After the smoke clears
When it's down to you and I
When the sun appears
There's nothing left but

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Maija's Bon Jovi page

This part of my website has been discontinued. It will probably remain here for quite a while, but it will no longer be updated and may eventually disappear altogether. The rest of my website has moved to For more information, please see

Hey my dearest Jovifellow and welcome to my Bon Jovi page. It was March '97 when I started this page, it was five years ago! I'm a 17 years old Finnish girl named Maija Haavisto and I've been a Bon Jovi fan since '96. I've seen them twice in concert, July 1996 and August 2000 and it sure was great! Now I just keep the faith that they will visit Finland again as soon as possible...

I'm a proud member of many Bon Jovi mailing lists, like "Runaway..with Bon Jovi" and and "By Jovi". The best way to contact me is of course the #bonjovi channel on IRCnet. I'm there usually at least an hour a couple of hours a day, my nick is DiamonDie.

I hope you will find something useful and entertaining at this site. There are some at wonderful photos, which I have all scanned myself, a weird Jovioracle (it needs a JavaScript capable browser) and more. If you aren't too busy, please drop me some feedback. And remember to keep the faith, these days, always, now and forever.

After the smoke cleared
It was down to you and I
Then the sun appeared
There was nothing left but
Bon Jovi

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