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Family History and Photographs Courtesy of

Peggy (Sawyer) Williams

Photographs Courtesy of Marvin Lett,

Ada (Lett) Todd

Deonna (Todd) Green, Robert Hill Williams


Othias B. Lett




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Othia Lett Farm


Aquilla Lett

Jan 12, 1829 -

Feb 20, 1902

Samuel Lett

Civil War


From early records it is known that the Othias Lett family relocated to Michigan from Morgan and/or Meigs Counties, Ohio in the mid 1800's.  Othias B. Lett (1810 - 1876) and Sophia (Stevens) Lett (1815 - 1897) moved to Mecosta County, Michigan.  The 1860 Michigan Federal Census in Sodus Twp., Berrien County, listed Othias B. and family.  Their children's names were: Rebecca, Jonathan, Esther, Harriet, Alben, Sophia, Emma, and Salina.  Othias B. died in Sodus, Michigan in 1876. 


One of their daughters, Esther M. Lett married Joseph Cummings.  Their children were David, Aquilla, Johanna, Joseph, Samuel, Ida, Elijah, William, Martha, Millie, Othias, Jr., Esther, Nettie, Lucy and Jane. 


David was born in Ohio in 1869.  He married Mary Jane Harper and lived on a small farm on County Line Road (Costabella Road) in Isabella County. 


Aquilla Lett was born January 12, 1829.  He married Sarah Jane Caliman, daughter of Benjamin Caliman on March 4, 1856.  He was a volunteer in the Union Army, 1864-1865, in the 13th Michigan Infantry.  To this union four children were born:  Armintha, Stanley, William, Elsworth and Lusetta.  Aquilla died in 1902 and is buried in Arlington, Michigan.  Sarah Jane died in 1887 in Van Buren County, Arlington, Michigan. 


Samuel Lett (1839 - 1903)  married Henrietta Taylor (1846 - 1932).  They had five children.  Samuel, born in Morgan County, Ohio later served in the Civil War, enlisting from Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 31, 1864.  He successfully served his tour of duty and mustered out in Charleston, South Carolina September 30, 1865.  He served in Company "S" 107th.  Regiment of U. S. C. S.  Samuel and Henrietta's children were Bert, Alice, Frederick, Lota and Ira


Elijah Lett Married Susan Stevens.  William Lett first married Joanah Harper, daughter of Alexander and Susanna (Cummings) Harper and married Minerva Guy.  Martha Lett married Benjamin F. Guy.  Millie Lett was married but spouse is not known.  Othias, Jr. Lett married Lynn Mason.  Esther Lett married Joseph Cummings.  Nettie Lett married Frank Lavins and had a son J. Frank, Jr. 




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