The Grieve Family
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The name Grieve came from the Middle English word, greve, meaning "steward" or "manager." A grieve was a minor official appointed by the lord of the manor to supervise his tenant's work; a descendant of Greifi (count or earl). A grieve was cognate with Graf (the German term for count)(Smith, Elsdon C. New Dictionary of American Family Names. New York: Gramercy Publishing Company, 1988).

A Grieve was an overseer of a farmer, bailiff, or under steward. A Johan Greve lived in Haytone, Berwickshire, in 1296 (Ragman Roll of 1296). Johannes Grefe was in the parish of Fyvy (Fyvie), Aberdeenshire, Scotland and was excommunicated in 1382. Grieston Tower, in Traquair is named after a family of Grieves, who lived there in the 1400's.

John Grieve was a minor "Border Poet," and another, John Grieve was provost of Edinburgh (1782-1783), and was publicy horse-whipped by some toughs because he had placed some of their lady friends (of easy virtue) in the pillary (Black, George F. The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning, and History. New York: New York Public Library, 1999).

David Dorward confirms that Grieston Tower, (in Traquair) was named after the Grieve family who lived there in the 1400's. His book: Scottish Surnames was published in New York by Harper Collins Publishers (1995).


Grieve (Scottish) - an archor, in pale, proper. Motto: Candide et caule (Openly, but cautiously).

Grieve (Scottish) - an arm, in armor, in hand a dagger, pointed downwards, proper. Motto: Hoc securior (More secure by this).

Grieve (Scottish) - a cock, regardant, proper.


Charles Grieve was a schoolmaster. He and his wife Christian Shee raised their family in Banffshire (now the region of Grampian).


Isabella Grieve was born about 1837. She died March 5, 1864, in Fordyce Parish, Banff County, Scotland [death certificate] at age 27. She married Ludovick William Clark, a master shoemaker. Isabella and William were married on June 18, 1857 at Cornhill Park, Ordiquhill Parish, Banffshire, Scotland. He was age 22, and was living in Berryhillock Parish, Deskford, Banffshire, Scotland. Ludovich's parents were George Clark, general merchant, and Anne (nee Dow) Clark.

Isabella Greive was age 20, at their marriage on June 18, 1857, and was from Portsoy, in the Parish of Fordyce. She was listed as a domestic servant.

Isabella and Ludovich were married by Alexander Spencer, Free Church minister in Cornhill. Witnesses were: James Clark and William Anderson. Signed by William Cruickshank, registrar on June 19, 1857.

Ludovich's second wife was Helen G. Farquarson, age 24, a domestic servant. They were married in the parish of Fordyce on November 24, 1864, at Dunn House. At the time of their marriage Ludovich was 28 years old. By this time his father, George Clark was deceased. Helen was 24 years old. She was the daughter of John Farquarson, agricultural laborer, and Ann (nee Stewart) Farquarson. They were married by John Ines, Minister of Fordyce. Witnesses were Robert Wilson and James Clark (brother of Ludovich).



Children of Ludovich William Clark and Anne Dow:

Anne Agnes Clark was born March 26, 1858, in Berryhillock, Deskford, Banffshire, Scotland. She married Alexander Malcolm on November 6, 1883. Alexander was born August 22, 1859, in the Parish of Leslie, Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland. Alexander was an engineer with White's Engineering Company in Auchtermuchty.

Georgina Clark was born August 28, 1860 in Fordyce, Banffshire,Scotland

William James Clark was born June 20, 1863, in Fordyce, Banffshire, Scotland. William James Clark was a pattern-maker for a firm in Leslie, Fife, Scotland. His mother, Isabella Grieve died shortly after his birth.


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