The Radziwill Dynasty
From Pagan Times to the 1960's - Part One

Written by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A., Clan Malcolm, P.G.S.A.

***Please be advised that most English text, regarding lineage, differs from author to author. As all good genealogists must do, be sure to check and recheck in various sources. Remember that many records simply do not exist in modern times, thus this should only be used as a guide. Also note that these tables are not complete. If you do not find your own family here, it is because this table shows the most notable family members only. Thank you.

The Radziwill Family Tree


Woischund (D:1413) was baptized with his son in 1386.


Nicholas I(1366-1466) Baptized in 1386.


Mikolaj Razziwillowicz/Nicholas II Priscus "Methuseleh" Radziwill (1398-July 16, 1509). Voivode of Vilna and Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Mikolaj married (1) Sophia Anna Monwid (2) Princess Zofia Zaslawska, daughter of Prince Iwan Zaslawski (3) Theodora Rohatynska, daughter of Iwan Rohatynske.

John I was born in 1405.

Peter I (D: 1500), Chamberlain of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania


Children of Nicholas Priscus Radziwill

4A. Nicholas III (1470-1522 at Wilno) Amor Poloniae Radziwill received the title of Prince of Goniadz and Medely from Emperor Maximillian in 1518. Nicholas married Elizabeth Sakowicz, daughter of Bogdan Sakowicz, Palatin of Troki (D: after 1542).

4B. Sophie Radziwill D: 1472. Sophie married a Bathory. She was the grandmother of King Stephen Bathory.

4C. John (Jan) II Radziwill, "the Bearded" (1474-1522/42), Castellan of Troki. Jan married Princess Bogdana Lumomska, daughter of Prince Wassili Lukomski (2) Elizabeth Gastold.

4D. Anna Radziwill(1476- March 1522) Regent of Masovia, called "Intolerable Woman."

4E. Albert Radziwill (1478-July 5, 1512/1519) Bishop of Vilna

4F. Jerzy/Georg Victor "Hercules" Radziwill (1480-April 1541), Great Hetman of Lithuania.


Children of Nicholas III Amor Poloniae

5A. John III Radziwill D: 1542. John was Starost of Samaiten

5A. Elzbieta Ann Radziwill (1522-1549)

5A. Stanislas I Radziwill D: 1531. Starost of Uspole, married Magdelena Boner on August 11, 1527 in Krakow.

5A. Mikolaj/Nicholas IV Radziwill (D: November 3, 1546) Bishop of Samaiten.

Children of John (Jan) II "The Bearded"

The armour of Prince Nicholas VI Radziwill.
"The Black," Marshall of Lithuania
Made by Kunz, Nuremburg, circa 1555.
Waffensammlung, Vienna, Austria.

5C. Mikolaj/Nicholas VI, "the Black," Radziwill (February 4, 1515-May 28, 1565/9) Voivode of Vilna, Lithuanian Grand Chancellor, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. Major of Bierascie (Brest), Kounia (Kaunus), and Barysau.

5C. Janusz/John IV Radziwill (1516-September 27, 1551)

Children of George/Jerzy Victor "Hercules"

5F. Mikolaj/Nicholas V, "the Red" Radziwill(1512-1584), Palatine of Vilna, Great Chancellor and Great Hetman of Lithuania, Prince of Holy Roman Empire

5F. Barbara Radziwill (1520-1551), Queen of Poland and Grand Dutchess of Lithuania. Barbara married King Sigismund Augustus.


Children of Nicholas V, "The Red" Radziwill (The Calvinist Line)

Nicholas VII Radziwill (1546-1589) Great Chamberlain of Lithuania (Protestant)

Krzstof/Christopher I Nicholas Radziwill (1547-November 20, 1603), Palatine of Vilno, nicknamed "The Lightning Bolt." Palatine of Vilna, Great Hetman of Lithuania (Protestant) Christopher married (1) ? (2) Katazyna Ostrogska (3) Katazyna Teczynska

Children of Nicholas VI "The Black" Radziwill

Mikolaj/Nicholas VIII Radziwill Christopher, called "Sierotka" (Little Ophan) (August 2, 1549- February 28, 1616). Devout Catholic pilgrim to Jerusalem, Viovode of Vilna, first majorat (lord of the manor) of Nesvish. He made the order to burn books produced by Calvinist printing houses.

Elzbieta Radziwill was born on October 4, 1550 at Czmielow; and died on April 8, 1591 in Uscie. She married in 1566.

Stanislas II (May 12, 1559- March 19, 1599). "The Pious" Radziwill was Starosta of Samaiten (Samogitia), first majorat of Olyka (like Nesciah, now an entailed estate)l a linguistic genius

Albrecht/Albert Radziwill (March 8, 1558-June 13, 1592) The "Justinian" of Lithuania, first majorat of Klezk, Great Marchal of Lithuania

George (Jerzy) Radziwill (May 31, 1556- January 21, 1600), Bishop of Cracow/Krakow, The Cardinal; made a pilgrimage, on foot, to Compostela in Spain in 1595.


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A Short History of the Radziwill Family

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