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Lett Reunion Poem

Poem written by Gertrude H. Brown - Reunion Secretary from 1925 to 1934.


Nine years ago, I'm sure you remember.
We met in Thought's Grove , way late in September.
'Twas a glorious response to the call of the clan.
And thus, this auspicious Reunion began.
The Letts and the Calimans came by the score.
With Guys and Simpsons and Cliffords galore.
The Tates and Browns and Pointers were there.
While the In-laws and Cousins made up a large share.
The Pritchetts, the Reynolds, The Jackson's, Normans & Greens,
The Barnetts, Carlisles, all came in their machines,
And there were the Colstons, the Toneys, and Careys,
And all of the families that your family marries. 
I can not begin to call each one by name.
The point I'm making is,   Every one Came.
We'll never forget that day in the woods,
It made our hearts glad and it did our souls good.
The bumps and the scratches, the uneven roads.
The mosquitoes and spiders, the snakes and the toads.
The dinners spread out for the starved inner man,
All seem to recall that first meet of the clan.
And something was started that September day,
That a century hence we hope will hold sway,
For the fathers and mothers whose labor and toil.
Have blessed the old landmarks and hallowed the soil.
Have built the bridge at the head of the waters,
To make safe the crossing of sons and of daughters,
Weaving your garments, turning the sod,
Fearless of everything save only God.
Good wholesome lives, lived kindly and true,
This is the heritage they left to you.
Not riches, not titles, but pride in your race.
And the right to look God and all men in the face.
To me it has been a real source of delight.
Your records to keep and your journals to write.
Your notes to send out far and wide every year.
As the time for Reunions we see drawing near.
Each year brings new faces to welcome and greet,
New names to enroll on your long mailing sheet
New relations established and sanctioned by dozens
From the great uncles' wife to the forty-third cousins.
And then we look around and our eyes blindly burn,
And we listen for footsteps that never return
Every year we assemble, there are some missing faces,
We never get used to those bare vacant places.
As in Life we encounter the bitter and sweet,
HERE we will part - and THERE we will greet.
And so for nine years in sunshine or in rain.
We've held these Reunions again and again.
And whatever happens this side and beyond
May the youth of your Settlement still carry on.
May they hold high the standard the best that they can.
And honor Lett Settlement Pioneer clan.
Don't get discouraged, be boosters and lift,
The race is not always awarded the swift,
Their examples before you are plain to be seen,
Leave with YOUR children a record as clean.
Now in closing this tribute, I offer to you
My thanks for co-operation, -  and too,
My joy to have given you my very best
To my able successor, I'm leaving the rest.
Lett Settlement Reunion 1925 - 1934


Marsha Todd-Stewart
Copyright 2003 - 2005. All rights reserved.
Revised: 08/23/05


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