Hampshire. They subsequently moved to Ohio where Daniel
founded Warrensburg. Children of MARGARET PRENTISS and DANIEL WARREN are: i. WILLIAM H.5 WARREN, b. December 26, 1812. ii. HIRAM V. WARREN. iii. MOSES N. WARREN. iv. JAMES M. WARREN. v. OTHELLO WARREN. vi. PAULINA WARREN. vii. JULIA C. WARREN.

10. LEWIS B.4 PRENTISS (JOHN (HOGG)3, ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born April 21, 1824 in
Plainfield, Washington County, Vermont, and died January 25, 1875. He married MARIA AMANDA REED
on July 26, 1843 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. She was born Abt. 1827 in Acworth, New Hampshire. Notes for LEWIS B. PRENTISS: Lewis B. Prentiss was born about 20 years after his brother Luther R. Prentiss was born. There has been
some question, therefore, as to whether Lewis was in fact part of this family. Thanks to Larry and Betty Kelly
of Vermont who possess a photocopy of a letter written by Luther from Ohio to his parents, we know that he
was. In the letter, Luther addresses one section to Lewis, in which he wrote: "Lewis be a good boy bring in
the wood pickup chips and learn your Book. this is from your brother Luther R. Prentiss." Lewis B. Prentiss married Maria Amanda Reed on July 25, 1843 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
They had two children, Charles and Harriet. Children of LEWIS PRENTISS and MARIA REED are: 11. i. HARRIET E.5 PRENTISS, b. October 31, 1844, Cuyahoga County, Ohio;
d. July 19, 1883, Wisconsin. 12. ii. CHARLES FILMORE PRENTISS, b. 1849, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio;
d. October 24, 1922, Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota. Generation No. 5 11. HARRIET E.5 PRENTISS (LEWIS B.4, JOHN (HOGG)3, ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born
October 31, 1844 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and died July 19, 1883 in Wisconsin. She married
HERMAN (1) CHASE, and later married James Harvey Berkins. Notes for HARRIET E. PRENTISS: Harriet died shortly after childbirth in 1883 and her baby Maude was taken in by her brother Charles and
his wife Margaret Prentiss. See notes on Charles. Child of HARRIET PRENTISS and JAMES HARVEY BERKINS is: i. MAUDE ELEANOR BERKINS, b. 1883; d. abt. 1903 Notes for MAUDE ELEANOR BERKINS: See info on Maude Eleanor Berkins in notes on Charles F. Prentiss. 12. CHARLES FILMORE5 PRENTISS (LEWIS B.4, JOHN (HOGG)3, ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1)
was born 1849 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, and died October 24, 1922 in Rochester, Olmsted County,
Minnesota. He married MARGARET ANN PECK March 23, 1869 in Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota,
daughter of JAMES PECK and MARY LUKE. She was born October 02, 1852 in Plymouth, Sheboygan,
Wisconsin, and died July 01, 1938 in Mantorville, Dodge County, Minnesota. Notes for CHARLES FILMORE PRENTISS: Charles Prentiss came from Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to southern Minnesota when he was 20 years of age.
He was accompanied by his mother, whom my older second cousins told me years ago was known only as
"Grandma Allen." It is not known whether this was Maria Amanda Reed Prentiss, or if Charle's parent(s)
had remarried. Grandma Allen spent much of her time living with Charle's sister Harriet in Wisconsin.
Charles met 15-year-old Margaret Peck when she was clerking in a store in Rochester, Minnesota. They
were married and homesteaded land in rural Douglas, Minnesota in the north part of Olmsted County. In
addition to their own 3 children, Charles and Maggie took care of Charle's neice, Maud Eleanor Berkins,
known as Eleanor. Eleanor was a pretty child, very frail, and suffering from a congenital heart defect.
She died at age 20 and is buried in the Douglas cemetery with Charles and Margaret. Charles turned their
log cabin homestead into a workable farm and was a hard worker. In the last days of his life he suffered
dementia and was admitted to the Rochester State Hospital in 1922, where he died after only 5 days in
their custody. I have a family portrait photo of Charles, Margaret, Wesley, Sylvia, Lewis, and Eleanor. More About CHARLES FILMORE PRENTISS: Burial: Center Grove Cemetery, Douglas, Olmsted, Minnesota Notes for MARGARET ANN PECK: Margaret "Maggie" Peck was a wiry little woman about whom all the relatives spoke with absolute awe.
She was midwife for the Douglas MN area and also prepared bodies for burial before there were any
undertakers up there. When the first funeral parlor came to Rochester MN they continued to pay Maggie as
needed to help them out up in the Douglas area. Maggie knew everything, could do anything, and wasn't
afraid of anything or anybody the way her family saw it. At the time of one incident, she had only a log cabin
with a dirt floor, but she kept it swept and clean. One day Charles decided to bring a colt into the cabin to
show his wife some trick he had taught the colt to perform. Maggie took after him with the broom, yelling
at him to "Get that horse out of my house!" and like to beat Charlie and the animal half to death with the
broom before they could get away from her. Wesley and Eva's daughter Clare told me a most
wonderful story years ago. As the year 1900 approached there were all kinds of wild rumors that the world
was about to end by some cataclysm or other, and many people were frightened. Eva Prentiss became so
frightened that, on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, she bundled up Clare and all the other children, loaded
them into the wagon, hitched up the horse and set out for Maggie's farm. Because Grandma Maggie would
be able to save them from the end of the world. More About MARGARET ANN PECK: Burial: July 1938, Center Grove Cemetery, Douglas, Minnesota Children of CHARLES PRENTISS and MARGARET PECK are: 13. i. WESLEY WALLACE6 PRENTISS, b. September 21, 1872, Olmsted County, Minnesota;
d. October 14, 1923, Goodhue County, Minnesota. ii. SYLVIA P. PRENTISS, b. 1876; d. 1948, Rochester, Minnesota; m. DEWEY M. LEBARRON. More About SYLVIA P. PRENTISS: Burial: 1948, Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota 14. iii. LEWIS GILSON PRENTISS, b. December 22, 1880, New Haven Twp, Olmsted County,
Minnesota; d. April 01, 1962, Stewartville, Minnesota. iv. ELEANOR MAUDE BERKINS (NEICE). See notes on Charles F. Prentiss. Generation No. 6 13. WESLEY WALLACE6 PRENTISS (CHARLES FILMORE5, LEWIS B.4, JOHN (HOGG)3,
ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born September 21, 1872 in Olmsted County, Minnesota, and died
October 14, 1923 in Goodhue County, Minnesota. He married EVA JEANETTE WRIGHT March 24, 1896
in Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota. She was born June 29, 1876 in Seymour, Wisconsin, and died
August 29, 1967 in Rochester, Minnesota. Notes for WESLEY WALLACE PRENTISS: Wesley's daughter Clare told me many years ago that her father Wesley had a job gathering a specific type
of wood in the Mississippi River that was used for the manufacture of wooden matches or clothespins. The
job required that he work waist-deep in the muddy water every day with the result that he contracted typhoid
fever and died. Clare said that on the day they buried her grandpa Charles in 1922, her dad Wesley remarked
at the gravesite in Douglas, "Well, Pa's gone. I'll be the next one to go." He was right. More About WESLEY WALLACE PRENTISS: Burial: 1923, Center Grove Cemetery, Douglas, Minnesota Notes for EVA JEANETTE WRIGHT: See notes on Margaret Peck Prentiss. More About EVA JEANETTE WRIGHT: Burial: Center Grove Cemetery, Douglas, Minnesota Children of WESLEY PRENTISS and EVA WRIGHT are: i. CECIL VIOLET7 PRENTISS, b. June 17, 1897. ii. CLARE MARGARET PRENTISS, b. February 25, 1902. iii. WINNIFRED LEONE PRENTISS, b. May 11, 1907. iv. VICTOR CHARLES PRENTISS, b. April 21, 1909. v. VIVIAN JEANETTE PRENTISS, b. February 25, 1911. vi. BETHEL WRAY PRENTISS, b. July 25, 1912. 14. LEWIS GILSON6 PRENTISS (CHARLES FILMORE5, LEWIS B.4, JOHN (HOGG)3, ROBERT2 HOGG,
JAMES1) was born December 22, 1880 in New Haven Twp, Olmsted County, Minnesota, and died April 01,
1962 in Stewartville, Minnesota. He married PEARL HUNN December 31, 1902 in Mantorville, Minnesota,
daughter of WILLIAM HUNN and FANNY HARRIS. Pearl was born August 18, 1884 in Mantorville Twp,
Dodge County, Minnesota, and died November 15, 1961 in San Diego, California. More About LEWIS GILSON PRENTISS: Burial: April 04, 1962, Center Grove Cemetery, Douglas, Minnesota.
He and Pearl farmed 80 acres near Mantorville, Minnesota. He was an excellent stockman and was frequently
sought out for his knowledge of horses. When he bought his first Model T Ford, Pearl and the kids heard the
auto chugging down the dirt road and ran outside, excited to see it. Lewis couldn't seem to slow it down
as he approached the driveway so he ran it into the ditches on both sides of the road before he finally made
the turn into the driveway. As he drove across the barnyard he was yelling, "Whoa, you [s.o.b.], WHOA!"
He drove it into the machine shed and right through the back wall and wound up in the pasture before the
car came to a stop. Lewis was known to drink a bit. Not long after this he was in a Mantorville tavern,
inebriated and boasting about his new automobile which he had backed up to the boardwalk outside.
A couple of scoundrels sneaked out and raised the rear axle a few inches onto wood blocks. Lewis came
out, cranked the vehicle, got in, put it in gear and raced the engine, cursing a blue streak as the rear wheels
spun madly. The miscreants offered to give him a push, pushed the car off the blocks, and sent the car and
Lewis racing across the street and through the plate glass window of the hardware store. Lewis was reported
to be a man of exceptional physical strength. At a time when he owned a tavern in Mantorville, he was known
to grab drunks two at a time by their shirt collars and throw them out the door into the street. Lewis was also
Constable in Mantorville. More About PEARL HUNN: Burial: November 19, 1961, Evergreen Cemetery, Mantorville, Dodge County, Minnesota, near her parents
gravesites. Pearl's mother Fanny Harris Hunn, was the daughter of Robert Harris and Elizabeth Kelsford who
emigrated here from England. Pearl bore Lewis 5 children and finally divorced him. Children of LEWIS PRENTISS and PEARL HUNN are:

i. MARION BEATRICE7 PRENTISS, b. January 04, 1904, Rochester, Minnesota;
d. August 28, 1965, Rochester, Minnesota; m. JOSEPH RAUCHENSTEIN, July 21, 1926, Dodge County,
Minnesota; b. Switzerland. ii. VERA MAUDE PRENTISS, b. September 04, 1906, Danesville, Minnesota; d. February 08,
1983, Rochester, Minnesota; m. EDWIN HARRY BROWN, October 15, 1927, Kasson, Minnesota. iii. TRESSIE MYRTLE PRENTISS, b. March 20, 1909, Danesville, Minnesota; d. March 29,
1992, Fairmont, Minnesota; m. ALLEN JAY DUNFORD, April 07, 1934, Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota.

15. iv. BASIL LLOYD PRENTISS, b. January 14, 1913, Dodge County, Minnesota; d. March 05,
1981, Wanamingo, Minnesota.

v. LOLA ETHEL PRENTISS, b. October 12, 1920, Danesville, Minnesota; m. RAYMOND
GLENN RANDLE, November 05, 1939, Kasson, Minnesota. Generation No. 7 15. BASIL LLOYD7 PRENTISS (LEWIS GILSON6, CHARLES FILMORE5, LEWIS B.4, JOHN (HOGG)3,
ROBERT2 HOGG, JAMES1) was born January 14, 1913 in Dodge County, Minnesota, and died March 05,
1981 in Wanamingo, Minnesota. He married DORIS EVELYN WALKER August 06, 1936 in Cresco, Iowa,
daughter of BENNETT WALKER and PEARL RUPORT. Doris was born December 10, 1914 in Wasioja Twp,
Dodge County, Minnesota, and died April 05, 1975 in Zumbrota, Minnesota. More About BASIL LLOYD PRENTISS: Burial: March 09, 1981, Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Wanamingo, Goodhue, Minnesota More About DORIS EVELYN WALKER: Burial: April 09, 1975, Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Wanamingo, Goodhue, Minnesota Children of BASIL PRENTISS and DORIS WALKER are:

i. ROBERT BASIL PRENTISS, b. February 25, 1937, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota;
m. PHYLLIS LOUISE MESSERSMITH, October 23, 1954, San Pablo, California; b. March 17, 1936, Castleton,
Stark County, Illinois. ii. JANELLE PEARL PRENTISS, b. May 28, 1944, Rochester, Minnesota.

The Name Change to Prentiss in 1808

There were two unrelated Hogg families in the same general area of New Hampshire. The family of Alexander Hogg was already in New Hampshire by the time the Hogg/Prentiss family arrived there.

The Hogg/Prentiss family tended to be very responsible and had many civic and community leaders as well as American patriots. This becomes clear as the documents are traced from New Hampshire to Ohio, and from the Revolutionary War through the War of 1812 and beyond.

The unrelated Hogg family descended from Alexander seems to have had more than their share of scalawags and scoundrels, however, such as Alexander's son George. Of George it is written in the 1770's, "He and his family were public charges for many years and caused a good deal of trouble." George was a deserter from the army on 3 occasions. "at one time when the officers were pursuing him for his desertion, he and his family lay out on the ice of Dudley Pond in Deering in the dead of winter, and his young daughter Mary so suffered from the exposure that she was crippled for life."

Two of the brothers were locked up in jails on more than one occasion. And one of the Hogg families caused so much trouble that the entire town rose up and physically threw the entire family out of town. One of the Hogg brothers changed his surname 4 times within a year, apparently trying to stay a step ahead of the law.

Some of the aliases and name changes of various members of the other Hogg family during the 1770's up to 1802 included the following surnames:

  • Tenant
  • Church
  • Woodbury
  • Raymond
  • Wilber
  • Hodge
  • Wilder
  • Shepherd
  • Moore
  • Dana

Thus it was that, in 1808, all but two of the children of Robert Hogg of Ireland and grandchildren of James Hogg of Scotland changed their surname to Prentiss. Only Abner, proud of his heritage, retained the name Hogg. Why they chose the surname Prentiss is not known.

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