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#bonjovi is an IRC channel on IRCnet. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an old and very popular way to chat in real time.

How to join

First you need an IRC client, such as mIRC for Windows. On UNIX prompt you can type "irc". If you are new to IRC, please read IRC help first. If you have difficulties, you can email me for help. Connect to an IRCnet server. There are hundreds of them, irc.stealth.net or irc.ncal.verio.net for example. Though the best server is one that is close to you. Most ISPs and universities have their own IRC servers. Then type "/join #bonjovi" or "/j #bonjovi" (without the quotes). And you are in!

The rules

We know that you can behave so just remember that good manners and netiquette apply. Please don't use mIRC colors or CAPS lock. No public aways or now playing scripts (you can tell us what song you're playing but please do it manually and not all the time). Please speak English. Sometimes we Finns speak Finnish, if it annoys you just let us know and will switch languages :-) If you come in and nobody says a word, wait for a moment. The channel is not active 24/7.

Our favorite topics of discussion


If you want to be included to the list, please email me all the necessary info! The list is in alphabetical order by the nick.

Nick Real name Country Homepage
Anjovi Anja Johansson Finland yes
babybird Anna Muinonen Finland no
BoNJoViA Charmaine Gauci Malta yes
@DiamonDie Maija Haavisto Finland yes
DieTa Dennis Klein Germany yes
Dirion Holger Ott Germany no
@Erzgalo Erik Lindroos Finland yes
@Finn Caroline England no
@IgeL Joel Kinnunen Finland no
@ilbbab Annamari Martinviita Finland no
@Izer Marko Mäkilä Finland no
jbj Cinzia Italy no
JFB Krzysztof Kusiak Poland no
joeru Paavo Kakko Finland no
LeFriend Frederic Boy France no
MerlinX Zbynek Karasek Czech no
@olaus Olli Hakkarainen Finland yes
StarLex Matjaz Vecernik Slovenia no
stormiina Niina Mäkelä Finland no
Usha Emma-Noora Marttila Finland no
WildOne_ Suzanna Latvia no
@_Nor Steven Richard Patterson England yes

#bonjovi on IRC-galleria

We also have two bots called Strata and EVA-00 and some screens, like kimma86 by DiamonDie (me). (You can tell whether a nick is a person or a screen / bot by doing /whois nick nick.) Feel free to set your own bots, if they behave!


We have had very few meetings during the the existence of our channel, and we are talking about a period of over six years. We were supposed to hold a meeting in Helsinki 7th August 2000 - Bon Jovi played at the Hartwall Areena then. But I only met olaus and ilbbab, IgeL remained unidentified in the big queue crowd and we didn't see Usha either. We tried again on the 19th of August 2000 when _Nor was in Helsinki with ilbbab, but besides them and me, only Erzgalo showed up. Two people who had been supposed to come fell ill. Then there was a "metal party" with olaus, joeru, IgeL and Erzgalo, which I skipped.

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