The Radziwill Dynasty:

From Pagan Times to the 1960's - Part Two
Written by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A., Clan Malcolm, P.G.S.A., P.G.S.M.

***Please be advised that most English text, regarding lineage, differs from author to author. As all good genealogists must do, be sure to check and recheck in various sources. Remember that many records simply do not exist in modern times, thus this should only be used as a guide. Also note that these tables are not complete. If you do not find your own family here, it is because this table shows the most notable family members only. Thank you.

The Radziwill Family Tree


Children of Nicholas VII

George IV (1578-1613), Castellan of Trakai..

The Children of Krzstof/Christopher I Nicholas

Janusz VI (1579-1620), Castellan of Vilna. In 1620, married Elizabeth Sophie, daughter of Johann George, Elector of Brandenburg. His mother was (2) Kayazyna Ostrogska

Krzystof/Christoph II (1585-1640) Great Hetman of Lithuania. His mother was (3) Katarzyna Teczynsla

Children of Nicholas VIII

Prince Christop Nicholas Radziwill (1590-1607)

John George Radziwill (1588-1625) President of the Tribunal

Albert III Radziwill Ladislas (1589-1636) Castellan of Vilna

Sigimundus Karl Radziwill (December 4, 1591- November 5, 1642) Voivode of Nowogrodek

Prince Alexander Ludwig Radziwill (1591- March 30, 1654), Voivode of Polozk

Children of Stanislas II Radziwill

Princess Barbara Radziwill

Albert IV Stanislas Radziwill (1595-1656) Great Chancellor of Lithuania ("Intimate of three kings")

Children of Albert, "the Justinian"

Jan Albrycht Radziwill(1591-1616)


Children of Janusz VI Radziwill and Elizabeth Sophie

Boguslav Radziwill (1620-1669) married Anna Maria Radizill (his first cousin), daughter of Janusz XI.

Children of Christop II

Janusz XI Radziwill (1612-1655), Lithuanian Field Hetman (1647-1654); Lithuanian Field Hetman (1647-1654), Great Hetman of Lithuania (1654-1655), and Voivode of Vilna "The Traitor"

Katarzyha Radziwill (1614-1672)

Children of Alexander Ludwig Radziwill

Michal Casimir Radziwill (October 26, 1625- November 14, 1680), Great Chancellor and Field Hetman, married Katharina Sobieska; daughter of Jakub Sobieski, Voivode of Belsk, Castellan of Crakow/Krakow and Theophile (Zofia) Danilowiczowna, sister of King Jan III Sobieski.

Prince Dominik Radziwill (1643-July 27, 1697), Great Chancellor of Lithuania. Dominik married (1)Princess Anna Marianna Polubinska (D: November 1690), daughter of Alexander Polubinska and Sophia Constancia Wolodkowicz (2) Anna Lubomirska (D: 1701), in 1692.

For more on this line: Radziwill


Children of Boguslav and Maria Radziwill

Princess Ludwike Karolina Radziwill (February 27, 1667- March 25, 1695), married (1) Ludwig of Brandenburg, the brother of Elector Friedrich II. (2)M. Karl Philipp, Prince of Neuburg.

Children of Janusz XI

Princess Anna Maria Radziwill (March 20, 1640 - March 24, 1667) married her cousin Prince Boguslav Radziwill D: 1657.

Children of Michal Casimir Radziwill and Katharina Sobieski

Nicholas XV Francis Radziwill (1659-1672)

Boguslav Radziwill (1662-1675)

Prince George VIII Joseph Radziwill (March 10, 1668 in Biala-1688/9 in Biala) Voivode of Trakai

Prince Karol I Stanislas Radziwill (November 27, 1669 in Cracow- December 2, 1719 in Biala) Great Chancellor of Lithuania

Children of Dominck, Great Chancellor of Lithuania

John XVII Nicholas Radziwill (May 17, 1681- January 20, 1729), Voivode of Nowogrodek

Michal IV Anton Radziwill (September 1, 1687- August 29, 1721) Lord High Steward of Lithuania

Nicholas XX Faustyn Radziwill (1688-1746) Voivode of Nowogrodek


Children of Karol I Stanislas

Prince Michael Casimir Radziwill (June 13, 1702- May 15, 1762) called "Rybenku," Great Hetman of Lithuania, Voivode of Vilna, married Franziska Ursula "Sappho of Nesvish."

Hieronymous Florian Radziwill (May 4, 1715; in Biala- May 17, 1760; in Biala) "Berserker of the Family."

Children of John XVII Nicholas

Nicholas Joseph (1773-1788) Voivode of Trakai

Anton (1741-1778), cleric

Jacob (1748-1808) was deranged.

Dominik (1747-1803)

Michal (1744-1831) Last Voivode of Vilna, married the "Beautiful Helena"

Children of Michal IV Anton

Prince Leon Michael Radziwill (April 11, 1722- March 7, 1751)

Children of Nicholas XX Faustyn

Prince Udalryk Christoph Radziwill (1712-1770) Equerry of the Grand Duchy. "The Elephant," writer

Prince Albert VI Radziwill (March 25, 1717-1762), Starost of Rzecyce

George IX/Jawor Radziwill (February 4, 1721- December 13, 1754) Voivode of Nowogrodek

Prince Stanislas Radziwill (May 8, 1722- April 22, 1768) Lord High Steward of Lithuania


Children of Michal Casimir and Kranziska Ursula

Nicholas Christopher (1727-1729)

Janusz Radziwill (1734-1750)

Karol II Stanislas Radziwill "Panie Kochanku" (February 27, 1734- November 21, 1790) Voivode of Vilna

Prince Hieronymus Radziwill (May 11, 1755/9- September 18, 1786/7) married Sophie von Thurn and Taxis. "Jewel of Regensburg."

Children of Leon Michael

Maciej Radziwill (1749-1821) Castellan of Vilna, composer

Children of Michal, Last Viovode of Vilna:

Ludwike Nicholas (1773-1830)

Antoni Henry Radziwill (1776-1833) married Louise of Prussia in 1796, Stadholder of the Grand Duchy of Posnan, composer, father of Elisa.

Architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841) built their hunting lodge and was introduced to Berlin's liveliest saloons and came into contact with some of the leading musical figures of the day.

Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Michal Radziwill (1778-1850) Commander-in-Chief of the Polish forces in the war against Russia (1830)

Andreas Valentin Radziwill (1780-1838)


Children of Hieronymus Radziwill and Sophia Thurn

Prince Dominik Radziwill (August 4, 1786- November 11, 1813) Colonel in the command of his own cavalry regiment, died fighting for Napoleon.

Children of Maciej, Castellan of Vilna

Prince Konstantin Radziwill, Count of Szydlowiec.

Children of Antoni Henry (176-1833):

Prince Wilhelm Radziwill (March 19, 1797- August 15, 1870) Prussian General and chief of the Engineer Corps

Princess Elisa Radziwill (October 23, 1808- September 27, 1834) youthful love of Kaiser Wilhelm I

Prince Boguslaw Radziwill(January 3, 1809- January 2, 1873) After 1854 with the Prussian ruling house.

Children of Ludwicke Nicholas Leon Radziwill

Leon Radziwill (B:1808) Adjutant General in St Petersburg.


Children of Wilhelm Radziwill, Prussian general:

Antoni Radziwill (1833-1904) Adjustant General to William I and Friedrich III of Prussia. Antoni married the Marquise Maria de Castellone in 1856. Majorat of Nesvich and Klezk

Children of Boguslav Radziwill (1809-1873)

Ferdinand Radziwill(1834-1926) Member of the Reichstag 1874-1918, leader of the Polish faction. After 1918 he was a member of the Polish Sejm, Majorat of Olyka and owner of large estates in Poznan.


Children of Antoni Radziwill and Marquise Maria de Castellane:

Stanislas Radziwill (D: 1920), Adjustant to Marshal Pilsudski

George (Jersy) Radziwill (B: 1860) married M. Maria Rosa, Countess Branicka. George died in 1941 in Rome, Italy. They have a daughter named Berka (?).

Children of Ferdinand Radziwill (1834-1926):

Janusz (B: 1830)


Children of George (Jerzy) Radziwill and M. Maria Rosa:

Prince Albrecht/Albert "Aba" Radziwill was born October 30, 1885; and died December 18, 1936. Albert married Dorothy Parker Deacon, daughter of Edward Parker Deacon. Dorothy's sister was Gladys Deacon (1881-1977); Dutchess of Marlborough.

Children of Janusz Radziwill (B:1880)

Stanislas Radziwill (July 21, 1914 - 1976) Lives in England and the United States. Stanislas married (3)Lee Bouvier. on March 19, 1959 in London. They divorced in 1974. Lee Bouvier is the sister of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and daughter of John Vernon Bouvier III and Janet Norton Lee..


Children of Stanislaw Radziwill and Lee Bouvier

Prince Anthony Radziwill II was born 4, 1958/9 in Lausanne. He married (1994) to Carole Ann Di Falco He died August 1999; in New York City, of Cancer. Anthony Radziwill was an Emmy-winning TV producer. He was best man at his cousin's, John Kennedy Jr's wedding.

Princess Anna Christina Radziwill (B: August 18, 1960 in New York.)


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A Short History of the Radziwill Family

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